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    Imperatorism is conservative and monarchist ideology, standing for preservation of loyalist regime in Mersia. He is highly conservative today, but he was generally progressive historically. He used to support women's rights, humanism and secular state instead of reactionary patriarchy, while he became traditionalist.


    Behaviour and Personality

    Imperatorism is calm, intellectual and regal character, who like to talk about history of his nation. He is very religious ( Orthodox christian) and dislike atheist and even muslim balls. Family is very important institution to him, so other balls should be careful when the conversation comes to the topic of traditional values. Despite phlegmatic temperament of Imperatorism, he can be very aggressive from time to time. During periods of temper, he becomes very xenophobic and loyalist.



    • Absolute Monarchism — State can't be stabilized without strong monarch.
    • Caste System — I wonder why so much people hate you. Your model is perfect.
    • Conservatism — He approves me, keep this work further!
    • Imperialism — Spread our values over the world is extremely based. I like to expand my borders.
    • Police Statism — Strongly helped me to save the monarchy.
    • Reactionaryism — Down with revolution, embrace old system!
    • Traditionalism — My old friend who like preserving family values and fundamental traditions of our society.


    • Aristocracy — I approve your loyalty, but sometimes you abominate me.
    • Bartofilianism — I don't hate you. You helped me a lot, especially when I was having conflict with your mad north neighbour.
    • Corporatism — I don't like class collaboration, lower classes should work with aristocracy. But I'm really interested in your opposition to socialism, though.
    • Federalism — Fellow imperialist who has common enthusiasm on Mersian Empire, but... You prefer the federal system? What the fuck?!
    • Feudalism — I was used to hate you, but now you seems not as bad.
    • Fourth Theory — Oh... You need to calm down, I guess...
    • Neocornelianism — We have basically similar views on foreign policy, but: monarchy > democracy.
    • Social Authoritarianism — Welfare economics is kinda cringe, but I can approve your existence. And yes, my first emperor was your supporter, so we are definitely not enemies.
    • Stashism — My beloved son but you didn't understand "Declaration of Nation" as well as possible.
    • Stratocracy — Bad doggy! You betrayed me and supported this piece of shit.
    • Zionism — Okay, I think it is normal solution on jewish question.


    • Ergatocracy — Lol what?
    • Globalism — Nationalism works better, get out.
    • Humanism — If I want to violate the human rights, I will!
    • Indigenism — Damn indigenous, stop the insurrection against my sacred monarchy!
    • Kleptocracy — Oh fuck! You destroy Mersia!
    • Progressivism — Do I need to say anything?And yes, I know that Johann and Daniel were progressive, and?
    • Republicanism — Disgusting idiot who hate me and dreaming the destruction of monarchy!
    • Revolutionary Progressivism — I hate you! Tradition is necessary, gay hippie! I will kill you...
    • Tridinamism — You will get the revenge, communist!

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