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    Ideological Theocracy

    is an OffCompass ideology belief that believes that ideologies lead to suffering, and the rules should be based on morality and not beliefs. The only way to end suffering is to end ideologies.

    It does have a democratic and self-governing government, which makes it different from Apoliticism, and all of its people have separate beliefs, but during the vote, the ideology believes that their beliefs will combine into absolute centrism. Even if a majority is in one ideology, they will have different beliefs on some agendas that cancel out each other.

    Ideological Theocracy

    is paradoxical to the extent that it's a superposition of Apoliticism and Ismism. Any attempt to comprehend this ideology, even at its simplest term is so oxymoronic that it can't be even placed at the political spectrum.


    In 1948, after a few years after World War II, a few or so Christian members get a sign from God that revealed the idea of the ideology. Soon, they left and founded the remote micro-nation of Current Jerusalem. After a few years, a church was established at the heart of the island where the leaders explain their "Book of Politics" to the rest of the members.

    During the Cold War more joined the commune, making it known to a fraction of the world. Political scientists travel to the micro-nation to ask for their beliefs, only to come home empty-handed. This ideology was then known as

    Ideological Theocracy

    after a swig at the local bar.

    The micro-nation after a while mysteriously disbanded, and their only voice in the world is their internet micronation called Current Jerusalem Nova.

    Beliefs and Philosophy

    Ideological Theocracy

    believes that ideologies lead to suffering due to their divides with others; Capitalism and Communism, Republican and Liberal, Monarchism and Democracy, you get it by now. Ideological Theocracy also believes that most ideologies are made due to Greed; capitalism and republicanism with the rich people, monarchism with the monarchs, autocracy, and fascism with the ruler, and IngSoc with power.

    Ideological Theocracy

    also believes that equality does not always lead to order; with the case with Communism, and the same goes for inequality; racism, fascism, and white supremacy. The ideology is purely centrist , to avoid getting too greedy

    Despite the name “Theocracy”, it is not enforcing any religion, however, it can be used with all religions; from theism to polytheism.



    Ideological Theocratic

    government is based on Athenian Democracy, which is a perfect fit based on their values.

    This democracy is ruled by the priests of any religion, however, they should not base the rules of their texts, but the morality of it. It is then approved by the Senate of Civilians, again if it's moral.

    Once a day, the Senate of Civilians meets with the priests to propose and enact a resolution to a crisis or a new law. After the proposals are finished, the Senate of Civilians will ask questions to make sure it is stable.

    After the elimination round, it will end with a utilitarian vote.



    Ideological Theocratic

    market is a more centralized Georgism. It follows the principles of Georgism, however all property will be state-owned, that is leased to developers with a land tax with it. A person, group or corporation can only own one house and has to pay a tax. There is also a pollution tax and a UBI.


    • “What you see is heaven, what I see is hell.”
    • “In heaven, the world is ruled by God, as the perfect ruler of all; in hell, the world is ruled by corrupt dictators, who rule the world with an iron fist.”
    • “The world is hell, nothing is different between them.”
    • “If you compare all rulers in all of time with the devil himself, they are awefully similar.”
    • “As the Israelites disprove God; the world disproves morality.”
    • “We are blind in the world of truth, as we are blindfolded by ideology.”

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