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    Dem.png The Government

    I, just like many other people believe that democracy is the least worst system to be ever created. I prefer a semi-direct democracy with special emphasis on Republicanismpix.pngRepublicanism. I shun Authoritarian democracy seeing it as a threat to the people.I also like the governments of Switzerland, Iceland(mostly) and Indonesia.I also mostly like federal governments but I believe that a moderate amount of federalism is the best, since an extreme form of federalism would result in a government like USA which I don't like.

    Cap.png The Economy

    I believe in a free market economy where the government doesn't regulate the market much and the market does the regulation themselves. I do not like planned economies and thus shun them. But regulations relating to land are acceptable so as to remove l*ndlords and especially the black market must suffer regulation so as to protect the markets from counterfeit money.

    Ecocap.pngEnvironmental regulations, taxes and LVTGeorgist.png

    I believe that LVT(Land Value Tax) is best form of environmental regulation on environmental areas which are not protected by zoos, national parks etc. But extreme environmental regulations can be fatal and we need to strike a balance between human needs and environmental concerns,to which a solution has not been found out yet.

    Foreign Policy

    I believe in a combination of internationalism and pacifism. I shun the ideas of neoconservatism, ultranationalism, ethnonationalism, jingoism etc. because I find them too voilent. War can almost never be justified because justifying it is like justifying a genocide.

    Fiscal Policy

    I usually believe in pragmatism, I usually want the government to spend based on present scenarios so as to stabilize the economy. For example, if the automobile industry is in crisis, the government should spend on it to bring things back to normal.




    • TBD


    • TBD


    BeryAbLib.pngBeryism- We agree on everything! He is a cool dude and we have a lot of interesting talks in the discord dms about different ideologies.
    Tony567(2).pngTony567 Thought- decent ideology
    MATTball.pngMattism - Good beliefs, but it would be better if you were more pro-free trade.


    File:Councilguy2.pngPost-Councilism- Basically an average individualist. I do agree that people should pursue their own lifestyles, but don't go too far with it.


    Template:NameChirotesla - Cringe social and civic views, others are ok.
    Amdist.pngNovoganyuism - Same as above.
    EvolvedPSP.pngEvoluder Lelouchism - Basically the same as Scarlet.

    Kinda cringe

    Nastyism - Your economics are not the worst, but I abhor everything else.


    Test results


    Polpot.png Implianium Psychopath.png - Add me

    Tony567(2).pngUser:Tony567- add me

    File:Council.png CouncilGuy - Wanna add me? TheIced.pngThe Iced- Added.
    MATTball.png Matteel - Add me, I became a georgist btw. Casagonism2.png

    - Add me please, i added you

    Panth.pngPantheonism - Could you please be so friendly to add me to your relations?

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