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    This is about the real-life anti-aging movement, for the self-insert see Anti-Deathism

    Immortalism or Anti-Agingism is a non-quadrant, sometimes culturally left and a lot of the time technologically transhumanist ideology that wants to essentially find a way to cure aging or just reverse aging as a whole so that humanity can become immortal. Other forms of immortalism, mainly the transhumanist ones advocate for the abolishment of death through technological advancements and technological/genetic modification.


    UNIVERSAL IMMORTALISM is the extreme form of immortalism that believe the problem of death can be solved in its entirety (including bringing back those "dead" who were not placed into biostasis) through a rational, scientific approach, possible methods include virtual copies created by personal data (email, telephone, search history or even personal possessions).Or more exotic the mind uploading in conjunction with a specially engineered spacetime wormhole could facilitate immortality potentially for every person ever born , as suggested in the book Technological Resurrection: A Thought Experiment of Jonathan Jones .

    VENTURISM is the an immortalist transhumanism founded on the principles (1) to do what is right, understood as implying the benefiting of intelligent life and the reduction or elimination of abuses to the same; and (2) the advocacy and promotion of the worldwide conquest of death through technological means.


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