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    Ideologysphere home conflict

    tahwt is up my dudes and dudettes, heres my very epic story of a fucking war on this community for funny polit6ical bals (if you cant tell i am a huge virginino!!!)


    dya same as any day, everyone was fucking retarted until some brown ghuyu cam e around with som dumbassis ship and wantd to put all th rightwingis in contrl of funni ideolog bal wiki (note: this fanfiction is not biased IN THE SLIGHTEST towards the left) and thn he said that to al the lefties like the fucking dumbass he is. and then they all joined ME because IM THE COOLEST and THE SMARTEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL person on this wiki!!

    firts bttletl

    MY WONDERFUL SELF firts askd brown guy "team?" and he siad "no" then if ucking ripped his dumbass intestines out and raped his dead body then took his shitty boat with da lefitisitis bros!!!!!!!!!! B) B) B) then wi imprison all pepl who disagreeeee with mi anarchist views. Ironic how mostly ancoms inprison all right wingers. Kinda goes against free speach dosent it? anyways funny admin ghost then guarded them al, while me and the gang sailed brown guy's ship.

    the scapepe

    we wer sleeppy so we did a sleepppy, but some IDIOT, DUMBASS, RACIST, NAZI, SOCIAL DARWINIST yellow ghst escapd, because he didnt want to spend life in prison because of his opinions. NAZI!!!!!!! he wnt on ze ship then wnt to prison island place, where funny admin ghost was. jerrybingus had a gun the body of painty too, they both dodged like in AN ANIME UWUWUWUWUQWUW I LUYV ANIME OWOWOWOWOWOWOOWW I HAVE ANIM BOD PILO until the yellow ghost got fucking shot from behind like *page flip* wait the fuck is his nam- oh i aint spelling that sorcecilias? ill just say tghat his name. he took revenge. for something. idk what. yellow man survivd and gained ANGER he brok brown guy out then sailed away. how romntic!!!!!

    th rtrurn

    totalitarians do larp shit dont care lol

    also czech almost dies

    wich he actually died because his ideology is pure larp

    th prk

    Jade bad. Jade baad. I said Jade, Bad, hahahahaha. Why arent you laughing? I just made a reference to the popular community "PCBA wiki"! How can you not laugh at it? Poll community post! Guys, this here guy doesnt laugh at my funny Jade Bad memes! Lets beat him to death! Dead body reported! Skip! Skip! Vote right bad! mises institutionism was not an impostor. PCBA in a nutshell hahaha. What?! You Are still not laughing your ass off? I made SEVERAL funny references to PCBA wiki and YOU STILL ARENT LAUGHING??!!! Bruh. Ya hear that? Wo00000osh. Whats woooosh? Oh, nothing. Just the sound of a joke flying over your head. Whats that? You think im annoying? Kinda anrcho nazi, bro. Hahahaha! Anyway, yea, gotta make shitty fanfictions. Hahahaha!

    the abush

    retard meets political opposite retard

    im tired i dont want to read the rest of this shit

    th cstl

    some gay ass anarchists fights a personw ith actual normal political views big deal

    just because he's a monarchist dosent mean he's a king of the wiki, but jedpilled is cool

    th srcheeee

    ok i dont know what happens here but i see that kira kween is there and not jed so they killed jed

    all the leftists are also in a helicopter lol

    th jgnl!!!!!!!! FINL CHAPTR!!!!

    inky shoots a monkey witha fucking musket

    this was a pain to make because the actual fanfic is pretty shit

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