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    'Illegalist-Soulism is an idea founded by Anarcho-Nicholas. It combines the ideas of Illeg.png Illegalism with Soul.png Soulism . It aims to rid the minds of the people so they do whatever crime they desire to do.

    Political orientation

    The individual is the owner of itself and should not care about others unless it's pleasing to one's ego to take care of them. It's better to act upon your ego to form a society than to regulate and order the people to form a spooked society. Killing people is nothing but a desire to one's ego if it is done by that person. and everything is everyone but not because we are 1 collectivist society sharing toothbrushes, we just steal everything from each other for the sake of it being fun. Everyone is equal, but at the same time no one is equal. You are the only one above others, the same works for others. Everyone is their own supreme human in their mind so it is foolish not to admit it. Your ideas are superior in your mind, others think theirs is. Thats how politics work and it is dumb to think everyone thinks the same and is the same. We are not, we have differences, as every individual has. It's better to preserve you being an individual than you seeing yourself as someone else who is not you. Everything is possible, and not if you believe hard enough cause that's nothing more than something you say to kids so they stop crying. Everything is possible if you work hard enough to get to it and if you are willing to destroy the universe.

    Definition Anarchy

    The Illegalist-Soulist view on anarchy is one with no limits and where the people and their society is purely based on behaviour rather than a state telling you how to behave. If theft, murder, shoplifting, kidnapping, etc. Is pleasing to one's ego it would be foolish not to follow that ego. Everyone telling you what to do is nothing more than a manipulative spook. It would be best to ignore those people. When I look at the world nowadays we are all stuck in a pattern of Waking up, going to work, eating, sleeping and repeating that over and over again. Instead everyday should be unique without oppression or stress that if you don't follow the pattern something bad happens. Today you can't just stop this pattern cause if you don't go to work you don't get a salary so you can't pay for the things you need. We wanna get out of these ideas and change to a society where this pattern can change for the better of the people.
    Anarchist destiny


    The Illegalist-Soulist looks on religion are mostly negative (with an exception of paganism) as the people in it cause more harm than good to those who don't. People under a religion can be kind and we don't deny that kind religious people exist but they admit that a lot of religious people can be very toxic. Further they are against the rules of religion as all of those religions say it's not good to kill someone which it is in their eyes. Paganis is different to them as they bring sacrifises to the gods they worrship and they support the sacrifices as it is nothing but pure murder. Further they believe Odin was an anarchist as they told the people to be free from society.


    The Illegalist-Soulist idea of economy is one where there is no money. All the property you own should be gathered yourself or stolen from someone else. Today people work their ass off for a minimum wage while they deserve more. But the business people will never let that happen so why not kill them? Bureaucrats bring way more harm than they bring good so killing them will only be better for the planet and society.The Illegalist-Soulist sollution to this problem is to begin a Theftcon.png Theft Economy

    The individual

    When it comes to individualism Illegalist-Soulism knows how it works and knows how you have to apply this idea to a society. Nowadays a society is nothing more but a hierarchy of people thinking their values are more important than those of others and thus they apply all those values to all the other people, and when they don't follow these values they will be marked as "Criminals, Bad people, Monsters" we wanna get rid of those terms as that is not who they are. They are people who have different values going outside the boundaries of the state. And everyone has those values but they just don't wanna show them off because society holds them from doing it by giving them these terms. Society should be made to support each other for who we are and what we do but it has changed into hierarchy. We should stop this as this is a problem humanity is facing for several years. Look at shoplifting. A concept which only hurts big companies. But do they deserve that money in the first place? We don't think so. The money should be taken away by the people who want to take it away. And they should take matters into their own hands to protect that money. And we the people should have just as much right to take it from them
    Individual life.jpg


    The Illegalist-Soulist look on the LGBTQIA+ community is positive but skeptical of it. They do agree that it's pure nature to be atracted to someone identifying as the same gender as you. But here is the skeptical idea. They do not believe gender exists. Your idea of a man is different than that of someone else. And you show of your "masculinity in a different way. So you are not the same kind of man as someone else. So you arent a man cause why is your efinition of a man the actual definitlion of a man. So everyone is their own gender thus there are as much genders as there are people. But the idea of having an gender for every individual is dumb and why not have 0 and destroy the idea of gender. So sexualities are also not really normal. As you are maybe atracted to man but not atracted to all man. Maybe you claim to be straight but you fall for only 1 person of the same "gender". The idea of sexulities is too closed down and that's why we should get rid of them. Everyone just loves who they wanna love (with some exceptions).

    The founder

    This idea is writen by the founder. I am Anarcho_Nicholas(you could've expected this as this is a nieche ideology). So how did i get to this idea? ever since i lived in Iceland i saw how Bureaucracies ruined other countries and how we have done it different all along. Looking at how wealthy we are it proves that big bussinesses are destroying a country since they mostly dont have to pay high taxes and ruin a lot of peoples lives once they have a monopoly. This made me already left-wing. In March of 2019 i started getting an obsession with politics and ideologies. At the time i was a progressive and thought i will give "The Communist Manifesto" a chance. Although it didn't completely convince me into communism the idea of socialism seemed ideal to me. Through Karl Marx i came to know Friedrich Engels and from there Max Stirner. Ofcourse i read his philosophy as it was interesting to me. Reading through his theories i found out he was really good at convincing me to believe in his ideas and i became a Egoist. Going further to september 2020 i found out about Renzo Novatore and his ideas abut crime. Already being an egoist with a lust to crime (For traumatic reasons). I turned to Illegalism and started the practise. I mostly shoplift, Doxx and D-Doss big companies. Soulism i came to with the ideas of aboloshing all hierarchies. I thought hierarchies kept me from crime which they do. November the same year i started being interested in my national politics as they are important aswell. I came across the Pirate party of iceland which was closest to my ideas. They supported piracy and were for an Copyright Reform as it is being used by big companies to profit off of rather than the inventor to use it for private use. The pro-piracy idea was because i think companies won't be harmed by piracy as they are already rolling in money. + most people dont even know how to pirate and get major viruses. But that's not my problem. It is not to my concern if big companies lose their not deserved money.
    Novatore69.pngAnarcho_Nicholas (the founder)

    Other related ideologies

    About the majority of the related ideologies they are positive. Illegalism has great people representing it and the members of it know a lot about society. The same idea I have for Avaritionism. But it has always been the Soulist community I have been sceptical of. Ofcourse i am also a soulist but I do not relate to the people in the community and their behaviour. My behaviour is more leaning towards Illegalism. During my time in the Soulist server I have come across a lot of people being oversensitive. Something I do not like at all. But my most scepticism towards the people representing it is the "the world will fix themself" idea they all seem to have. They as a community, although being based, are far from ready to have their ideas being used as it looks like they don't want it to be used. The egoist community is also fine to me as the people in it are just like Illegalism and Avaritionism. They know how society works and are ready to change the world. It's just the soulist one. And I hate to say those things against them because they are half of my ideology and some people are actually very nice. They just do not fit the needs to change the world.

    The praxis

    The praxis of Illegalist-Soulism is an act of crime in itself as it's the definition of chaos and desire. The practice is whatever crime you want to commit. mostly murder of people just for the sake of desire. But the normal practice is through vandalism and arson. Burning down a building or place of a political opponent. Vandalising it. Sometims even murder of those people. The founder (Anarcho_Nicholas) has committed several crimes to do praxis, but also to show the people how vulnerable and weak the government is to stop the Illegalist-Soulist action. "We shall not, in any scenario. Give up our ideas f crime and murder for the people responsable for hierarchy. As they are the reason we exist. Our existence should not be needed, but unfortunately this is the case. So we better fight those responsible for hierarchy and fight until none of them are alive".

    Illegalist-Soulist cult

    From a lot of ideologies there are groups or unions to gather and share thoughts so they can evolve their way of thinking. As others have them, so do we have it, but it's not a simple group just coming and saying what we have done and sharing ideas, it's an active act of rebelion against any kind of authority or hierarchy.
    Bonnot gang.jpg

    What is hierarchy?

    Their definition of hierarchy is everything keeping you from your desire, everything made so you can't be yourself. Ofcourse you are gonna have some ideas that are in between like murder. Is murder freedom or hierarchy? To them it is freedom. But isn't the victim kept from their freedom? Well yes but they had every right to fight back. Thy believe everything should be done in self-interest and that you should be able to defend that freedom at any time, If you don't you are weak. In a society without hierarchy there are always people trying to regain that hierarchy so if you don't want your freedom being taken away from you then you should be able to fight to prove how much freedom is worth. And you are not alone as there are countless other people that will fight alongside you making you stronger as a group. This way society forms in a natural way and not via hierarchy and echo chambers of control by people or just 1 person.

    A society beyond the limits

    A big thing they believe in is a society that goes outside the boundaries of what was previously possible,. We are talking technology but also culture. Technology should be developed as much as possible so we can achieve things we never thought were possible. And if you look at the world today you see some of those things we have already achieved. Look at oxygen tanks for in space and underwater. We were never able to swim underwater for a really long time because we don't have gills. We have made rockets that can shoot to space so we can get on other planets. We have gadgets in our pockets where we can send messages to each other. We can talk to each other and see each other using this technology. The world has evolved from a time where you had to walk everywhere to a society where people can sit inside a car and use a minimum amount of effort to get somewhere really fast. We can travel to the other side of the world within 24 hours by using a plane. And we want to expand that to planets. Being able to communicate to everyone with a small device in your pocket. And beyond that. Cause what if it isn't even in our pocket but in our brain? What if you can talk to anyone you want by using your brain to send a message to someone else? Of Course this is something that people won't see coming and we don't expect it to happen in the near future even though Post-Humanism. But it's a destiny we are ready to get to.

    Novatore expanded

    If you are aware of Illeg.png Illegalism Then you are aware of Illegalist philosopher and poet Renzo Novatore. A man who had a lust for love and an idol to Anarcho_Nicholas and their philosophy. But Nicholas takes it further with their ideas of crime and illegal activities. This is partially because of technological development and the nightwatch state they live under. Although Nicholas has never killed someone there is an expanding lust for it. And they have turned to more serious crime than they did before. In the beginning they did mostly piracy and hacking into the school computers so they could troll the teachers. But now there are cyberattacks, Doxxing, D-Dossing, Shoplifting and more planned theft.

    We are all nothing but vibrations

    Illegalist-Soulism is an ideology which is very nihilistic and believes that nothing matters. But instead of just believing that they have an actual argument to defend that idea which may not be believed (in case of religious groups) but that's not needed. Looking into the human being we see that we are made out of vibrations. Everything is made out of vibrations; they are just very small. Those vibrations make quarks. and those make protons which make atoms which make cells etc. But why are we so important? a lot of people say how life is important and that we should preserve it. So why are we so important? We aren't. I'm sorry to break it to you but we aren't. We are just a bunch of vibrations thinking we are important and need to preserve life. So as long as we are here why not make the best of it. Murder is one of them, cause if life doesn't matter than it's not much of a deal to kill someone else. Shoplifting as well, the stuff you steal are also vibrations and also have no matter at all. So stealing it is nothing but something you like to do. Just as well the life, feeling, and words of others are not to the matter as those things are nothing but other people made out of vibrations telling you that you should be like them and should be a copy of society


    A revolution although is a interesting idea, is not needed for this idea to work. The way i got to this idea was because i was always skeptical about revolutions and how anarchist revolutions would work out in this world.

    Starting a revolution

    A revolution in this ideology would with no doubt include murder and harm as it is a ideology advocating for murder. So what should we do? Crime. Just loads of crime. Starting with basic shoplifitng to gather the food, guns and other stuff we need for the revolution. Than we strike in small spaces. A lot of villages have a very small police force, this is seen by organized crime where they do a attention murder or Ram raid in one side of the village/town. And then they robb a big store on the other side. We can do the same but more planned and multiple at a time. This way they dont have enough police to stop them all. When we do this we can already start a cult of Crime and start a revolution. This revolution will be all about crime and drugs. We should capture some planes to start a natinal problem of drug addictions so people will be weakened. We have to break the military from the inside.

    Succesfull revolution

    If we have a succesfull revolution there would still be very much of problem that we will face. The primary one is outside opposition and NATO involving into our war. So why dont we start more cults. As our revolution is succesful the idea gets more publicity and will convince more people. This way we can start more cults in different ountries trying the same. We just have to try to weaken the enemy as much before we start a war with them. And make the people stand behind us and our ideas by convincing them them their way of living is nothing but oppresion from the state so they would behave.

    No revolution

    A revolution with this idea is not neceserry as it is a philosophy about crime and abolishing all kinds of hierarchy. This can be easily done by just ignoring these hierarchies and laws. Even under a state crime is done it is ust harder to do and there are punishments you have to face, But if you have a planned crime that goes well than you can prevent it from happening. Maybe you take the risk and do the crime anyway although you know the consequences. Nontheless you will be seen as a saviour of state oppresion by us as you know how to fight this hierarchy. Do whatever you can so you can stop the state from imposing stuff into you.

    Sortlike attempts (Has it been tried and how did that turn out)

    Suprisingly, YES! it has been tried and it is being used today in the small places of big cities like Rio De Janero-Brazil and Tijuana-Mexico. They have gangs that are too powerfull and scary that the police doen't go to those places cause those gangs consist of thousands of drug dealers and it is located in the poor places of the city so it will be a Vietnam war kind of dealing with them. The police doesn't know the way and the gangs do.

    Ego.pngthoughts on Egoism Ego.png

    Their ideas on Ego.png Egoism is positive as it is the groundfloor of its ideas and what it preserves. But its more mild and its seen that a lot of people that see themselves as an egoist don't seem to like them. This is mostly because of the soulist ideas they carry with them as for most egoists it doesn't sound logical and they are not to blame. The Illegalists-Soulists just have to prove to them how their idea works and how the praxis works and this is why this page exists, so the egoists can learn what this idea is about and how it structure actally works in practise

    Communalist.pngthoughts on CommunalismCommunalist.png

    Although we are not a fan of sharing toothbrushes and such it will do as sometimes sharing can be beneficial to the individual. We just want to limit how much is being shared and who you share it with. Things like toothbrushes are nice to have for yourself and things like your phone too. We just think that things like money or food should be shared equally as there is enough for everyone if we just share it equally. But i think just like for Ego.png Egoism that the Communalist.png Communalism don't like our ideas as it is "villainous' and "bad". So yes they are spooked but we are ready to change their minds into actual self-fullfilment instead of that sharing stuff.
    Communalist logo.png

    Darwinist.pngthoughts on DarwinismDarwinist.png

    Darwinist.png Social Darwinism is a difficult "relationship" as it is capitalist but it isn't afraid to take what they want and i respect that to a certain degree. The thing that bothers me is that they all are too greedy. I steal because it pleases me and the stuff that i use will be spend well and if I can't do that i will give it to someone that needs it. and maybe is not able to steal like me. The thing i do like about the is that they know what they want and they will get it and they are ready to sacrifise their lives for it. They are very fanatic if it is about the "survival of the fittest" and their atitude shows that. Good people to hang out with to talk about murder and stuff but not good as a partner in crime.

    Ingsocf.pngthoughts on OrwellianismIngsocf.png

    Orwellianism is kind of the arch nemesis of Illegalist-Soulism as it is highly moral and basicly against everything Illegalist-soulism wants . So its obvious that im negative of it and anyone who is a Orwellianist like a Ingsocf.png Ingsoc or a Neobol.png Neo-Bolshevism. It also wont be a suprise that they try to limit our freedom of murder and stealing. So we must stand up against the tyrrany Ofcourse we don't know if these ideas will actually be used, but we will be ready to rise up against any form of tyrrany that they will show to us as it is pleasing to our ego to do so
    Georgie Orwellian.jpg

    Alternate phrases (mostly of stirner)

    - I do not step back shyly from what you call to be your property, because it was mine ever since i stole it from you.
    - God is dead and i killed him.



    Ego.png Egoism My creator
    Soul.png Soulism Doing drugs and destroying physics is based.
    Avar.png Avaritionism MURDER EVERYONE MY MAN!!
    Anunnakis.png Anunnakism A respectfull religion with much potential
    Insarch.png Insurrectionary Anarchism You had me with "Destroying" brother.
    Egotranh.png Ego-Transhumanist It indeed pleases my ego to be a cyborc.
    PCB-CultAn.png Cult Anarchism A cult is just what we need to destroy humanity.
    Illeg.png Illegalism Go get your gun and start a public massacre.
    Anfem.png Anarcha-Feminism I will kill for the rights of women, OKAY I WILL KILL FOR NOTHING! BUT YOU GET IT!!
    Front.png Anarcho-Frontierism Going to planet and making it a place for yourself is BASED. Also if we do this enough everyone has its own planet which i can ruin.
    Anin.png Anarcho-Individualism My more boring brother, luckily you have more personality.
    Annil.png Anarcho-Nihilism Saying that nothing matters is a good way to advocate for my massacre
    Antr.png Anarcho-Transhumanism Cybrc make it easier to kill.
    Anat.png Anationalism Nationalism keeps me from killing others outisde my country.
    Thar.png Anti-Authoritarianism Kill the authoritarians!
    Antifa.png Anti-Fascism Kill the Fascists!
    Antcomp.png Anti-RealismBeing "on compass" is nothing but being a NORMIE! we need more of you
    SecSat.png Atheistic SatanismCome one people. I AM SATAN!!
    Cosmic.png Cosmicism You have a pure mind, brother
    File:CybNil.png Cyber-Nihilism I too do not like humans. Except myself
    Cyberfem.png CyberFeminism Using technology to bring equality is more than pleasing to my ego
    E-Democracy.png E-Democracy E-Democracy is a good way to D-doss the government
    Aneco.png Eco-AnarchismIf i can kill people like ol'mate Tedd kazcysnki im all in
    Ecofem.png EcofeminismIf i can kill people for female plants than im all in
    Existentialist Anarchism.png Existentialist Anarchism You get it my man. Why should i care about people if im not them?
    Pirat.png Hydrarchy You are me but on a ship
    AnInde.png Independence Anarchism I always were independent but thanks for clarifying
    Anmark2.png Market Anarchism If the market is anarchist i am free to buy and sell drugs
    Posadist.png Posadism Mass destruction is just fast murder. And if we do i can still kill mutants.
    Post-an.png Post-Anarchism Insanity is based bro. Even more when it leads to murder.
    Anpostleft.png Post-Left Anarchism I agree that the left can be ignorant.
    Post-Genderism.png Postgenderism Gender is FAKE, IT DOESNT EXIST!!! You are the only one who understands me
    Anqueer.png Queer Anarchism Be gay DO CRIME!!!
    Radfem.png Radical Feminism Better feminism.
    Satan.png Satanic Theocracy I am satan. and i love to kill.
    Darwinist.png Social Darwinism Fuck it MURDER PEOPLE
    Xenofeminism.png Xenofeminism Using tech to destroy gnder hierarchy? thats' cool i'm in
    Indin.png Enlightened Individualism Me but with less crime and more insane
    Zalgo.png Zalgoism If we team up we can kill more people at once
    Voidism Small.png Voidism Destroying the universe is mass murder i'm in
    Anunnakis.png Anunnakism Ascending into space as a religion is very pleasing
    Apotheo.png Apotheosis Anarchism Matching egoism with Post-humanism and including godhood is strangely based to me


    POSTHUMANISMICON.png Post-HumanismToo authoritarian but nice technology.
    Indiv.png Individualism Tasteless version of me but still nice.
    Agorismf.png AgorismNothing matters but black markets are based.
    Awaj.png Anarchism Also tasteless but destroying state is based.
    Ancom.png Anarcho-Communism I dont like your attitude, dominance, and ignorance. Luckily you can't force me to obey.
    Anprim.png Anarcho-Primitivism Monkey are cool but they dont have semi-automatic weapons.
    AnSynd.png Anarcho-Syndicalism Nice labour union nerd. Luckily you people give me shit when i ask for it.
    Bckchn.png Bookchin Communalism Its not OURS it MINE! Just admit i took it from you and you cant use it. But i am willing to share my feelings.
    Crusadism.png CrusadismI dont like your authority and your capitalism. But i like the murder!!
    Falgsc.png FALGSC I will kill for a space empire filled with queers.
    Fem.png Feminism Its based but you wont let me kill men.
    Guevara.png Guevarism Nice murders but why you gotta hate the queers man?
    Libertarian.png Libertarianism I guess you are alright. Just let me kill the babies.
    PagTheo.png Pagan TheocracyOdin was the man to follow when sacrifices are to be made. I will gladly sacrifice somebody so it better be for god.
    Socan2.png Social Anarchism Kinda boring
    SyndieSam.png Syndicalism I hate the workers union but i like the effort
    Ingsocf.png Ingsoc I wanna hate you but i love you aswell
    AnCrypCap1.png Anarcho-Crypto-Capitalism Maybe... if i can steal the stock market.
    Theftcon.png Theft Economy I am you but without the NAP and left. Nice stealing ideas though


    Nullball.png Nullism YOU TAKE AWAY MY MURDER RIGHT!!
    Mutalist.png Mutualism "Property is crime"? BITCH YOU HAVEN'T SEEN SHIT

    How to Draw

    • Draw a ball,
    • Draw a diagonal line from the let bottom corner to thr right top corner
    • Make a the Soulist logo on the right bottom
    • Make a Illegalist logo on the left top
    • Draw white eyes
    • Done!! Good boy!💜
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    Teal #036A66 3, 106, 102
    White [1] #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Light Green #00DA00 0, 218, 0

    Since this idea has been proposed not too long ago very little is known of it and it still needs development, We as community will keep helping to improve this page for your information

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