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    ImAlphism is the self-insert of ImAlphie. It is an economically center-left, culturally reformist, civically liberal, internationalist, and democratic ideology.

    Personal Beliefs


    Alphyus is an agnostic, she doesn't believe the existence of gods/deities is knowable. She was an atheist for the majority of her life until she realized that it wasn't reasonable to assume that god didn't exist in the same way religious people assume god exists.


    Alphyus is a humanist, which is a philosophy that emphasizes the value and agency of the human species. She believes that humans are the central point for rational decision making, this is were her support for welfare ethics come in as well, since we are humans it is necessary to uphold humanity and to improve the human condition.


    Alphyus is an individualist, derived from her philosophical humanism and ideological liberalism. She believes that we as humans are responsible for creating our own freedom and that people should be responsible for themselves and not others when no one else is being harmed.


    Alphyus supports egalitarianism, believing that we as humans all come from the same place and should be treated with equal respect and dignity, no matter their back round such as their: race, sex, gender, ect. Discrimination should be frowned upon for this reason. This overlaps with her welfare ethics and humanistic outlook, since these three things all connect with each other.

    Ideological Beliefs


    Alphyus is a socially progressive ideology, supporting a more inclusive and egalitarian society were all members are treated equally regardless of their back round. She supports feminism, LGBT Rights and transgender rights, police reform, drug legalization, cultural tolerance, abortion rights, and the harm principle. She condemns SJWs and Reactionaries wanting to avoid cultural extremism believing that they both no different from each other, making her a horseshoe centrist in this regard. This makes her center-left culturally.


    Alphyus is economically center-left, supporting a form of regulated capitalism with the worse effects of capitalism is being mitigated with welfare ethics. Her economic school comes from keynesianism, more specifically new keynesianism. She additionally supports class collaboration as the many way labor would be organized. She identifies as a left-social democrat with these economic views as opposed to third way politics which is essentially just neoliberalism with welfare.


    Alphyus supports international co-operation on issues that matter such as the environment and upholding human rights. Although, she, like social democracy, is skeptical of globalization and can be quite protectionist depending on the situation. Her skepticism of globalization comes from how unfettered free-trade and job outsourcing has weakened our manufacturing industry and caused our wages to decline, causing the labor movement to decline and with it the middle class as a result. This makes her foreign diplomacy aligned with alter-globalism. On specific regional alliances, she's critical of the European Union's neoliberal policies such as economic globalization and austerity monetary policies, making her a soft-euroskeptic. As for NATO, she believes that it either needs to be reformed or disbanded since it is another neoliberal institution that serves American imperialist interests. With all of this, she believes that patriotism is necessary for the social stability of a country since it gives a society to identify with, creating the social cohesion needed for a social democratic state. Although, she's also lax on immigration, supporting an intercultural approach were immigrants have to learn the language and identity of a country but can keep their own if they want. This would avoid the identity politics and social exclusion unintentionally created by multiculturalism.


    Alphyus believes that a government should be for and by the people, her ideal government would be a semi-direct federal secular liberal democratic republic with multiple political parties and a parliament. She opposes both totalitarianism and anarchism for being brutal, although she is a supporter of anti-authoritarianism due to her distain of authoritarianism, making her ideal government run of the principles off of classical liberalism were the government only intervenes in people's personal lives when other people's rights are being violated to not violate the civil liberties of the population when it isn't necessary.





    • Authoritarianism - Screw you for violating human rights.
    • Conservatism - Can you just leave people alone to live their lives when they're not harming anyone else?
    • Neoliberalism - You will create a dystopia and the illusion of democracy will disappear.
    • Marxism-Leninism - Stop calling me a social fascist, totalitarian scum!


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