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    Illism is nationalistic, economically left-wing and culturally variable but usually progressive ideology.


    Pre-Illist Era

    Andres Illaz was son of Juan Illaz, rich aristocrat. In earlier years Illaz was not interested in politics. He was apolitical most of time (in his childhood and earlier youth) but be culturally centre-left. It was because of Andres was forced to marry with Elizabeth Costa[1]. Illaz didn't love Costa in first time, same as Elizabeth herself. Both newlyweds became leaning progressive.

    Historically Khorisia was territory of Mercian Empire, so when in this country started civil war, Illaz and Costa fled from the war in Small Cornelia. Anyways married couple returned in Khorisia in 1951. Illaz was invited in Revolutionary Executive Committee (REC). He was agree and became member of REC. Then Illaz became marxist.

    In 1954 Illaz was one of the most members of REC that supported alliance with Chunguai. He proposed to lead pro-chunguian course. Illaz called Chunguai 'the liberation of workers'. Alejandro Morrez accepted proposition of Illaz in 1957.

    Since 1958 Illaz became very anti-morrist and anarchist. He founded community of Black Panthers. It was indigenist, socialistic and revolutionary organisation. Illaz was arrested in middle of 1958. He was prisoner until 1960. In October 1960 he was liberated. However he continued fighting against totalitarian regime.

    In 1963 Andres Illaz founded Labour Party of Khorisia. He created this party to represent socialistic ideology in parliament of Khorisia. Anyways government of Morrez continued to resist growth of socialistic ideas in parliament, so Illaz was continuing to be partisan.

    In 1968 was started World War First. It was a war of Fathen-Chunguai coalition against Sisenland-Bedenia coalition. Khorisia initially self-proclaimed itself as neutral state. In the end of 1968 Alejandro Morrez joined the war and declared war against Chunguai. He was supported by North Cosmogony. Anyways Chunguai fastly annexed North Cosmogony and started coup in Khorisia. Andres Illaz became potential candidate for presidents, so he became leader of Pantheri Revolution. Morrez was overthrown, and Illaz became chairman of Democratic Council. On December 23, 1968 Illaz won on presidential election and became second president of Khorisia

    Presidency of Andres Illaz

    After his winning Andres Illaz declared about more moderate line. He declared democratic course and Economic Programme for Development.

    In January 1969 Alejandro Morrez and Husbollu Nusrulluh tried to overthrow Illaz and return Morrez for president. However this attempt was loose. By order of Hua Kuan, Chunguai sent forces into Khorisia.


    Illism is economically left-wing, culturally variable and civically democratic ideology. Illism believes in hard regulation of economics and dogmatic reglament. Illism supports labor cooperatives and trade unions.

    In cultural axis Illism is variable ideology. Illism is not homophobic and anti-abortion, but it is not progressive, despite Illism was culturally far-left ideology. It supports indigenous traditions and values.



    • Authoritarian Democracy — democracy can't be real without strong leader.
    • Classical Bartofilianism — bedenian version of me. Bartofilius was brave revolutionary and nationalist. RIP Legend.
    • Eco-Nationalism — it describes my policy very great but don't so much.
    • Feminism — Illaz was promoting women's rights and suffrage.
    • Indigenism — conservation of native values and traditions in combination with progress is based.
    • Kemalism and Tridemism — two incredibly based guys who fought for freedom of their nations. Kemal and Sun were chads, btw.
    • Left-Wing Nationalism — basically me. Cardenas and Garibaldi are gigachads.
    • Left-Wing Populism — will of the people and socialism can lead us to progress and development, but Protega don't think .
    • Social Authoritarianism — also me except cultural conservatism. Embrace moderate progressivism, buddy.
    • State Capitalism — guy above is more preferable than you, but better than full capitalism.
    • Tridinamism — my the biggest inspiration and example for me. Thanks for supporting and promoting of my candidature. Also you greatly helped me to overthrow Morrez. But why you didn't stop Blushchenko and let him to kill Speroz? Beisser was cringe cause killed me! Despite these problems, we had really great relationships. Thank you, comrades.


    • Anarcho-Communism — I remember when I was anarchist. Endly I solved that your ideas are too radical and don't so right.
    • Anti-Authoritarianism — why do you hate me? My dictatorship is fully based.
    • Fasterfield Thought — thanks for helping me! But why did you became imperialist later?
    • Globalism — although unification of whole world to protect international cooperation is based, I think you are too busy about it.
    • Irredentism — Western Centralia is just North Khorisia! Khorisian irredentism is based. What? Why do you say that it was Centralia?
    • Juche — very extremal for me and communist but Illaz was supporting you. Don't remind me that he criticized Parl Guong-seg later
    • Kleptocracy — corruption is good to reach my goals, but I hate corruption when somebody else use it.
    • Marxism–Leninism — too extremal for me. State socialism is cringe, and reject this globalism. But many communists supported me and were my friends.
    • National Communism — same as above but better. I prefer him to you.
    • Oligarchy — I didn't want to centralize power in my arms. But Governmental Council must listen to me!
    • Police Statism and Stratocracy — it's very complicated. Initially you fought against me but when I became president we were friends. But you betrayed me during invasions of 1975 and 1977!
    • Revolutionary Progressivism — I think you must to chill, comrade! We must protect our culture.
    • Social Democracy — hey guy, your son is better. But I still like to cooperate with you.
    • Social Liberalism — too liberal and moderate.
    • Zionism — Illaz supported independence of Defenderla and its sovereignty. But you shouldn't bomb Krajvodina!


    • Authoritarian Capitalism — capitalism is one of the biggest evils of modern era. When capitalism becomes authoritarian, it's even worse!
    • Ethnonationalism — bruh, just fake nationalist.
    • Fascism — I shouldn't say anything about it. Fascism is just reactionary, chauvinist and imperialistic genocidal ideology. Nothing positive to say, but some fascists approved me. Fuck you for destroying Arikhia!
    • Imperialism — Mercian Empire collapsed, lol. Never forget 1951!
    • Keimphorism — yes, you dead! I hate you for supporting Morrez over me and active anti-illist propoganda. Bye-bye!
    • Morrism — totalitarian capitalist and chauvinist who destroyed democracy and freedom in Khorisia. Never forget 1968!
    • Nazism — the worst evil, I'll never forget you Khorisia! I was glad when Podlevanić was executed.
    • Nusrullism — victory is mine. I defeated you with Chunguai, later I called you imperialist. And it was true! After this you dead! Cope and seethe. Rest in piss, Bozo, wait, me too?
    • Ultranationalism — you are the biggest shame for nationalism and even patriotism!



    1. She became marxist since 1951
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