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    Impetism is an endarkened compass ideology to the authoritarian right and believes that the purpose of strength is subjugation and that said subjugation should be extended to everything in existence and not in existence. It is culturally right to the point it advocates for breaking time so we may go back as early as possible, and that a natural hierarchy exists in every atom of existence and must be strengthened infinitely. It also believes in deceleration to the beginning of the universe through extreme force

    More detailed beliefs

    Krater.png Kraterocracy

    Impetism believes in total kraterocracy implemented through a neocameralist system. Basically the state acts like a very militarized and violent corporation with total (and totally forceful) control over everything. If an atom moves the wrong way it shall be forced back to it's proper place. If any occurance is against the state's will, it will be forcefully rectified. This corporation will consist of the strongest in society.

    IMESFA-icon.png IMESFA

    Impetism believes in the core principles of IMESFA, including state worship and total control

    Mcorp.png Mega Corporatocracy

    Impetism also believes in mega-corporatocracy where a corporation rules everything although he extends this to IMESFA-like levels and believes in the rule of the strong.

    State Agress.png Aggressivism

    impetism believes all problems can be solved by violence and combatocracy although this combatocracy shouldn't be between the public but against the public by the strong.

    W.I.P; don't label this spam >:(


    The Strong

    • Heinsoc - a benevolent, but the force of orbital weapons is mighty indeed

    The Weak

    • Daveism - stupid communist moderate
    • Singularitism - very auth but communist
    • Anti-deathism - death is what i want to happen



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