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    Imporian Imperialism is an authoritarian fictional ideology based on the country of Impor from the game Papers, Please. The country itself is based on the Japanese Empire. It is basically the belief in the installation of an imperialist monarchy, nationalism and the definition of international relationships through trades and sanctions.


    Not much is known about Imporian Imperialism, but based on the name Impor (probably a combination of the words "Imperial" and "Emperor") and on the cities names, he probably believes in a system alike the Japanese imperial system and culture, advocating for the imperial cult. Imporian Imperialism advocates for the usage of sanctions and protectionism in order to promote the national economy. He is also mildly isolationist.

    Personality and Behavior

    Imporian Imperialism has a strong Japanese accent and is usually polite. He likes to trade and hates export taxes.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Imporian Imperialism



    • Obristan Socialism - Even though our cultures are very different, you never messes around and your trade regulations and taxes are really low.
    • Showa Statism - Yes! We must protect the integrity of the nation and the Emperor!
    • State Shinto - Long live the Emperor of Impor!
    • Third Positionism - Not capitalist, nor communist. The Emperor knows what's best.
    • Theocracy - The Emperor and his family are divine! That's why we should let them rule over.


    • United Federalism - I like to trade with you, but DON'T TALK SHIT ABOUT THE EMPEROR, YOU PIG!
    • Kolechian Model - Has similar economical and civical policies to mine, but his culture and religion are completely off the roads.
    • Fascism - Just switch "the state" with "the Emperor" and you'll be perfect.
    • Confessionalism - Religion and politics should unite, but not in a democracy.
    • Death Worship - Yes, people should spend their lives on the well-being of the nation and the Emperor, but you go too far. The (righteous) people should have some freedom.


    • Arstotzkan Communism - Lower your f*cking trading taxes or I'll sanction you again! Also, let my citizens in, they're sent by the Emperor!
    • Antegrian Fascism - You are an insult to our dignity! Our Emperor is much greater than you can imagine! Apparently our sanctions weren't enough.
    • Republian Nationalism - The rebels are proof that your "nation" is corrupted. Your "Great and Honorable Leader" is nothing compared to the Emperor.
    • Stalinism - Closed trades, communism and atheism?! What is worng with you?!
    • Neoconservatism - Stop that capitalist nonsense! Our emperor is perfectly justifiable!

    Further Information

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