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    Not to be confused with OOTS.pngDeath worship, which is an ideology focus on the obliteration of the self and the worship of death. This ideology is an Orwellian variance of Ilminism.

    Ilminsoc, or Ilminist Socialism is an Off-compass Authoritarian, Ethnonationalist, and Economically third-positionist ideology. He strongly disavows Anarchism, Communism (especially Juche.png Juche) and any Japanese ideology.



    In "Nationalism" part. Ilminsoc is an Ethnonationalist ideology. And main idea of the ideology is inspired from File:NaziHat.png"Herrenvolk" of National Socialism. And also, he believes in the Ethnocracy of Korean race. And also, in the Ethnicity of Korean, all the people are gender equal and classless. However, the other ethnicity are just like proles in the Ingsoc.


    As same as Ilminism, Ilminsoc is a Stratocratic ideology. And also, he believes that all the means of oppositions are needed to be oppressed. (Especially the opposition of college students.) And after that, he will definitely blame for Juche to trigger that.


    • Due to his Korean ancestry, Ilminsoc likes to use Korean to express his opinions.
    • Hates Japanese ideology and Communist ideology.


    이너 파티(Inner party)

    • Ilminism.pngIlminism - Doubleplusgood ideology. The only thing you need is to become more authoritarian.
    • OOTS.pngDeath Worship - Doubleplusgood Asian plustotalitarian and dystopian ideology. But the Japanese part is doubleplusgood. It never existed.

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