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    Iberian Communism is a based ideology

    Basic Overview


    Iberian Communism is very proud of it's cultural diversity and can be seen talking in multiple Iberian Languages and wearing some traditional accessories of these cultures. Despite that, most of the time it'll probably be wearing a maoist cap or some other revolutionary iconic accessories, it also likes to wave flags of its' republics to show it's patriotism towards it's cultural diversity.
    It is normaly a pretty calm and friendly ideology but it can get very angry when discussing about topics such as the validity of some of it's claims (intra-imperialism) and historical facts about the Iberian Peninsula or when it see's someone glorifying colonialism or saying thing like "portuguese were good colonizers" and etc...
    It's also a very solidary ideology that likes to aid it's fellow comrades worldwide, specially if they're an ex-colony of a former Iberian Empire.

    Short Description

    Iberian Communism is a Marxist-Leninist ideology on the LeftUnity part of the political compass, it supports a Federal Central Government that will govern over a Pan-Iberian Federation of Socialist Republics.
    It's government takes inspiration in Lenin and Mao , such as other revolutionaries, using the Democratic Centralism model of democracy and having a Planned Economy with ecomic plans, such as in the Stalin Era but with a greater effort towards Eco-Friendly behaviour .
    Iberian Communism also is very Patriotic specially towards it's many cultural identeties , given that it is a Pan-Nationalist ideology that supports Iberian Federalism .
    Despite wanting to preserve cultural traditions of the iberian people, it is still a very strongly Progressive ideology.

    Political Journey

    1. ()
    2. ()
    3. ()
    4. ()
    5. ()
    6. ()

    Portuguese National Communism

    Flag of Portuguese National Communism

    Portuguese National Communism is a Authoritarian Left ideology that is extremely Nationalist and more to the Authoritarian side, although it is not completly Totalitarian .
    It takes inspiration from Stalinism , specially in the focus on the nation and the concept of Socialism in One Country .
    It focuses itself more on spreading the nationalist sentiment among the population, using the motto "A good citizen, is a patriotic citizen", valueing and protecting Portuguese Culture despite still being a Progressive .
    In contrast to Iberian Communism, this ideology is very hostile to it's neighbour Spain , wanting it's collapse and supporting insurrection movements inside of it.



    Govermental Organization Chart

    Iberian Communism basis itself on the idea of Democratic Centralism for the organization of it's government. It organizes itself on 11 different Socialist Republics (SRs) and other 7 Autonumous Regions (ARs), each of these, except the ARs, have their own National Workers Committes that elect representatives for the Federative Workers Committe, this one is leaded by the Supremme Committe, an elected organ of party members whom is given the task of managing this federal system.
    There are quite a few levels to this centralized system, from the smallest ones, like Local Workers Assemblies or Popular City Coucils, to the intermidiate like the Regional (ARs) and National (SRs) Committes, to finaly the biggest one, the Federative Workers Committe of the Iberian People (FWCIP).
    As this is a centralized system, most of the decisions are taken upwards, by the FWCIP and the Supreme Committe, tho most of the time these are more like guidelines, given as the SRs can choose to apply this decisions in the ways they see fit, only with some limitations, AR governments can also apply government policies in their own way, tho they have less autonomy than a National Assembly.
    Some less important decisions can also be taken by the lower forms of government, but higher isntitutions have veto power over them (ARs have power over Local Assemblies, SRs have power over ARs, etc...).

    Proposed Federation

    Iberian Communism wants to create a federation of 11 Socialist Republics and 7 Autonumous Regions, those being:

    Federative Map of Iberia
    • Castillian Socialist Republic
      • Extremaduran Autonomous Region
      • Murcia Autonomous Region
    • Portuguese Socialist Republic
    • Andaluzian Socialist Republic
    • Catalan Socialist Republic
      • Valencian Autonomous Region
      • Balearic Islands Autonomous Region
    • Aragonese Socialist Republic
    • Galician Socialist Republic
    • Leonese Socialist Republic
    • Basque Socialist Republic
    • Asturian Socialist Republic
    • Cantabrian Socialist Republic
    • Atlantic Socialist Republic
      • Canary Islands Autonumous Region
      • Azores Autonumous Region
      • Madeira Autonumous Region

    Socialist Republics

    Autonomous Regions

    Local Assemblies

    The Party


    Planned Economy

    Iberian Communism has a economy



    Cultural Revolution

    Iberian Communism supports a complete and total cutural revolution that will leave behind the conservative mindset that is still strong with many people in modern Spain and Portugal , speacially the older population , it strives to achieve thiswith a big and strict re-education program that will affect all of society to hopefully change it for the better and builda new and improved society for all it's citizens.
    It want's to erradicate every form of discrimination and bigotry, like racism , xenophobia , homophobia , transphobia , queerphobia , misoginy , etc...
    It also want's to prohibit some cultural traditions that it condeems has being not very good, specially bullfighting , a kind of "show" where a bull is tortured for the sake of human entertainment.

    Preservation of Cultures

    Despite wanting a total cultural shift, in a social context, Iberian Communism also wants to preserve and promote the cultural traditons isnside it's borders, as it views them as a big part of the Iberian Identity, it strives for a "modernization" of those values and customs, removing any kind of prejudicial undertone they might have had so they can be enjoyed by most people without leaving anyone uncomfortable.
    Iberian Communism, being very proud of it's diversity, wants to create programs to promote all of the different iberian cultures specially those that are "dying", so they can be revitalized and kept alive.

    Foreign and National Policy



    Iberian Communism is a strong Eurosceptic, specially towards Northern Europeans and France , it believes that throught the years these nations have exploited most of the Southern European nations, including those in the Iberian Peninsula, as a form of intra-imperialism inside of Europe, and more recently the financial imperialism of the EU . Despite this, it doesn't deny that iberian powers were imperialist themselves at one point in history, and that they do still benefit from modern day imperialism . Instead it rather argues that nations like Portugal , also suffer, and have suffered, from more indirect forms of exploitation by part of the richest european nations as well as the EU .
    This felling of opression by a common enemy, in the eyes of Iberian Communism, helps unite the cause for a Federation of the Iberian People that will stand strong against imperialism from the north. Creating a sentiment of almost National Liberation , with the creation of a stronger and united Iberian State that would provide autonomy for each of it's republics while still mantining a strong government that would protect it's people from exploitation by the north.


    As with many other leftists ideologies, and adding to it's euroscepticism, Iberian Communism also has a strong Anti-Western tendency, mainly towards the United States and other capitalist world powers.

    Proletarian Internationalism

    Actual representation of Iberian JDPON

    Despite having a patriotic tendency, Iberian Communism is a firm defender of the concept of Proletariat Internationalism and solidarity between all proletariat controlled nations around the world to help achieve a communist society worldwide.
    As part of anti-colonialist policies , it also promotes support of former colonies of both Portugal and Spain , in a kind of Ibero-American and Ibero-African Organization, as a form of "repaying" for the past exploitation commited by them. It's objectives are to cooperate with those countries to help them achieve better living standards and at the same time support revolutionary movements inside of them.
    Althoug not only in former colonies of itselft does Iberian Communism want to promote this cooperation, it also strives for a united front of opressed countries, composed of most Third-World and Eastern Countries, that would help each other mutually and try achieve communism togheter. This objective might be taken too much to hearth by a few theorists, creating what's been called as JDPON + Iberia .


    Patriotic Socialism

    Civic Nationalism

    How to Draw

    Flag of Iberian Communism

    Steps to draw the ball:

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it with red
    3. Draw a yellow rectangle outline in the top left corner
    4. Inside the rectangle draw the flag of Iberian Federalism
    5. Draw a yellow star outline in the right
    6. Draw the eyes
    7. (Optional) Add some accessories, like a hat or something

    And you're done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #D61A13 214, 26, 19
    Yellow #FFD700 255, 215, 0
    Green #006600 0, 102, 0
    Purple #660066 102, 0, 102
    Yellow (rectangle) #FFFF00 255, 255, 0


    feel free to add your art that features me here






    • Atronism - All of your ideas look great! And I completly agree with "The Concerning Rise of Rightist Communism", you expressed the problem in a very good way. I do think council communism isn't the best tho... but I can see past that!
    • Neo-Kiraism - VERY BASED COMRADE!!!! You still haven't written much, but from what I've seen ur pretty good, and we have many similarities.
    • Libra Thought - VERY BASED AND GAY COMRADE!!! We agree on almost everything and ur basically a american indigenous version of me hahaha.
    • Insurrectionary Communism - Overhaul a very based comrade too!! You haven't written much yet, but most of your ideas look really good! Again, I don't like the extrem militarism that much, even if it is only at the start, tho I'll admit I like the aesthetics... hahaha anyways, I can see past that and you seem to be very nice too! :)
    • Cheese Communism - Despite there not being much written in your page, you seem pretty based and I agree with evrwything you've written so far. BASED!!!
    • Arthurwp - All of your ideas seem really good, and it's good to have another lusophone brother around here ksksk, anyways, I agree with a lot of the things you say despite myself prefering a different aproach!
    • Cyberleninism - BASED!!!!!!!


    • O'Langism - You seem very nice, and most of your ideas are pretty good, the only things I disagree with are anarchism, as I think the Dictaitorship of the Proletariat phase is needed, and some of your more pacifistic aproaches.
    • Wisconsinite Socialism - You haven't written much, but overall you just seem like an average DemSoc but with direct democracy, which I think makes you better.
    • - You look pretty cool, and despite having a more libertarian aproach (which is something I don't mind that much), I agree with u in quite some aspects, also, I'm a supporter of Democratic Confederalism aswell!
    • Io - We might have our disagreements but overhaul u seem to have mostly good ideas, I haven't read your page fully tho, it's too much 😭


    • Liberty-Loverism - As stated before, I don't mind anarchists as I support LeftUnity, tho I do disagree with them, but you also support things like free market economics (ik it's only for non-essential goods, but still) and have some egoist/individaulist views, but apart from that the things you belive in are pretty good and I do agree with most of them!
    • Yoda8soup - I dislike most of your views in government, tho I like you federalist ideas, the rest is mostly base DemSoc things, some I agree, some I don't. One comment I would like to make is about your opinion on reform vs revolution, and more specifically on your comment about scientific socialism, so your argument is that, as socialism is a science it should follow the scientific method, so as violent revolutions have been proved "obsolete" (I do not agree with this, as I don't see most of the socialsit revolutions that happened as "failled"), reformism should be the next logical step as a means to achieve socialist society, even giving some examples of "sucsessful reformism". First I'll ask you, "How are those examples you gave successful?", Allende and Morales got coupped and Lula is a neo-liberal with socialist rethorics, they didn't achieve any significant change towards socialism, only some social reforms, I would say out of these tree Morales was the better one, about MLK, he was indeed very important for the achieving of civil rights in the US, but besides that most of his more socialist views never got acknowledge after his death, these being "swept under the rug" for the convinience of the US government, there's a great Lenin Quote that talks exactly about this. Secondly, I want to talk to u about how u say that "after bloody vanguardist revolutions it makes people scared of socialism and makes the word in their mind synonymous with genocide (especially in the west)", as a true socialist you should understand that this is fault of bourgeois propaganda intended to tarnish "socialism's name" (as you say), you yourself say that this happens "specially in the west", the core center of bourgeois power. They want you to think that a violent and bloody revolution against them will only bring misery, so they spread these lies about communist revolutinos to make people scared of them, ever heard of the Red Scare? I hope that with this I can enlighten you on this topic and help you learn a little bit more, and I will be open to debate this. Anyways, u still look like a very nice person and your ideology isn't that bad overall, sorry for the wall of text lol.

    Enemies (Gulag Time)

    • HayakawaAki51 - You kind of have a good base and some very good ideas like national liberation, but then you defend the emperors , call the nazis "progressive" and compliment Franco and the axis???? like, wtf... Also, cringe anti-Maoist .
    • Ganzism - You were almost good... You have such good beliefs, such as anti-capitalism and enviromentalism, but then ur also an ethnonationalist and luddist?? It ruins everything!

    Face the wall...

    • Posthumanist Welfare Fascism- For someone who says they don't like imperfections, you seem to be very imperfect to me, your comment on "identity politics" is utterly ignorant and dumb. The only thing I seem to agree with you is that culture has no value of it's own.
    • File:Nickfuentesfanhat.png Nickfuentesfan Thought - Literal Nazi, I don't need to say more. Also, didn't Hitler consider Slavs subhumans? How can u be Ukranian and a nazi?
    • Neo-Majapahitism - Basically Indonesian Fascism, the only redeemable qualities u have are anti-colonial nationalism (and I think u take it too far) adn womens rights.


    Suggest topics for me to talk about here

    Want to see me rant about something? WRITE IT HERE!

    O'Langism - how cringey and dumb and unbased anarchists are


    feel free to ask me questions here (apart from relationship requests) :)
    • Macielism - add me pls!!
    • O'Langism - When Iberia gets liberated can Catalonia be Anarcho-Syndicalist again?
      • Iberian Communism - As the federation would have a centralized government they couldn't be anarchist, at least during the transition phase, but the Catalonia SR can focus a little bit more on syndicalism than the others if it desires so (tho with a few limitations)
    • DragonRed - Add me. I'm from Turkey. I like your ideology. Can you comment on my ideology? About DragonRed Thinking.

    Miškaism Add me plz

    • Meowxism - wwyd if someone called u bing chilling?

    Neo-Glencoeism- Add me Meridionalism 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    • Yoda8soup - Can you re-add me Comrade, I've become less reformist if that changes your perception. :)
    • DDD Thought - Hey, Pan-Iberian comrade, would you add me in exchange for me adding you?

    Terekhofism Pleace add me.

      •  DECBism - You're wasting your time she will never answer cuz she will leave

    * Io - Why unite only Iberia though, why not like all of the romance speaking nations or all of the med or all of europe or the whole world? Why stop at one arbritary differentiation instead of another equally arbritary differentiation? Also add me whenever you get to it.

  • Iberian Communism - 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓 (I'll start to add ppl once I've done most of the other stuff haha :) )
  • HayakawaAki51 - Add me when you get around to it?
  • Neo-Majapahitism - add me also opinion on Salazar and Franco
  • Neo-Kiraism - add me when ur finished. also, what do u think of durruti?
    • Iberian Communism - I will!!! He seems to be very based, I just don't enjoy anarchism that much, I think the proletariat dictairtorship phase is necessary to achieve commumism.
  • O'Langism - Could you add me once you do the other stuff
    • Iberian Communism - Of course I can!! I'll do that after I have evrything else finished
  • Atronism - Hey, you look very cool! Add me?
  • Omegaism - Add me?
  • Yoda8soup - Add me?
  • Insurrectionary Communism - Add me?
  • Liberty-Loverism -Now that I've added you, Could you add me?
  • Mr_Beast_0f_93 - thank you for making this gif: , I now have something to do for april fool
  • Cyberleninism - i added you on my page, could you add me back on yours?
  • HelloThere314 - Add me?
  • Pantheonism - I added you, would you add me back?
  • Ganzism - I added you, add me as well
  • - I’m not an anarchist btw.
    • Iberian Communism - ahhh, sorry I might've misread something, I'll correct it tomorrow as I'm very tired now, sorry again ;3;
  • Arthurwp - Add me?
  • Ganzism - Can I ask you how do you want to preserve Iberian identity without Ethnic Iberian homogeneity?
    • Iberian Communism - First of all, any kind of ethnic or racial hegemony is wrong and against all principles of communism and equality, second, what I want to preserve is the cultural identities of the several iberian people, not an ethnicity. The thought that cultural identity is exclusively attached to an ethnicity is just wrong, as what matters isn't the "purity" of the race/ethnic group, or if the person has blood roots in those cultures (tho that doesen't mean we shoulnd't protect ethnic groups that are in danger of disapearing), but instead the preservation of the languages, traditions, values and etc of those said cultures.
      • Ganzism Protecting your people from foreign agents, such as International Capitalist, is not against communism. How exactly do you want to protect Iberian culture, without protecting the people who made said culture? Also, are you aware you just contradicted yourself? You say we shouldn't care about ethnicities and yet you claim we should protect ethnic groups that are in danger of disappearing, this logic make zero sense. If you want to protect your culture, you need to protect the people who created that culture or you will not have Iberian culture anymore.
        • Iberian Communism - Protecting our people from imperialism and capitalism isn't the same as creating an ethnostate of "pure iberians", that's just dumb. My idea is to preserve the CULTURE, not an ETHNICITY, any people from any ethnic group can help keep iberian cultures alive, and when I say "keeping a culture alive" I mean that it's customs, traditions, festiveties, clothing, folklore and etc are preserved and praticed (to a certain extent). Also, protecting ethnic groups in danger of disappearing doesn't entale creating an ethnostate, we can have a multiethnic and multicultural nation and still preserve our own traditions and ethnicities. When I saied that I don't care about ethnicities I was refering to the fact that we don't need to have a ethnicly pure population to be able to preserve culture, and that ppl from other ethnicities can help preserve our cultural traditions, not that we shouldn't care about ethnic groups at all and that if one is in danger of going exctinc we should just let it die.
          • Ganzism It is not dumb, Iberian culture was made by IBERIANS, if you want to defend the culture, you need to defend the ethnicity. A multiethnic society will not preserve your culture, because the non-Iberians cannot relate to it, since it doesn't belong to them. People from other ethnicities already have their culture and it is rightful for them to preserve it. This is the point you do not seem to get.
  • O'Langism - Were you born in 2008?
  • DualPlay - What do you think on Iberian Communist Federation?
    • Iberian Communism - Unfortunately they're trots
      • O'Langism - Why does everyone hate trotskyists? like seriously, I hate them too, because they're too auth but like, why do you ML's hate them?
        • Iberian Communism - Trotsky and his followers were traitors, and also modern trots always have some weird views and a lot of them are just idiots
  • Yoda8soup - Thank you for the comprehensive response I do appreciate the attention to detail. :) And just to be clear I am aware that the red scare occurred it makes socialism all the harder to implement in the US. Also, my views in that section may be slightly outdated I see value in both revolution and reform I'm a bit of a centrist Marxist on the matter (although I am critical of vanguard revolution because they typically end up with bureaucratic regimes). but I lean towards reform specifically in the US because I don't see a viable or successful revolutionary group in the US, but I do see progressives and democratic socialists making improvements and gaining support and popularity. It may not be a quick and perfect revolution but at least it's happening and people's lives can start to improve because of it. sorry for wall of texting you back I'm just glad to see that you read the page and dissected it as you have I respect that and if you have a discord id love to discuss this more there, thank you (also thank you for reminding me that I need to read some of these sections over and update them). :)
    • Iberian Communism - Heyyy, glad you liked my response! ^^ I understand wa~hat ur saying, and I do agree that these movements in the US, despite me not fully agreeing with them, are doing some important work on "cleaning socialism's image" in the US. If u wanna talk more, all my socials are on my main wiki page here!

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