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    Idealistic despotism is an economically far-left, culturally far-right, fundamentalist and totalitarian ideology. The aim of ideology is to create a very powerful country and to enable that country to reach a power that can take the world. In this way, the necessary work can be done to bring peace to the world and everyone will be able to live in peace for many years. Idealistic despotism tries to educate and strengthen its country and people before realizing this ideal. A large army is formed with a homogeneous people and a strong economy. After these studies, the country is now ready and can turn its ideal into a utopia.


    Order of Government and Leader

    In idealistic despotism, the government establishes two assemblies. One is the senate where the elites and intellectuals are located, and the other is the solidarity council where all segments of the people are present. In the solidarity assembly, the problems of the people are discussed and a generalization is made with these problems. In the Senate, the studies to be carried out and the results of these studies are discussed. However, the leader has the last word.

    The leader is called "Başyüce" and is the supreme power. It is at the top of the "Leader-Elite-People" hierarchy that emerged with the new order. All decisions are up to Başyüce and he is the only one responsible for the state. Even ministries must submit under Başyüce's rule.

    Ministries are simplified and reduced. It is very important not to go beyond the word of the Başyüce. Başyüce's orders should only be followed if nothing goes wrong. If Başyüce makes a mistake, the Başyüce must be consulted and the decision must be applied accordingly.


    Political party power is necessary for people to organize more solidly. Youth branches, women's branches etc. It is possible to communicate with the public more with the departments affiliated to the party. Thanks to a party doctrine, the progress of the state can be ensured for many years. Governments can be formed with a party to be established under the name of "Ideal Party (Mefkûrevî Fırka)".

    Media and Propaganda

    Idealistic despotism thinks that the most important way for the public to act together with it is the media. He believes he will gain power by making pro-government news in the media and destroying dissident writers. He also does not hesitate to use the media for propaganda purposes.

    Instead of using the media only as a propaganda and news tool, it does not hesitate to publish many content related to science, culture and history. The government should own the media and ban things that can be monetized, like entertainment content. He sees it as a capitalist system.

    Local Structure

    Idealistic despotism aims at a cosmocratic local system. The state is an absolutely indivisible whole and the laws and rules set by the state are valid everywhere. Special laws can only be enforced for captured areas (so there is still time).

    Gender and Society

    As in the old times, a sexual society is presented in which the male society dominates in terms of labor and mind and the female society completely assumes the role of the mother. It is an undeniable fact that men are superior to women in terms of muscle and intelligence. Mothers, on the other hand, are important with the role they play in the family. Mothers are of great importance in population and raising good children. It is essential that the working man feeds the family and that the fed children are brought up by the mother.

    The preservation of the family structure is also very important. Violence against women, divorce, child abuse etc. should never be accepted and what is necessary should be done.


    Common ownership is advocated in the economy. It aims to process and use the means of production such as land and factories within the scope of common ownership. In order to build a collectively conscious society, a leftist policy is followed in terms of economy. For this reason, the works carried out within the common property are under the control of the state.

    Changes are made to taxation systems to ensure that wealth is equal for all. It is essential not to pay the unemployed and to provide economic assistance to everyone according to their needs. This is one of the works required by the state to instill collective consciousness in people. In order to pass to the social state structure, roads, water, electricity, etc. the use of tools should be free, the health sector should be available to everyone. Equality of opportunity should not be compromised.

    Economic Regulation

    The economic intervention should be for the control of the revenues of the state sector and cooperatives. Competition should be created between two large sectors by using the increase in economic growth created by the competitive environment. The competition between the cooperatives established under common ownership and state companies will grow with both R&D studies and the increase in production quality, and a rapid economic development will be achieved. Thus, there will be no unnecessary companies occupying space in the economic environment as a result of the free market, and cooperatives working under the supervision of the state will not be allowed to become capitalist.

    Industrial Develpoment

    It takes effort to become a heavily industrialized country. Developed country becomes with a heavy industry. The state must first produce machines for factories. Then, economic competition begins with the factories established by the state and the factories established by the guilds. With the cheap labor force and automation obtained from different races, a great improvement in production can be achieved.

    Trade and Source Politics

    A fully closed economy is necessary for trade. The country needs to develop with its own resources and technology. The country should close all trade centers and stop the import-export flow. The country will be able to develop itself with the competition between the cooperatives and the state, the fair distribution of resources by the state with the cooperatives, collectivization in agriculture, increasing working hours and equal opportunity in labor. In this way, foreign policy will be advanced in the ideal direction without the worry of embargo.

    A healthier development can be achieved by increasing the use of renewable energy instead of using fossil fuels. For the purpose of renewable energy, physics and biology should be utilized to a large extent; The use of energy sources such as nuclear (and, if necessary, dark matter) energy should be increased.


    Peasants must be collectivized for agriculture. Villages in the same geography should unite and cultivate an agricultural land in common ownership. As in the "Iqta system", the state should collect the revenues with the help of certain collectors.

    Economic Hierarchy

    During the automation studies in the industry, a superior and dominant race will be needed more for the purposes of mind, medicine, design, etc. For this reason, the lower races of the country, which has a multicultural structure, should be used as slaves before automation. It will not be possible for the superior race to lag behind in technology and mental labor thanks to slave labor. In this way, even if automation cannot be achieved, a great development will take place in industry and technology.

    Cult of History and Başyüce

    Another way to achieve the spiritual organization of the people is to glorify historical figures and create a cult for the leader. Thanks to the cult of Başyüce and symbolism, the loyalty of the people will increase. Easy organizations will be ensured with the people whose loyalty is increased, and thus Başyüce's influence on the society will reach the highest level. Artistic activities on historical figures and the teaching of Başyüce and his ideas in schools for ideological education are also very important factors.

    Security and Law System

    Security must certainly maintain strict order for both the opposition and the criminals. The death penalty should be used whenever possible. Police powers should be increased and social loyalty should be ensured. In the army, it is necessary to work as a police officer at the same time and the concept of "Soldier-Police" should exist. All day long, the police must control and monitor the streets.

    The law is based on the "Rashidun Shariah". With the Sharia system, both religion is brought into society and it becomes easier to maintain social order. Thanks to the Shari'ah, the people who enter into spiritual collectivization work hard for Allah and their country.

    Language Policies

    Only two languages should be spoken in the country: Ottoman and Quranic (actually Ar*bic but never mind). In this policy, which is implemented to preserve and return to traditions, the language of the Qur'an is also taught because of Islam. Ottoman Turkish is an important traditional element with its literary language and calligraphy art.


    The existence of homosexual people does not comply with Sharia laws and is against the biological structure of man. Those who do not obey Allah's orders, which states that it is a great sin to go against human nature, should be executed. For this reason, homosexuality is a trend that should be erased from the world.

    Racial Nationalism

    Racism is necessary for ensuring world peace and ensuring a homogeneous society structure. The conflicts caused by biological differences will cause great harm to multicultural states. Moreover, due to development and innate factors, the dominance of the superior race must be ensured (a room with 100 mozzarellas is better than a room with 100 Casu Marzu).

    To reject the anthropological hierarchy is to reject science. The order from superior races to inferior races is as follows:

    1. Turks
    2. Mongols, Japanese, Koreans, Tunguses
    3. Germans, Latins, Urals
    4. Arabs, Iranians, Indians
    5. Slavs, Chinese, Austronesians
    6. Other Races
    7. Jews

    Turks, with their ability to migrate, loyalty, power and intelligence, are a race that has conquered 10% of the world in history, has the ability to establish a state in a short time, and does not surrender easily. They are even superior to the Aryans. Unfortunately, their superiority was damaged as a result of their merging with Iranians, Greeks and Arabs (one of the biggest reasons for the collapse of the Ottoman Empire). For this reason, Turks should be instilled with the old mentality and they should be among the strongest in the world.

    Just below them is their sister tribe, the Altai race family. We cannot ignore the fact that the Japanese reached the power to take over China in 10 years, the Mongols established one of the largest empires in the world, and the Tunguses took over China and established the Qing Empire. These characteristics of the Altai races are also genetic as a result of their kinship with the Turks.

    Foreign Politics

    Other countries outside the country are equipped with dangers, false information and a capitalist system. Due to these dangers, citizens should be prohibited from going out of the country, and even from entering the country if they can. In this way, people in the underdeveloped country will unite and fight for their country until the last strength, instead of complaining about the current system.

    Activities such as receiving refugees should also be stopped. There is no question of the state trying to feed the lower races. The state has more important tasks than dealing with refugees. The state should help its own race first.

    "Ordu-Millet" Thought

    A large army is necessary for the ideal of world conquest to be realized. This army, on the other hand, is to use all the people who are suitable for war and to combine the concept of army and nation. Everyone should be drafted into the army, regardless of gender or age. This is how the real big army emerges. Everyone is provided with equipment, everyone is given solid training. Military service must be absolutely compulsory, and those who refuse to join the military are nothing but traitors.

    Military Technology and Weapons

    Great advances must be made in weapons technology. Thanks to this weapon revolution, the task of the army will become easier. A perfect army will be obtained with the threat of nuclear weapons, supertanks, tectonic attacks and weapons developed with particle physics.

    "Great Jihad"

    The real reason for the ideal of world conquest is the consent of Allah and the long-term prosperity of the Turkish race. The more the Islamic order spreads, the better. For this reason, the developed country needs to conquer the countries around it, find temporary allies and make a solid cunning in diplomacy.

    Especially the cold attitude towards Europe and the USA should also be carried out against Russia and China. Japan should be allied, Muslims should be dominated by the call for jihad and a vengeful movement should be started in Africa.

    Traditional Revolution

    A revolution is necessary to return to the old life. Re-adherence to traditional values is very important for the existence of a nation. Divan literature, clergy-scientists, old visual arts, old family culture etc. should all come back. The traditional revolution is based on the Rashiduns, Göktürks and Ottomans. The application of Europeanism and anti-traditionalism in the name of progressiveness should not be allowed.

    In science, it is traditional. The science of the lower races is unacceptable. The studies of Turkish-Muslim scientists in the Age of Bliss were the pioneers of scientific developments that started from the 17th century, and achieved a better and better result than Ancient Greek science.


    Everyone should be absolutely religious. It is obvious that Islam is the only true religion. Idealistic despotism seeks to establish a spiritual society in which Islam dominates the minds of all. It is necessary to make non-Muslim Turks Muslim by explaining Islam with education and proofs. Other non-Muslim races are born non-Muslims and will always remain non-Muslims. Apart from that, other groups such as Arabs and Iranians must be slowly destroyed because they are under the influence of movements such as Salafism and Shiism, apart from Hanafi Islamism. Because they are the ones who do the most harm to Islam.

    "My ummah will be divided into seventy-three ideas, and seventy-two ideas will go to hell, excluding the one that has achieved salvation." [Prophet Mohammed (sallallâhu aleyhi ve sellem)]

    Apart from this, the spiritual side of Islam (Israqiyya) should be studied a lot. Concepts such as theosophy, mysticism, occultism, metaphysics and parapsychology should take place a lot in daily life, and the effect of Islam's spiritual bond maintenance should be maximized. Theosophical and occultist concepts should not be accepted as pseudoscience and should be issues to be considered. These never leave a bad influence on the sciences, the greatest example being Imam Ghazali.


    As I have mentioned a lot before, strict collectivization is necessary for a strong country. Self-interest thinking of individualists such as liberals and capitalists harms society, and the basis of society is self-sacrifice and solidarity. A person should think of others before himself. In an environment where people give priority to themselves, it will not be easy for anyone to survive. Even bad environmental conditions will bring anarchy and social Darwinism. Therefore, no one can survive without a collective action, man is always in need of society.

    Science, Arts and Education

    It is necessary to build a society that is as scientistic as a physicalist, as religious as an esotericist, skilled in all kinds of science, and where everyone receives a high-level education. Equality of opportunity in education is absolutely indispensable. Everyone should get an education, not a single person should be left without an education.

    Education should be 14 years before university, and it should be compulsory to start education from the age of 4. In education, the basics of each subject should be explained, and the details that will fill the mind should be left aside. People should always read. They should be read wherever possible. Even books should be free. Books should not be seen as a non-educational tool and should not be made a toy of the capitalist system.

    All sciences are acceptable. But evolution is unacceptable. Evolution is a tool of irreligion. He set aside "Ibda and Inshaa", Allah's art of creation, and enabled the first steps of social atheism to be taken. However, Ibda and Inshaa have two fundamental differences from evolution: Abiogenesis evolution and rejection of human evolution. Higher beings such as human beings and the formation of the first cell cannot be a coincidence. All of them are Allah's will and destiny. Social Darwinism, on the other hand, states that people should move away from their life purpose and live like animals.

    Sociology, psychology, and philosophy likewise have some content that should be rejected. Concepts that deny the existence of God, such as positivism in sociology, psychoanalysis in psychology, and materialism in philosophy, must be destroyed. On the other hand, the advantages of Sharia and Idealist Despotism should be mentioned at the end of the education in order to avoid disagreements on philosophy.

    Classical period in art should be taken as reference. In the name of "simplicity", clumsiness and laziness have taken the place of real seriousness and mastery of the old artistic activities. That's why an artistic revolution is necessary.

    Genetic Engineering

    The Turkish race is flawed today. Beyond that, people are flawed. In order to purify the Turkish race and make it stronger, Turks should be banned from marrying foreign races. This includes the disabled. Disabled people should be sterilized. The Turkish race should be directed to athletics and sports and obesity should be stopped. They should become a race with a high IQ through educational reforms. Natural nutrition should be strictly applied. Due to the hasteness of capitalism, the new generation of foods in which many chemicals and GMOs are added should be destroyed and their production should stop.

    People also have congenital defects. Biological science should be able to find a cure for all kinds of diseases. For this reason, serious diseases such as cancer should be eradicated from the root. Apart from that, people who are resistant to extreme cold and heat, have a strong immune system, agile and have a strong brain should be obtained. However, these studies should not be overdone. That would be going against the way Allah created man.

    Nature Politics

    Nature is an area that should definitely be protected. In addition to industrialization, it is also very important to protect nature. Strict rules must be put in place to protect nature. The penalties for animal abuse, unauthorized felling of trees, causing forest fires should be severe. Renewable energy should be used mostly in industry. The use of fossil fuels should be reduced.

    Space Politics

    Islam is not just a worldwide religion. It is a universal religion that dominates all parts of the universe. For this reason, without suspecting the existence of aliens, jihad against non-Muslim aliens should be attempted, and money should be invested in space technologies as much as possible.

    Personality & Behaviour

    • He is usually very irritable and lives under stress every day.
    • He fulfills all his prayers. He prays to Allah every night crying.
    • He is usually sleepy.
    • Fascists accuse him of communism; communists accuse him of fascism. Therefore very lonely.
    • He has a grudge against everyone.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Idealistic Despotism
    • Paint everything black.
    • Draw "Vav" or "و" in white.
    • Draw "Elif" that is "ا" vertically over it.
    • İt's over.




    Allah - Hallelujah!

    Başyüce - LONG LİVE BAŞYÜCE!!!

    Counter-Enlightenment - It's time to show everyone the truth...

    Islamic National Bolshevism - My only friend...


    Esoteric Fascism - I generally have a negative view of other racist ideas. But you are different from everyone else. I sense that there are things in me that increase my interest in you. Your system looks fine. But the fact that you're based on Aryan racism bothers me. And Neo-Paganism? Seriously?

    Deep Ecology - I love nature and it is my duty to protect it. But why are you so anti-industrial?

    Strasserism - You're good like him , but you're German.

    Stalinism - I am amazed by your tenacity. But after all, you are atheist.

    Juche - You are very good at isolation. But you are an atheist, you are also a Neo-Paganist. And you're despicable enough to accept black markets.

    Ingsoc - You make the people love their leader, but you're too extreme.

    Absolute Monarchism - You were very good at first. But then you started to deteriorate.



    Kamalism - We have suffered since you existed. My first job will be to erase you from the world...

    Erdoganism - You fit into the capitalist and Zionist system in the name of Islamism. Turkish people have been suffering for years because of your stupid policies and puppet behavior. Get out!


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