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    Identitarianism Is a Pan-European, Far-Right Ideology, asserting the right of Europeans and peoples of European descent to culture and territories claimed to belong exclusively to them. Originating in France and building on ontological ideas of modern German philosophy, its ideology was formulated from the 1960s onward by essayists such as Alain de Benoist, Dominique Venner, Guillaume Faye and Renaud Camus, considered the movement's intellectual leaders.



    In July 22th 2015, "Identity Ireland/Aitheantas Éire" was founded by Gary Allen & Alan Tighe with Peter O'Loughlin as it's leader after he unsuccessfully contested in the 2014 European Parliament election for the South constituency with 1.0% of the first preference votes and also he unsuccessfully contested in the 2015 Carlow-Kilkenny by-election in which he received 930 first preference votes.

    The headquarters of "Identity Ireland" was located at Dublin but it has been accused of being Racist while some of its press conferences or meetings even its launch have been disrupted by certain protesters but however it has 115 members but went up to 25% and In January 2016, "Identity Ireland" was criticized for suggesting a local Muslim community leader be thrown into the Irish Sea but a spokesperson for the party was subsequently stated that it did not intend to advocate violence while he explains the phrase "f*** him into the Irish sea" was intended as a euphemism.

    In February 6th 2016, Peter O'Loughlin was invited to speak at a rally in Dresden, Germany after he has been made chairman of "Pegida Ireland" but while on his way to the rally on a tram with his supporters they are being attacked by a group of men wearing black masks so the planned rally never took place but also a group of German Pegida supporters are being attacked while chased into a store by a group who broke away from the Counter-protests and in February 26th 2016, Loughlin ran in the 2016 Irish general election in the Cork North-Central constituency as an independent but he came last as an independent candidate with 183 first preference votes while Ted Neville was also being unsuccessful as an independent candidate but in four previous elections in the Cork South-Central constituency.

    Ted Neville has appeared on television to discuss immigration as a member of "Identity Ireland" while as a member of the "Immigration Control Platform group" but also in November 2017, the "Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO)" stated that no statements of accounts had been received from "Identity Ireland" in the breach of the Electoral Act and in May 14th 2018, "Identity Ireland" was recorded in the Oireachtas Register of Political Parties as a organisation that had not yet responded to commission's enquiries by the SIPO while in the 2019 Election the party has 3,685 votes with no seats won.

    In November 2020, the "Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO)" announced that "Identity Ireland" were one of five political parties who failed to provide them with a set of audited accounts for 2019, in breach of statutory obligations and in July 4th 2022, the Gardai Newspaper has announced that Peter O'Loughlin was missing from his home in Cork, Ireland while his family appealed to the public for help in tracing his whereabouts while stating they were concerned for his welfare.

    "Identity Ireland" also supports the Irish Pegida while joining the "Fortress Europe Coalition" and also advocates the favour of Brexit.


    "Identity Ireland" states that it wanted the Irish pound to return instead of using the Euro as currency while wanted Ireland to regain control over all natural resources, invest strongly in primary industry, roll out high speed broadband nationwide, Slash the cost of government & end all unnecessary wasteful quangos while also do some scrapping of austerity measures such as U.S.C. along with water charges funded by increased economic activity and build three new pumped-hydro storage dams to slash cost of energy, imports & to create jobs.

    "Identity Ireland" will invest in the underdeveloped areas of the primary economy in order to not only create jobs & extra taxes but also to regenerate rural Ireland to end mass emigration in which increased productivity will lead to a greater tax take while allowing Ireland to end all austerity measures and also want to create citizens bonds to help fund recovery only available to those living in Ireland that lead dividends to be paid out that will be spent in the economy.

    "Identity Ireland" also wanted the creation of new export markets in countries such as China and Brazil to absorb increased productivity.


    "Identity Ireland" states that it favours Irish sovereignty by leaving the "European Union" as it's policies that which attempt to undermine national sovereignty or identity through multiculturalism with mass immigration while replaced the old European Community that helped to wreak havoc on the European continent through a combination of terrible economic policies, terrible social policies & unaccountable autocratic eurocrats and "Identity Ireland" wants to return to a Europe of sovereign co-operation to end the autocratic rule of the modern "EU" which has helped bring Europe to its knees to created conflict with division right across the continent.


    "Identity Ireland" states that it wanted Ireland to leave the European Union for the Return of full border control to end mass immigration with a return for natural controlled immigration because they think mass immigration will create greater competition for scarce employment, puts pressure on social systems & can create cultural division with conflict and they want zero tolerance to people who demanded to alter national life, culture & traditions to accommodate minority held beliefs.

    "Identity Ireland" wanted only Irish citizens should be able to access full social assistance while economic migrants must be capable of supporting themselves when looking for work but If the migrants become incapable of supporting themselves they should be offered short term social assistance depending on how long they have worked and they are deported if the assistance they have go has been ended.

    Law & Order

    "Identity Ireland" states that it wanted the protection of citizens comes before the rights of criminals while believing that the Irish jails are being filled by citizens who have failed to pay fines but criminals are often with over a hundred convictions are free to engage in criminal activity as a huge problem and also extremely haphazard.

    "Identity Ireland" aims to readjust the criminal justice system to ensure that those who are a danger to society remain incarcerated while introducing the measures to tackle anti-social behaviour along with fair standard sentences handed out across the board, introduction of community service for non-serious offences, two strike rule for the most serious offences, investment of money saved on prison costs invested into frontline Garda services especially in vulnerable rural areas and wanted prisoners to work by using penal labour while being incarcerated to offset cost of incarceration but also immediate deportation of all illegal or criminal migrants.


    In March 2019, "Identity Australia" was founded in Sydney as a self-described youth-focused Identitarian organisation that called for better treatment of European Australians such as giving them a voice while restoring Australia's European character by through peaceful protesting in the streets or through posters & stickers and it's manifesto states that the Australian landmass was nothing but a feral wasteland that void of any significant human presence while Captain James Cook's landing was the first steps of Britain's antipodean history.

    Members of "Identity Australia" follows their beliefs passionately by Australian Nationalism, Anti-Multiculturalism, Anti-Immigration & believing that Australia was originally meant to be an extension of Europe that should stay that way while they disclaim that they will seek all political aims peacefully within the law but also certain members are being removed without hesitation in which they break the rules of the organzation even they specifically state they are only Pro-European while not anyone else and in April 2021, the website of "Identity Australia" was ceased to be operational.

    In 2016, The "Dingoes" have existed as a young, educated & Alt-Right group according to a news report while it has been compared to "Identitarian Movement" in Europe and they self-described themselves as politically incorrect larrikins. Members of the Dingoes do not reveal their identity including one member who praised Donald Trump for embodying white values and the group along with the "New Guard", the "Lads Society", "Squardron 88" & the "Antipodean Resistance" came involved with the 2018 infiltration to the "NSW Young Nationals".

    The "Dingoes" has interviewed MP of the "National Party" George Christensen & candidate of "Pauline Hanson's One Nation" Mike Latham were both interviewed on the podcast called the "Convict Report" but Christensen later said that "he would not have done it if he had known about their extremist views" and then another podcast has happened but featured a New Zealand Solfier who ran the Dominion Movement who was later arrested for sharing information that threatened NZ security.

    The "Dingoes" has planned a 2018 conference in Sydney that is dubbed DingoCon at which they wanted to invite US Neo-Nazi Mike Enoch to speak and in Twitter they have #DingoTwitter that posted Anti-Semitic along with other racist commentary with have used the same meme character as the perpetrator of the Christchurch Mosque Shootings that happened in 15th March 2019, in which getting from Twitter while having the "Convict Report" being shut down.

    New Zealand

    The "Dominion Movement" was founded in Wellington as a grass-roots Identitarian Eco-Fascist activist organisation since February 2018, in which put up propaganda posters during the Kelburn Parade but also at Hamilton or Palmerston North while founded a website that stated not to surrender for immigrant masses, foreign political saboteurs, Chinese oligarchs, drug dealers, Transgender people and international finance even researcher Ben Elley says the group tended to attract young white males who feel disenfranchised by millennial quandaries.

    "Dominion Movement" members are pictured collecting rubbish, scrubbing graffiti, working out at the gym & drinking at Wellington bars while also attended rallies for controversial Canadian Far-Right speakers including Stefan Molyneux & Lauren Southern and since the Christchurch Mosque Shootings happened in 15th March 2019, The Dominion Movement shut down their website along with social media pages even they closed their shop to go into hiding but they still put up posters on the University of Auckland campus & the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology.

    In late 2019, "Action Zealandia" was founded by Hector after the leader of the "Dominion Movement" who is a former New Zealand soldier was arrested but on January 12th 2020, Auckland members of the group put up posters espousing Anti-Chinese sentiment outside the office of Jian Yang who is a Chinese-born New Zealand Parliament member and in February 13th 2020, the they also vandalised Nick Smith's electorate office but the group claimed responsibility for the incident while it posting on Twitter that activists had placed propaganda posters at Smith's office.

    In Wellington a random critic witnessed a banner drop over the Newlands Rd overpass over the highway that reads "Boer Lives Matter" referring to the belief that White South African farmers known as Boers are being systematically murdered by Black South Africans as a conspiracy theory in White Nationalist circles but taken down by Anti-Fascists activists not only in Wellington but also Auckland and Johann Wolfe who is a military soldier was charged with sharing sensitive military information that threated New Zealand's security because he was present in Action Zealandia chats in which He expressed admiration for the Brenton Harrison Tarrant during the Christchurch Mosque Shootings of 2019.

    In March 4th 2020, a 19-year old man in Christchurch was arrested for not complying with a search warrant in relation to a possible terror threat against the Al Noor mosque on a social media website called Telegram along with the media subsequently identified the man as Sam Brittenden who is a member of "Action Zealandia" well not only that but also Hector who is the leader this group temporarily left communication channels after being arrested while his devices confiscated because in In April 2021, he said in chats that he was caught by the police during a street action along with breaching bail after leaving his residence when he is originally getting arrested for vandalism but he other "Action Zealandia" members that he would be flying to Australia in which he would try to meet up with Thomas Sewell who is a leader of the National Socialist Network for a podcast but then he is arrested again but at the border for attempting to travel to Australia then as a result Hector was kicked out by other senior executive "Action Zealandia" members even he rejoined this group.

    In August 9th 2021, an event called "White Lives Matter Day" does not happened because members of "Action Zealandia" chased away by members of the public for attempteding to plaster posters about the celebration of Kyle Rittenhouse in Dunedin City at June and the Wellington Protest of 2022 happened after NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has ordered vaccinations became mandatory for health workers, disability workers & certain education workers since November 15th 2021, while made the My Vaccine Passes available to all eligible New Zealanders two days later but also required all staff at close contact venues from gyms to hospitality to be vaccinated by the January 17th 2022 in which lead to protests against the NZ Government even they are influenced by the Canadian Convoy protest of 2022.

    The Wellington Protest of 2022 begins in February 6th 2022 at Waitangi Day with a total of 3,000 protesters with their 800 vehicles according to the New Zealand Police who are been attack by people who are throwing poop at them with drawing swastikas on certain sites & writing Anti-Semitic messages on car windows and then in February 9th 2022, "Action Zealandia" came to the protests with a member who accessed a construction site on a nearby building called the Bowen House at which is usually part of the parliamentary complex but then he filmed the protests including the beehive parliament to posted it on the internet with a quote stating "Look how many of the police are there to guard the wasp nest when Cindy feels rattled, If only they used half as much of their resources on fighting actual crime". An online group called Paparoa in which claims to monitor Far-Right activism stated that "Action Zealandia" came to the protests in the evening while the speaker of the house Trevor Mallard stated that everyone have seen the video when the Bowen House has been closed and then the alarm bells have been raised while in March 2th 2022, the protests have been stopped with 250 protesters being arrested but 30 of them are not being charge with a crime.

    The members of "Action Zealandia" denigrated Black people, Māori people, LGBT people, Fat people & Leftists in which they celebrated violence against them while also they belived that New Zealand was used to be full of White people before the arrival/existence of the Māori but also they want to influnced the Social Credit Party by becoming it's members even attendeding a public meeting in Ashburton along with trying to influnced the National Party to spread White Nationalist ideas to a greater portion of the population. "Action Zealandia" created a document that provides directions for minors attempting to join at the age of 13 and the then members of the group has interviewed the "Nordic Resistance Movement", the "New British Union" & the "Rise Above Movement".


    Action Zealandia believes that strong men are the foundation of strong communities along with successful families and wanted it members to be physically fit & independent thinkers with encouraging activities that both keep the body or mind healthy such as bushwalks, sports, reading books & writing but don't want individuals that partake in self-destructive behaviours such as drug use or sexual deviancy will be allowed to partake in the group.

    New Zealand European Identity

    Action Zealandia believes that the identity of European New Zealanders is under threat because of demographic replacement is being brought about by corporations or business that care more about importing foreign cheap labour to maximise their own profits while the current corrupt political class facilitate this by putting money before the needs of the people and the group wanted this to be stopped by creating a unified voice for concerned European New Zealanders to halt this ongoing replacement.

    Community Building

    Action Zealandia has a goal about creating a positive community with brotherhood of young European New Zealanders that are free from drugs, vice & other negative influences with group activities such as rubbish clean-ups, camping, group writing sessions & various forms of activism and thinks the current society or community has been replaced with consumerism & materialism while European New Zealanders are increasingly isolated or left behind.


    Action Zealandia believes that New Zealand is the greatest extent of the community in which unites all people that haven been given a unified goal & direction while believes that the interests of the country, the environment and the people should be put before the interests of foreign powers or multinational corporations that extract wealth & resources from our nation and belived that many decades New Zealand's political class has put international Liberal-Capitalism with global finance before the interest of the people at the expense of the environment, living standards & demographic integrity.


    Action Zealandia believes that New Zealand's current socio-economic model is unsustainable on almost every level while mass migration of cheap foreign labour ensures the unsustainable levels of population growth as well as lowering living standards but also believed the unsustainable economic growth is causing massive damage to the environment of European New Zealanders who are working longer hours for lower pay in worse conditions and Action Zealandia looks to encourage a cultural or economic change that puts sustainability, tradition & increased living standards before the growth of profits of only a select few.


    In late December 2014, "Generation Identity Canada" was founded after it's Facebook page was founded in 2012 and the group has distributed certain material across the country such as in Ontario between Hamilton & Peterborough, Saskatoon, Alberta, Prince Edward Island & Quebec.

    In August 2017, "Generation Identity Canada" came under new leadership while it's team came to the quick realization that the vast majority of core Canadian tenets come from Europe in which lead to wanting to create its own unique Canadian brand of the group and in January 1st 2018, it was renamed into "IDCanada".

    During 2018, "IDCanada" come out in support of White Nationalist Faith Goldy for her Toronto mayoral candidacy while also assisting her but also the group has claimed to have chapters in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Sudbury, Vancouver, Alberta, Manitoba, London (Canada) and Prince Edward Island again inwhich includes chapters on the east coast officialised in May 2018, also the group claimed to have hundreds of members along with some affiliates that are spanning in every major city across Canada with their expansion into other cities or regions that was occurring rapidly.

    The extent of "IDCanada" chapters along with the numbers of their membership but however they are likely exaggerations thatstill regularly active in their postering or stickering campaigns and the group’s claims to have hundreds of supporters that continued to not be borne out by their actions for example like a small banner drops featuring only a handful of activists.

    United States

    Nathan Damigo/Nathan Benjamin Lodge was born in Lewiston, Maine, United States of America in May 12th 1986 but he moved to Multicultural San Jose, California when he was six months old while he would later refer to his birthplace as infamous among his circles due to the influx of East African immigrants that he labeled “The Somali dump" and then he was adopted by his new father Michael Damigo when his mother remarried that lead Nathan along with his brother entered into a family with a military and police tradition because Michael was an ex-Marine who later become a deputy sheriff that was involved in the fatal shooting of an illegal cannabis farmer.

    Nathan Damigo during his childhood he attended a Private Christian school that was deeply religious in the Silicon Valley but he first to admit he wasn’t the most intelligent student while he preferred skateboarding to class along with planning for his life as a trade worker and he is not race conscious at the time because he inherited his parent’s deep Conservative mixed with Civic Nationalist values while his childhood friends were Latino and Filipino who shaped their political ideologies based on what was best for their racial/ethnic communities but he recalls them for feeling out of place in their tight-knit immigrant communities while they were not interested in what was best for America but only that of themselves.

    In 2004, Nathan Damigo left San Jose to join the U.S Marines that contrasting his childhood with his experience in the military while he recalls feeling more at ease in the predominantly white environment of his training class such as being surrounded for the first time by people with similar backgrounds in which he describes his time in the military as important to his first steps down the road toward White Nationalism describing himself at the time as race aware but not race conscious and his developing racial consciousness continued during his two tours in Iraq during the Iraq War 2003-2011, he was focusing on tribal infighting mixed with persecution in Iraq at which came to view multiculturalism as a failed project while his estimated solution to Iraqi domestic politics was wanting certain ethnic groups to have their own countries.


    Core beliefs

    While not necessarily supremacist, it argues that particular modes of being are customary to particular groups of people, mainly based on ideas of thinkers of the German Conservative Revolution through the guidance of European New Right leaders. Identitarians promote concepts such as pan-European nationalism, localism, ethnopluralism, remigration, or the Great Replacement conspiracy theory, and they are generally opposed to globalisation, multiculturalism, Islam and extra-European immigration. Influenced by New Right metapolitics, they do not seek direct electoral results, but rather to provoke long-term social transformations and eventually achieve cultural hegemony and popular adhesion to their ideas.

    Views on muslims and liberals

    The movement is strongly opposed to the politics and philosophy of Islam, which some critics describe as disguised Islamophobia. Followers often protest what they see as an Islamisation of Europe through mass immigration, claiming it is a threat to European culture and society. As summarised by Markus Willinger, a key activist of the movement, "We don't want Mehmed and Mustapha to become Europeans." This theory is connected to the ideas of the Great Replacement, a conspiracy theory which claims that a global elite is colluding against the white population of Europe to replace them with non-European peoples, and remigration, a project of reversing growing multiculturalism through a forced mass deportation of non-European immigrants (often including their descendants) back to their supposed place of racial origin, regardless of their citizenship status.

    Identitarians do not share, however, a common vision on liberalism. Some regard it as a part of European identity "threatened by Muslims who do not respect women or gay people", whereas others like Daniel Friberg describe it as the "disease" that contributed to Muslim immigration in the first place.


    He acts like an average rightist activist, except that he always hates muslims, and will always try to boot him out of the country.

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    4. Draw an accessory, like a flag, or a hat.
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    Flag of Identitarianism
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    5. Draw the eyes, and you're done!






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