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    Entertainers know you better than your family, society. Follow their beliefs.


    Ikechism is a Lib Left belief that believes in the destruction of the state, and that one should shape their beliefs over a public entertainer (so long as it's following anarchism) meaning if you're racist, rapist, homophobic, it's fine if it's following an entertainer. It doesnt believe in the concept of money, stating it's just shiny shit used for manipulation.

    EX: Omg! I love Jreginald! Those centrist scums wont know what hit them because im a gay/vampire/devil/god/pan/bisexual/straight/powerful/atheist/religious/posadist/enviromentalist/darwinist/communalist/dont touch my tail :3 Lib Left with some Right Left beliefs but we start an anarchist state where we hate fascists!

    Read Bookchin

    Fuck's a book?

    Views on Anarchy

    Ikechism supports anarchy because the state is stupid and dumb and should learn that they dont know us better than our entertainer! Anyways 9 year old army, lets go bomb that commune again!


    Money is banned and replaced with bartering, trading, and violence


    Ikechism is a blank void, not knowing who he is, just a vessel for low life incels to inject their favorite entertainer's views into/


    Everyone is an indiviual, and should only associate with fellow believers of that niche belief

    How to Draw

    1. Draw ball white
    2. Draw youtube symbol on gater mask
    3. Make eyes tired
    4. Add whatever hat, nothing if you want normal Ikechism
    5. Now you're done

    Relationships (TBA)


    Friends (TBA)

    Frenemies (TBA)

    Enemies (TBA)

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