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    Ideology Disintegrationism

    Not to be confused with Anti-Ideology.

    Ideology Disintegrationism believes that ideologies do nothing but needlessly label and restrict political thought. It wants to deconstruct any and all forms of ideology into singular ideas in the hopes of having objective and pragmatic political discussion based only on the ideas themselves.


    Since it's against the very existence of every other character I imagine it could have a genocidal supervillain-esque flair to it.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball with a white outline
    2. Draw a column of 5 consecutive circles in the middle
    3. Draw a column of 4 smaller circles right next to its right side
    4. Draw a column of 3 even smaller circles to the right
    5. Fill in every circle with black
    6. Fill in the left side of the ball with black
    7. Draw the left eye black with a white outline
    8. Draw the right eye white with a black outline


    Friends (good ideas restricted to ball-shaped prisons)

    • Class dealignment - I support your quest to rid society of further bias and division
    • Senatorialism - I appreciate your ability to not have a fixed ideology
    • Egoism - Ideologies and the institutions they breed are, indeed, spooks
    • Political Indecisiveness - You do not know what your ideology is, but you shouldn't have one.
    • Post-Modernism - You're not correctly defined here. The deconstruction of deconstructive ideas of deconstruction is what makes you based!


    • Radical centrism - I appreciate your efforts to include ideas from both sides, but there should be no sides in the first place!
    • Non-ism - I agree that no ideology should rule, however there are no ideologies in the first place
    • Anti-Ideology - We both want to get rid of every ideologies for different reasons
    • Every single ideology - They're at no fault for their existence, but the ideas they hold should not be boxed up like this


    • File:Tribalism.png Tribalism - You are the origin of all this needless conflict
    • Apoliticism - Just because I reject ideologies doesn't mean I reject politics altogether!
    • Horseshoe Centrism - Having politics in one axis is bad enough and you mean to make it even more reductive?!
    • Ismism - This amalgamate is the bane of my dreadful existence


    • Ismist Ismism - You are one truly majestically horrid creature.. you are my one and only white whale



    Against ideology- https://theness.com/neurologicablog/index.php/against-ideology/

    G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy, Chapters 2 and 3- https://www3.nd.edu/~afreddos/courses/439/orthodoxy2-3.htm

    The Alternative to Ideology- https://www.niskanencenter.org/the-alternative-to-ideology/

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