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    Ilunaticism or Italian Social Technocracy is a  Center-AuthLeft ideology conceptualized by Ilunatico. Ilunaticism is heavenly inspired by Social Technocracy with Noocratic characteristics, even though maintains a constitution that garantee to the Italian people individual liberties, through a democratic approach, and encourages a patriotism with environmentalist style. Economically as Neomontagnardism, Ilunaticism is tolerant to private property, but doesn’t allow the abuse of the means of production and extreme state intervention in the economy and it achieves these ideals through a collaboration between SOEs and State-run Unions set on local and national scale.


    The State

    The state should be a Republic run by wise people and technicians who are experts in many sectors of politics, like Economy, Environment, Laws and Diplomacy. There should be at least three parties or a tripartitic election, because the little ones doesn’t do anything, except creating instability and disunity, which let people vote, even though encourage people to read and be cautios of political sources or politicians. The candidates who wants to become presidents or mayor have to do a test based on their knowledge on on Economy, Administration, Laws, Languages and Culture. By that way it should create healthy democracy with people really prepared in politics and choose the right president, prepared on politics and not an incompetent and stupid, like they have in United States or a corrupted one, like in Italy. When the president who is elected, have to chose the most skilled politicians in the different politics sectors and its charge will last 8 years.

    the Government

    As Aplo1234, I believe in a combination of federalism and limited centralism which permits the state has the authority to intervene in local matters, but the rest let federalist local governments handle regional matters more effectively. If we make a centralized government we would fall into the risk that the cultures and languages ​​that constitute the nation would disappear, to favor only one and cause separatist movements which cause instability. However the state should garante welfare to all people or apply reforms to help them economically, improve and promote education and fight corruption, which is the main problem of a prosperous society.

    The Economy

    The state beside regulating capitalism, through taxes based on the whealth of people, it has to make a compromise and make a cooperation between the workers and the entrepeneurs, by giving and establishing their necessities with conditions fair to them. The workers will be supported by syndicates formed on National level based on their experience and knowledge about the job of workers. The entrepeneurs can make their entreprises, but if they don't garantee fair conditions or doesn't pay the workers who helps them develop and spread their industries or don't help younglings who tries to form their future though the stages done by them, they will be arrested and their money will be distributed in order to imporve the economy and their companies will be nationalised and own by the state. The state encourage a citizen's income for people who can't find a job or for those who are poor. Of course people use the citizen's income to help themselves complete studies needed or find a job. If some people use it only to live in a luxurious life and doesn't do nothing except waste state funds (somthing similar happened sadly in Italy) , they'll be arrested and they'll have to do forced labour in order to settle debts with the state.

    The Culture

    As BasedSnowFlake said "What's the point of being human if you can't take pride in who you are?" And I say he's right, we Italians should be proud of our nation, history, art and the regional cultures which make our Peninsula so unique and amazing not only to us, but even to foreign who visit Italy. However Italy isn't perfect and it is full of imbeciles who don't know their own language and history, wealthy men bond to criminal organizations as Mafia, Camorra, Suburra, who usually are old people in power. They don't do anyhting to improve the economy and the society to keep their power as these fascists in denial who pretends to be against themselves as an excuse to cause damage and instability to our nation. We should promote our culture, history, tradition and morals so that people will be encourage to follow the right thing and not fall in degeneracy and corruption. We should even encourage people to preserve the environment through though laws which condemn those who violate the nature: if they're people they will forced to work on cleaning natural environments like beaches or forests and this is the same for the whealty people or they'll be forced to give their industries to the state. By that no one will pollute the nature. The other problem is population, Italy is the nation with more old people than young ones, becuase no one give birth, so for me we should encourage a natalist politcy instead of excessively welcoming immigrants from muslim or african countries (even though I don't discriminate them, but if they want to stay in Italy, they have to respect our laws).

    User Test

    • Civic Axis
      • Chaoist (-10)
      • Anarchist (-5)
      • Minarchist (0)
      • Libertarian (5)
      • Civically Moderate (25)
      • Statist (50)
      • Dictablanda (10)
      • Authoritarian (5)
      • Totalitarian (-5)
      • Orwellian (-10)

    • Type of Rule Axis
      • (Anarchist) Anti-Democracy (0)
      • Direct Democracy (5)
      • Semi-Direct Democracy (10)
      • Representative Democracy (25)
      • Authoritarian Democracy (10)
      • Totalitarian Democracy (5)
      • (Authoritarian) Anti-Democracy (0)

    • Economic Axis
      • Marxist Communist (5)
      • Socialist (25)
      • Welfarist/Gift Economy (15)
      • Mixed (10)
      • Liberal Economics (5)
      • Capitalist (-10)
      • Darwinist (-20)
    • If none above apply...
      • Third Positionism (20)
      • Anti-Economy (-30)
      • Non-Marxist Communist (-25)
      • Fiscal Federalism (-5)

    • Economic Freedom
      • Anti-Economy (-30)
      • Dirigisme (30)
      • Regulationism (25)
      • Mixed (10)
      • Liberal Economics (5)
      • Free Market (0)
      • Laissez-Faire (-30)

    • Diplomatic Axis
      • Autarchy (-20)
      • Autarky (-15)
      • (Alter-) Globalist (-10)
      • World Federalist (-5)
      • Cosmopolitan (0)
      • Internationalist (5)
      • Moderate (10)
      • Civic Nationalist (25)
      • Patriotic (30)
      • Nationalist (20)
      • Chauvinist (-10)
      • Racial Nationalist (or similar broad category) (-20)
      • Ethno-Nationalist (or similar narrow category) (-30)

    • Geopolitics
      • Western (-10)
      • Western Adjacent (0)
      • Non-Aligned (20)
      • East Adjacent (0)
      • Eastern (-10)

    • Cultural Axis
      • Revolutionary (0)
      • Progressive (5)
      • Reformist (20)
      • Syncretic (10)
      • Conservative (5)
      • Traditionalist (0)
      • Reactionary (-10)

    • Technological Axis
      • Primal (-10)
      • Primitivist (-5)
      • Pre-Industrial (0)
      • Deceleration (5)
      • Moderate (20)
      • Acceleration (10)
      • Automated (5)
      • Transhumanist (0)
      • Posthumanist (-5)

    • Environmental Axis
      • Human Extinction (-20)
      • Radical Environmentalism (-5)
      • Eco-Fascism (-10)
      • Ecocentrism (10)
      • Environmentalist (30)
      • Moderate (25)
      • Post-Industrialism (10)
      • Industrialist (5)
      • Anthropocentric (0)
      • Anti-Environmentalism (-10)
      • New Mass Extinction (-20)

    • Neurological Axis
      • Anti-Praxis (-10)
      • Utopian (-5)
      • Dogmatic (0)
      • Idealist (5)
      • In Between (10)
      • Realist (25)
      • Pragmatic (15)
      • Rational (30)
      • Dystopian (0)
      • Anti-Theory (-10)

    • War Axis
      • Pacifism (20)
      • Non-engagement (10)
      • De-escalation (5)
      • Intervention (0)
      • Irredentism (5)
      • Revachism (0)
      • Jingoism (-5)
    • If none above apply...
      • Class Warfare (5)




    Literocracy - The people needs a democratic system which provides an education in order to understand the different political areas. In that way the people know what person have to vote, otherwise we would have a government which destroy the life of people in many ways (of course the test will be fair to everyone, not like they did in USA).

    Cooperativism - In order to solve class struggle we need a cooperation or collaboration between workers and entrepeneurs, by that a society can propsperate, but they have to make compromises which garantees fair and honest conditions to both factions.

    Reformist Socialism – That’s how we should achieve Socialism through reforms. I say this, because a society in order to prospere it has to gradually make reforms, especially in social and economic areas.

    Nationalistic Socialism – I think that Socialism should also focus on economic problems on local and national scale (like improving the economy in the poorest part of Italy, like South) or the social and cultural ones (like eliminate racism between our Northen brothers and my Southern people or maintain the culture and traditions that make Italy unique and amazing).

    Technocracy - I like the idea of putting people who studied and worked on specific areas in politics, but to do that we have to improve our educational system, otherwise we would have special cases who doesn’t do nothing, except causing troubles to everyone. The only thing I would critize is your hatred towards populists and people. Imagine if populist and technocrats collaborated together

    Meritocracy – a government should put effort on hiring people based on talent and effort on individuals instead of the individual's wealth and placement in the social class, but only if it apply reforms which help people not only to form their cultural baggage, but even have skills which helps them find the job they want.

    Somewhat Friendly

    Democratic Socialism and Social Democracy –You’re the ideologies that are close to my thoughts, civically speaking (because you want to improve society through reforms), but you’re too divided as your followers and making too compromises with the burgeoise (at least you’re trying to regulate Capitalism in order doesn’t take power in the government), but I apprecitate the choices you did in order people have universal healtcare and welfarism which helps them.

    Moderatism – I know moderatism is the key to everything, even in politics, but you act to indifferent, even on important things. As said “The world won't be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

    Liberal Socialism – I like the idea of combining Socialism with Liberal principles, even though in Italy you made some serious mistakes with politicians like Craxi and Berlusconi.

    Social Corporatism – youre’ Corporatism, but less authoritarian, regulated and more focused on social problems. And that toghether with a syndicate implemented on local and national scale would be great!

    Ghandism – Since I was a young boy I admired his spirit and his philosophy of non-violence, and through that he managed to create a free India. His political thinking is like Socialism with Indian characteristics and if Ghandi had been very astute in politics he would have been able to implement his version of Socialism in India. Sadly I have to say this because he was killed by an Hindu fanatic.

    Environmentalism – I would like to support your cause on defending the environment and nature, because they’re vital not only to the animals, but even to our existence. One thing I have to say is your followers, the environmentalists. Sometimes they act too radical and stupid. I mean they will not low down pollution by stopping the traffic to people who have to work or smear paintings like the Mona Lisa. .


    Marxism – I get that the essence of man as a product of social relations, the dialectical unity of physical and spiritual needs, and the pursuit of human freedom for comprehensive development, but there are some problems. First is you can’t abolish entirely the private propriety, bcause it is in human nature owing territories or objects. Second you had to be more specific when you wrote the “Dictatorship of the Proletariat”, becuase your philosophy caused the birth of communist dictatorship in Russia , China, Cambodia and North Korea.

    Statism – I know a society in order to work must have the existence of the state, but the problem is our people put the wrong person in charge and most of the time we have a corrupted government which collaborates with Mafia or we could have the risk of an authoritarian one rising. That’s why I’m more focused on education and give the chance to people knowing how really politics works, so we can avoid bad examples.

    Populism – Your spirit is something I admire. But you don't understand how politics works and knowing the politicians who you vote. Otherwise you’ll be always be fooled by these politicians who don’t care about your problems, but imagine what could we do if you populist and we technocrats work together.

    Paetelism – I admire your idea of unifying people against the exploitation of capitalism, through nationalism, but alas your ideology is very mocked, because of this dumbass of Limonov with his followers and sympathizer who ruined the reputation of National Bolshevism. However I don’t get his idea of adopting Paganism, because Germany, as the entire continent of Europe, is Christian by more than 1000 years.

    Futurism – I like your amazing and innovative art movement and even some of your innovative ideas, but if you focused more on culture and less on politics (don’t forget you wanted to go to war and collaborated with the backstabber of Mussolini) you could achieve greater glory than you did in History).

    Sansepolcrismo – you were a Revolutionary DemSoc movement which combined Corporatism with the goal of unififiying Italy and our people. It’s a shame you ended up like Futurism, because your leader Mussolini betrayed you, by making compromises with the corrupt Savoy dynasty.

    Somewhat Disliked

    Yellow Socialism – If you focused on giving workers fair and just conditions instead of being bootlicker of reactionaries and burgeoises, maybe you could have success.

    Capitalist Communism – The ideology of hypocrites like and .

    Anti-Fascism – You don’t want to teach people the danger of Fascsim, you’re just ironically radical chics in denial who acts like anarcho-fascists.


    Capitalism – You’re a tool of which wants to take the world and get rich behind our back, by destroying the environment, by privatizing everything, by dividing people of similar cultures, by alienating them with things they will never be able to achieve it. That’s why the people should be united against the exploitation of capitalism or ,at least through the state, we have to regularize it.

    Kakistocracy – why would someone want a person who knows nothing or stupid in politics as his president? And I’m wonder why person who votes people like this complains about crisis or corruption in their country.

    Anarchism – Chaos doesn’t bring anything except destruction and death to people and that’s why the existence of a state is needed.

    Anarcho-Capitalism – You’re not a real anarchist, you’re just liberist in denial and that’s even worse.

    Fascism – Initially you were a nationalistic and revolutionary movement of socialist origin, but later your Duce in order to gain power in Italy he allied with . By this he changed his movement into a more conservative and in favour of Sabaud monarchy,which later fled during the war. Then you enacted racial laws to appease the failed austrian painter, and with him you declared war to the Allies. By that you brought our homeland to ruin. You’re a traitor with this spineless dynasty and you should never come back to our homeland!

    Anarcho-Fascism – So you’re a fusion between Anarchy and Fascism? You’re a living contradiction. At least Mussolini understood the state must be used if you want a prosperous and working society.

    Nazism – You’re the worst socialist of all History. You wanted to exterminate Jews (and minorities like Gypsies, and even people who were handicapped or had different opinion on politics) because you believed they were the cause of German Empire’s defeat and crisis . You ruined the reputation of Socialists who have affection or love for their country. At least tried to apply the principles of Karl Marx, even though it was a dictatorship.


    Kyaelism – you’re inspired by the Nordic Model (which I don’t see anything wrong) and wants to regularize the economy. I can agree almost in every part of your belief, but the only thing I don’t like is your foreign policy. I say this because today there almost 10 nations which have nuclear bombs and we have to solve diplomatically, otherwise the world as we know could end it. It’s incredible I inspired you, that makes me continue to study politics.

    Aploism – You’re ideologycally similar to Kya, but a little authoritarian and admires Napoleon Bonapart. By the way I could say the same as I did on Kya, I can agree almost in any part of your ideology, except your recent apporach to capitalism (at least you’re not a laissez-faire one).

    Neomontagnardism – Hi BasedSnowFlake, you’re now a corporative socialist with jacobin characteristics? You’re pretty based for me, even though you want to actually apply this through a revolution in French style (You were cool with this ideoloy, but if it doesn’t satisfy you or doesn’t represent you anymore I can understand).

    Neo-Rosism – You’re me if I was a Nazbol who support the Empire of Putin. Jokes apart, we can agree the State should support people and their problem, maintain their culture and traditions and even how ridiculous the modern left-wing became. The only thing I have to disagree is your Foreign Policy, because Russia is the same side of the coin as USA or China and wants, like them, to dominate the world.

    User:WilliamCapo19 – we’re both Patriots to our contries, we’re environmentalists and we’re both Catholics. Also, like myself, you want to establish welfarism without excluding evryone, even though you would aplly through a distributist way, which I apporve some principles of this ideology. Judging by the few lines I could read we’re somewhat similar so I’ll put here.

    Evenoskyism – you’re like WilliamCapo19, but more philosophical and national pacifist.


    Phill Tchaikovskism – You’re a corporatist who wants to establish Syndicalism with the addition of a mutual aid market and technocracy without being atuhoritarian? Incredible, but drop out the tribalism and you’re perfect!

    Blue Nephalemism – a fellow Technocrat who I agree with him in rehabilitative and restorative justice, some part of Economic and cultural views. The only part I disagree is his foreign policy wich he reminds a little bit of Kya.

    Antidemocratic Hippieism – Besides your fascist and libertarian aesthetics, I can agree with you in some point of your economy and philosphy (we both want to preserve the environment and don’t want our nations get involved in useless wars).

    Revmirianism – you’re a communist who wants to apply Karl Marx’s principles in the reality of 21st century, at least is what I read by the few information on your wiki. Besides that we can agree about helping the environment, the rehabilitative justice and helping people with disabilities. For that I put here.

    Technoharmonism – You’re kinda like a libertarian and international version of me because we’re both Technocratics who shares some democratic and principles and we’re against the exploitation of unregulated Capitalism. The only things I don’t agree is your Post-Gender and Eugenetic policies. I said this because as Kya once said, you would favour only makes few postgenderists happy while screwing over the majority of your population as a result, same thing with the eugenetics one. Same thing with your Eugenicism, because you would favour people who are mentally or phisically sane, but you could create discrimination to those who have disabilities.

    Left Islamism – I’m not a big fan of theocracy, but you understand the difficulties of people and you garantee welfare policies to help them and giving religious laws which they represent them. Plus I like some ideas of Council Communism and you managed to make it more democratic.

    Neo-Rojanism346- He’s a funny guy and a great friend (who helped me to improve my icon you see right now), he’s one of the few communist who doesn’t proclaim an authoritarian regime, but he wants to create a democracy for worker through councils. But Rojo you have to realize even farmers are important, because they are responsible for producing the vast majority of the world's food supply and manage large tracts of land. They’re even able to manage large tracts of land. their practices have a significant impact on the environment. Sustainable farming practices help to conserve natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and protect biodiversity.


    CHROMATISM – I read your wiki, maybe your idea of making an economic model between laissez-faire with the idea of fair free market and some laws about regulations isn’t bad (but make sure the laws and reforms you want to apply are equal to everyone, otherwise you’ll see corruption and unregulated capitalism spreading everywhere). Well we can agree on social and cultural parts. I’m sorry for the rude start.

    • - Thank.

    Casagonism – Hello Mr. Casagon we can agree on Class Collaboration with a syndicate implemented on local and national scale, on how sometimes SWJ can be agressive (even though I understand some of their topics), how economic sectors like agriculture and industry have to do something to reducing environmental pollution. We can even agree on how people should be encourage to propose a natalist policy to increase European population or we could be in favour of a federal government to keep local cultures intact. The only thing I cannot accept is your Reactionary Monarchism and your Anti-Republican ideas, but I put you here.

    Esaism – Your self-insert is Left wing Corporatocracy, since you’re a socialist inspired by Hnery Ford's industrial philosophy, which you want to encourage people by taking an endless supply of drugs (like the Soma you mention). That’s an awful dystopia, because you would even delete the free will of your people and ruin phisically and mentally their life in a slow way. At least you don’t want your nation to get involved into uselesss war, since you’re a pacifist and trying to promote environmentalist policies through a reformist way.

    Lilacist Democracy – as Tsar said you’re a Opkedism, but more left, and without the interventionism, but you garantee also a welafare policy to help unlucky people who work hard to survive. I like your federate democracy which garantee the cultural and national identity of people, but why limit elections with 2 parties? Why not add a third party for those who doesn’t recognize to neither Democrats or Republicans? You could be more democratic if you apply a tripartite government.

    Liberal Feudalism – with Rojo you’re like a funny duo on Polcompball server. Politically I disagree, because it would be difficult creating a feudalistic society, but we can agree about your way to apply in Economy.

    Opkedism – you’re a liberal warmonger who wants to support an American Imperialism or what you call an interventionist policy, even though you call yourself an Internationalist. The only things we share are the Welfarism, some democratic principles and the Humanist philosophy.

    Xenolibertarianism – you’re a progressive and [[Libertarian.png] libertarian version of Sir Lilac, I understand the needs of giving rights to minorities and even to Neurodivergent ones, which is a noble cause. I like even the idea of Right to Dueling and Mutual Combat with Universal Healthcare and Education for everybody. The only thing I don’t like is your policy about legalization of Cannibalism. You think I’m something extreme for my nationalism, and I understand your critique, but don’t you think that unifying the world could delete the different cultures and religions that make our world unique, thorugh homologation process that could be applied in a unified world government?

    Somewhat bad

    Neo-Folkarchy – Hello Mrs. Arya you’re one of the few Anarcho-Communists who realized the importance of indidualism and doesn’t want to force anyone to do the re-distribution of resources. By that give me the impression you’re something between Mutualism and Egoism (taking care of yourself isn’t bad, it shows you have self-respect). But if you want to form a society at least you must form an articulated organization as a State or something like that. Sorry to put on this list, but politically Anarchy is not my favourite ideology.

    Meowxism – Hello K1R4KW33NN, even though you made some changes on your self-insert my judgment on your Dictatorship of the Proletariat through a totalitarian state with Stalin’s way is still the same, awful and contradictory (I know friends from Eastern Europe who lived in these Communist regimes and if they read what you wrote, they would be outraged, like you said a blasphemy towards God or Jesus at church). I still don’t agree about your idea of shapeshift people into an (anthropomorphic) animal, but at least you don’t force them (but I’ll leave them alone if they want it). At least we can agree on how dangerous and destructive Pornography is to women and men.

    Xenocommunism – too esoteric and ultraprogressive for my tastes


    Palaism – you’re a liberist who wants to apply tribalism with anarcho-fascist characteristics. The worst is you’re even a warmonger who believes in the theory of survival of the fittiest. I gotta say two or at least three positive things about you: we can agree about the preservation of ethnic groups and environment, some points of your Anosism. The last is your amazing drawings.

    Zelligism – I know how corrupt the State is, but let everything totally free and abolish welfare in favour of an anarchism in darwinist style, where the weak will be purged, and the strongest will thrive is a horrible idea (you make Palaism a good guy compared to your ideology, because at least he wants to create a primitive community with his Anosism). Besides of that your idea of Primalism, in which seeks for people to return to animalistic ways is an utopian dream and for that you have to wait for a nuclear war in which destroy all the technological progress we human beings made, but you’re against the exploitations of Capitalism so I’ll put you there. Besides the ideology, personally you’re a funny person and a friend, capable of making smile even to those who have the long face.


    Charlottism – With your Avaritionist and Anarcho-Capitalist philosophy you managed to look Zelligism economically coherent (because he doesn’t believe in economy and you think that property should be defined through your ability and all modern legal types of property are spooks). Don’t forget you socially became more like Palaism, because, like him, you believe in the theory of survival of the fittiest. The only thing I like about your new self-insert you re-wrote is your Mutualism.

    Ipseism – Hello BasedSnowFlake I have to say something. First you were a libertarian fascist, then you became an authprogressive one, then you read some book about French Revolution and became a neo jacobine. Then you said “I have enough I want to be myself” and procaimed to be an egoistic imperialist and after you change your page and proclaimed to be a Reactionary Libertarian or a Mutualist one. I don’t know what happened to you, but I understand why you chose to stay away for a while from PCB if this caused too many problems to you. I want you to be happy and be yourself without worrying what others think about you.

    Anarcho-Arkhatranism – you’re like Palaism, but christian and too reactionary. Besides Christianity the only thing I like about your ideology is you condemn those warmonger of Nato.


    ILunatico trying to read Picasso by the author.

    What Political Figure Do I Remind You Of?


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    Charlottism - add me back liberal.

    Ilunaticism - done, but I ask you why you call me liberal? Just for curiousity

    • Charlottism - Your page gives me that kinda vibe, idk why, plus most non authoritarian technocrats I've seen are liberals.
    • Ilunaticism - I get it. Btw the changes on your self-inserts are like the stages of Goku's SSJ transformation

    Zelligism - Can you add me friend :]

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    Revmirianism - I created this page, Das Spartakus - Union of PCB Socialists. Do you want to join? Add your name in the page comments if you want to join.

    Lilacist Democracy - Can you add me pls?

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