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    iNeutralicA is an ideology of the user Neutralic. They are PCB-Leftunity.pngeconomicaly far left, PCB-Soc.pngsocialist ideology. Ideology is culturally ranging from left to PCB-Prgess.png far left depending on issue. This ideology is usually slightly PCB-Libertarian.png libertarian and have spot in the PCB-Libleft.pnglibleft quadrant, but somewhat close to PCB-Leftunity.pngcentre-left.

    Economic believes

    Worker Ownership

    iNeutralica believes, that capitalism causes oppression of workers and severe income inequality and because of the profit motive of capitalism and private ownership they think that capitalism cannot be reformed to solve these issues. Because this, they believe that transition to socialism is needed. iNeutralica don’t like the Statesoc.png State Socialist ways of ownership, because it require a very strong state and it can limit our liberties. Because of that iNeutralica advocates for workers owning of the means of production and supports Cooperative Socialism.png worker cooperatives. They believe that worker cooperatives would eliminate the hierarchical structure of capitalism (at best you would have no boss, at worst you will elect your boss). The profits of the coop will be redistributed among all workers (some is needed ensure its stability and wouldn’t be redistributed). It will also allow for shorter working hours (if some of the work become automated).

    Private property vs. Personal property

    iNeutralicA believes in distinction between private and personal property. They believe that personal property are things for personal usage such as your car which don’t employ workers. You can own those things under iNeutralicA. Employing workers for your personal gain would be illegal. You can still own unnecessary and luxury stuff for example multiple houses, but these things would be taxed way higher than ordinary stuff.

    Democratic planning

    An interesting question is, if socialism is better with market or planned economy. They believe, that centrally planned economy is not a good way of planning the economy, because it will increase the power of the state and it may be dangerous to civil rights, if the state turns authoritarian. It also doesn’t participate people in it. Then market economy should be used, right? No, iNeutralicA believe that market economy would not solve the problem without severe regulations in place and this might require a strong state. There will still be competition: winners and losers and some coops will fail which would lead to inequality and welfare might be needed to drag the workers out of poverty. With worker ownership, it might predict the preferences of the consumers better, than the centrally planned economy, but it still wouldn’t be ideal. It will also lead to waste and wouldn’t be eco-friendly. But what next? They prefer some form of democratic participatory planning with some changes. The coops would be more independent than in actual participatory economy: the wages would be democratically set by individual coops instead of the worker councils because that may reduce arguing and rudeness between the coops, and they might cooperate better. They might also use same form of E-democracy or voting (in the case of consumer preferences) for at least some reduction in bureaucracy. This system still is not ideal, but it will be a step up from free market capitalism.


    iNeutralica believes, that taxes are needed to finance welfare program an taxation is not a theft, like some Ancapf.png Ancaps argue. There would be some types of taxes needed.

    • Georgist.pngLand value tax (LVT) - Land value tax would be one of the essential taxes. There will be quite a high LVT especially privately own land especially unused land. The goal would be to make most of the land public and allow more housing to be built on unused land.
    • Intheritance tax - Progressive inheritance tax will make the social environment more equal. This tax may be slowly phased out. The top rate of this tax might be quite high.
    • Income tax - Another tax would be progressive income tax. Some form of brackets will be used.
    • Capital gains tax - would be taxed the same as income.
    • Carbon tax and other eco taxes - to support environmentally friendly policies
    • Excise tax - There will not be traditional sales tax. Only some products will be taxed (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, gas and very expensive things for example)

    International trade

    iNeutralicA doesn’t believe in the modern distinction of policies between protectionism and free trade and believe in neither of those. They believe that it is impossible to have a self-sufficient economy in modern world an even if it is possible, it would be damaging to the economy or even dangerous. On the other hand, they think, that modern free trade policies can result in outsourcing of jobs in developing countries and slave labor conditions. So, they suggest a different option. One of the purposes of the democratic planning system will be there to acquire consumer preferences and amount of goods needed to import. If there will be customers, coops in some industries may produce more things than needed for the country and export goods, this must be cautiously planned, because it may cause waste. Even though they do not want tariffs in most cases (maybe sometimes because of environmental regulations), foreign companies will not be allowed to employ workers and profit (because it will damage workers and their rights). They do not support foreign investments (unless done via communication and elections because firms must stay worker owned). If the world unite under socialism, then full free trade can be achieved.


    Federal or unitary

    They believe that government should be at least federal or in the best scenario even confederal. They believe that in unitary government would cause central government to be too powerful and may damage freedom of the people. Unitary government also tend to overlook priorities of the people at local level and also is bad for minorities.

    Government structure

    Their government structure would be similar to Demcon.png Rojava. There would be multiple levels of councils united by confederal government. This would be all done by direct democracy and all would be done via referendum (except the one highest confederal level - even though the representatives still could be voted off if they don’t listen to their people and this function would have term limits). There still would be some ethnicity and gender quotas like in rojava, at least at some levels of the government. No private donations would be allowed to ensure fair conditions for every candidate and give every candidate a chance to win (make elections more fair).

    Personal liberties


    iNeutralica believe in legalization of all drugs. There will be regulations to the drug market though, especially in the case of hard drugs. They believe, that education should teach the dangers of drugs, but people still should be free to consume drugs if they really want. There will also be age restriction on buying the drugs, but nothing extreme


    iNeutralicA is kind of mixed on guns. They don’t describe themselves as either pro-gun or anti-gun. They do not want to bun civilian owned firearms, but they think, that some regulations are needed in place, especially safety regulations. They support licensing and training. Reason wouldn’t be needed to obtain a firearm and the licensing should be free or cheap at worst. Sometimes there would be mental health test and checks, but not always (would depend on the gun). With the right licencing all guns would be obtainable for a regular person. They don’t want other gun control (carry regulations, waiting periods - would be only the one nessecery to provide a background check, assault weapon ban).

    Gambling, smoking and alcohol

    iNeutralicA believe, that people should be free to do gambling if they want. Gambling industry would need to be regulated and there also would be age limits. It would be same sport beting. They want to teach people the dangers of gambling, so not that many people would gamble. They want to discourage people from it even by other ways (ads), just not full bans. Same would be with alcohol. There would be age limit of 18 and quite high alcohol tax (excise tax), but not other regulations. Drinking would be discouraged though. Same with smoking. It would be legal, but there would be age restrictions, high taxes and there also would be smoking bans in some public spaces (schools, hospitals and so on). In other places, smoking would not be banned.


    They believe that euthanasia should be legal. There would be some restrictions though. Euthanasia would be used quite rarely (would be discouraged when not necessary). Medical care will be still preferred to prevent ableism.

    Freedom of speech and press

    Freedom of speech and its restrictions

    Freedom of speech is one of the most important rights and that needs to be acknowledged but there are some restrictions which are needed to be in place. Generally those ones are direct thread of violence or incitement of physical violence or false emergency threads (those which can lead to harm.

    Hate speech

    The topic of hate speech is really controversial for them. They are not on any side of this conflict. Altthough they think, that hate speech laws have good intentions, the way in which most progressive want them is kind of anti-freedom and cruel for them. But unlike conservatives, they think hate speech should be combated. They think that major focus on education. Education should focus on teaching how to combat fascist and b*goted arguments and also how to spot a fascist. There would be anti-hate speech rhetoric, but everything would be done outside of a government range. They propose building several facilities which would be focused on talking with those people and rehabilitation (they view fascist and b*goted views as something which can be changed back and they want to treat this as some personal problem and not as a criminal offence). This would rely on community reports - every person would be encouraged to report an acusition of hate speech and potential fascist to the community (workplace, school, neighbourhood meeting or even a person alone with the victim) and the person would be sent to those facilities where they will talk about it and try to rehabilitate. Ideally, the reporter would report if the person stop being like that or not. Even though there could be some consequences like those state above for hate speech, it would not be criminally punished by government in any way and government even would not have a say in it. On internet, hate speech laws should be set by the lowest authorities (not by companies). Even though they would be recommended, they understand that controling internet by the government would result in mass censorship and they do not want this. Hate crimes would stil exist, but for a crime to be classidied as hate crime it must include other unlawful actions such as violent actions (hate speech alone is not enough. iNeutralicA know, that these laws will not work today, but after a change of society these might work (for now similar laws just without that self policing would be the best for them).

    Freedom of press

    Freedom of press is also one of the most important freedoms. Press would largery not be censored bude some restrictions like false adcertisments and those in the free speech cathegory would exist


    Internet surveillance is a big problem of the modern world caused by major tech corporations. iNeutralicA want to destroy this state and this might be possible under socialism with anti-censorship laws. There could be surveillance cameras, but government would put them only on government institutions. There could be put elsewhere, but government cannot access the data from them, except if allowed by the owner of a camera after crime.

    Intellectual property

    Intellectual property is one of the things in modern world which is really problematic. They believe that patents should be abolished to avoid capitalist elitism. It may also largely benefit developing countries. Copyright on creative property would be also reformed, there would be maybe government funding of the artists (compensation for reformed copyright law) - some would still stay, but just the trivial ones (for example you still wouldn´t be able to publish someone elses work without giving atleast credit to the author).

    Sex work and pornography

    iNeutralicA wants to legalize prostitution but some regulations will be made, and it would be taxed. They will be largely focused on providing other jobs than sex work to assure that sex workers really want to do this job. Another thing needed would be sex worker protections (sex worker would have more say about what will be done with them) to make these hard jobs more comfortable for sex workers. Most needed would be culture changes in culture of buying sex. Same would be with pornography. It would stay legal, but they want to change pornography culture (especially male pornography). Working conditions of pornography actors should be improved too. Only case when pornography can be banned is nonfictional child pornography.


    iNeutralicA thinks that nudity is not natural. Nudity still should not be banned if it doesn’t harm anyone.

    Vacxines and COVID

    iNeutralicA believe, that mandatory could only be vaccines, which are given to the people only up to a certain age (when the children are able to choose for themselves), or only if the disease is very major. There should be very strict tests on vaccines and their safety and only vaccines which pass them could be mandated. Mandatory child vaccination can prevent a lot of diseases. But this doesn´t apply to the COVID vaccine, you get this vaccine at older age so it should not be mandatory. It should be highly encouraged though, but not by violence and propaganda. They are relatively okay COVID lockdowns, lockdowns could be used, but only in the needed times. Same would be with mask mandates, and they would be only in indoor places (government institutions, hospitals, public transit, schools, workplaces if voted about it democratically).

    Age restrictions

    iNeutralica agree that some age restrictions are needed in place. These are the ones they would have

    • Age of consent would be 14.
    • They would reduce the voting age to 15
    • Working age would be 15 too (between 15 and 18 with restrictions)
    • Drinking age, driving age, other age restrictions and age of majority would be 18.

    Social issues

    iNeutralicA believes, that true social equality can be acchieved only under socialism so these believes are quite connected with economic believes and they think that when socialism will be acchieved, some of these social stuff would be way easier to change unlike nowdays

    Race and ethnicity

    Racism is one of the biggest problems in modern society. Especially systematic racism. Laws should be largely redone to not be racist. Ideal society would be largely colorblind. Education system should teach people about the wrongness of racism and ethnocentrism and also should teach students how to treat people equally and with empathy. Same with ethnicity. No one is superior to anybody, and this should be evident in the laws. All races and ethnicities should have same rights.


    iNeutralicA strongly support gender equality. They believe that gender norms and patriarchy are oppressive and should be ended in favor of equality. After some time the best idea is to abolish gender and its norms completely. Schools should have sex education to teach about this and they also should teach about r*pe and other sexual crimes (they are a big problem in the modern society in addition to toxic masculinity). They also largely support paid parental leave.


    iNeutralica is pro-choice. They believe that banning abortion would be enforcing your moral code into others. Abortion should be allowed in all cases at least for 24 weeks. Abortion could easily improve the safety of the mother (it should be the number one priority to reduce number of unsafe abortions). We still should try to reduce the number of abortions and do it via sex education and frequent use of contraception.


    Polygamy should be made legal and valid with consent of all of the people involved. It will not depend on gender in any way.


    They support all sexualities and there should be equality between them. They also support transgender and nonbinary people and all other genders; all would be recognized. Even though they do not encourage xenogenders and neopronouns, they see them as perfectly valid gender identity and would be recognized. Child adoption should be also legal. Everyone should be able to transition after the age of 16 by choice without need for gender dysphoria (they oppose transmedicalism and find it intolerant). They think that homophobia and transphobia are big problems in today’s society and should be looked down upon. They will also use education to inform people about these problems. Every person should have same rights. Pride parades will be allowed (they don’t like the fact that pride month is abused by corporations and capitalism, this should be ended). Every sexuality and gender are allowed to have their own parades.



    This is more of an personal thing because the user themselves are neurodivergent. They feel like our society doesn´t talk about autism enough. They believe, that neurodivergence cannot be "cured" and we shouldn’t even try to (i do think that that our society is trying to justify the intolerance to a people that are different). They think that a person should choose, if they try to blend into society or don’t, the most important thing for them is that we should respect and tolerate each other no matter the differences so we all can and peacefully coexist.


    One of the most important values of iNeutralicA is multiculturalism. They believe that all cultures should peacefully coexist, and everyone should be accepting different or foreign culture. No culture assimilation should be needed. Even language assimilation would not be needed. There should be one language uniting the world which should be taught all around the world (ideally some neutral one). Culture groups still could speak their own languages (and communicate with the world with the world language). All these minority languages should be accepted by the government (but all governments should speak in the world language, at least in the international level) No culture is better than other.

    History and tradition

    Even though they are generally not a traditionalist. They are not against harmless traditions (it is up to the people) and actually find some traditions good. Every tradition is worth preservation if there are people who want to practice it and is not harmful to other people. They support protecting the historical creations of all cultures and not replacing them. Same thing for historical sites, they are very in favor of preservation.

    Revolution or reform

    iNeutralicA can be both reformist and revolutionary, depending on situation. They usually try reformism at first, because is not violent and easier (if reformism already haven’t been tried). If reformism fail than they became revolutionary. They think that even liberal elections can say a lot about popularity of an ideology or make it more visible and appealing to the general population. Even making the ideology popular would be a success at this stage. This would be helpful to time the revolution, if the revolution will be needed. We should wait when problems with capitalism will occur or can reduce backlash for the revolution and maybe engage more people into these ideas. The revolution will be just in a form of massive nonviolent strikes at first. If impossible to do other way, then violence in a revolution is justified. Even though after the revolution the situation might be unstable at first, there still should be many people put into office (ideally elect the people if possible), to avoid authoritarian regime.


    Separation of the church and state

    They think that separation of the church and state is needed to achieve fair society - they believe in secularism. Without this it will be hard to achieve real justice (being equal to every religion). Unlike some other leftist ideologies, they oppose laicism though. They believe that laicism limit religious freedom (also in practice, the bans usually target some regions such as Islam more than others, which they see as absolutely discriminatory).

    Religious tolerance

    One of the key pillars of iNeutralicA is religious tolerance. They believe that the goal is not to phase out religion, but to be tolerant to all views. They oppose both theocracies and state atheism and view them as close minded. The most important should be to respect each other and coexist peacefully no matter the religion you are. The freedom to practice religious faith would be also essential. These values would be taught at school. Only practices violating human rights could ever be banned. Schools will be still secular (but they advocate for more choice of religious subjects). Religious marriages still would be legal.

    Religion and spirituality in society

    iNeutralicA is quite unique for a progressive leftist ideology because they think thant spirituality has a place in society. It some cases they believe that is possible to push people to left-wing politics through religion and spirituality (it may not be incompatible). In some cases religion and spirituality can be really helpful to find meaning and values in your lives and lead to better mental health and prevent nihilism. That still don’t mean that they don’t support atheists and nonreligious people just they tolerate religion. Because of these believes, they can be considered religious.


    Technological progress

    iNeutralica is for technological progress. They believe that technology can help humanity in many ways (more knowledge about the world, in healthcare to cure medical diseases, to make our work easier and faster, to travel and so on). They believe that with technology, there exists a world of infinite possibility and this can make our lives better. Even though technology can make positive effect on our society, it can be also dangerous (weapons) and iNeutralicA acknowledges this. Because of these risks, a level of carefulness is still needed with technology.


    iNeutralicA thinks that transhumanism can be beneficial to our society, but also very dangerous. They generally support transhumanism but with these characteristics, if some of these are not met, they will not support transhumanism:

    • Transhumanism is not a main priority of iNeutralicA. They generally care more about the people and their quality of life than technology. Because of that, transhumanism will need pretty long time to establish under iNeutralicA.
    • There will be very strict safety regulations and testing of the technology to prevent some fails.
    • They support transhumanism ONLY under socialism. They think that transhumanism under capitalism can led to increase of gaps between rich and poor (in the worst-case scenario the rich will become immortal while the poor will be starving).
    • Because of the reasons stated above technology enhancements would need to be free for all people.
    • All enhancements will also be voluntary, so people who do not want them would be free to not have them.
    • Also no enhancements which could cause increase of violence (mostly big enhancements to human strength - if not programmed in the way that hitting others with it would be impossible). But i don’t know if this would be even possible


    Automation is a highly controversial topic for many ideologies. iNeutralica is surprisingly pro automation. Even though they support automation, it should be done mostly under socialism because under capitalism with not great wealth redistribution, it can cause hoarding wealth at the top, massive unemployment and generally bad living conditions for most people. Good wealth redistribution is a key for them when introducing automation. They believe that automation can reduce working hours of workers (maybe with a debate in the workplace). Ideally after long long time, almost nobody would have to work and post-scarcity economy would be the ultimate goal. They know that this is quite utopian, but they hope, that one day it would be possible to reach it or be close to it.

    Space exploration

    Even though they support more space exploration, space exploration is for them just a secondary priority. Caring for their own people is more important to them.

    Genetical research and GMOs

    When it comes to genetical research, you can se a lot of ideological contradictions. Even though they want genetical research to continue, they want for example experiments on animals to be banned or at least reduced it to the fewest possible and treat those animals as ethical as possible. They see this as animal cruelty. They believe that maybe in some day computer simulations may help with this and we should especially try to find ways to prevent these practices and find alternatives. In the case of GMOs they support it when regulated and ethical. They are okay with genetically modified food as long as it’s marked for consumers and pass all the strict safety tests.


    Foreign policy


    One of the key believes is Anti-imperialism. They think that many superpowers in this world are power hungry, and this should be resisted. They also are opposed to colonialism. They think that colonialism and imperialism are interconnected in several ways, and we should try to stop them (but this will require big societal changes maybe even revolutions all over the world). They support many separatist anti-colonial movements because of that.

    The idea behind Nationalism

    iNeutralicA does not mind nationalism as a concept but they think that nationalism can invoke xenophobia or even racism in some cases and is maybe one of the main causers of xenophobia. Because of that they think that government should discourage nationalism. They have nothing against patriotism if it does not go to the extreme though. They are not overall nationalistic, and they believe that history should be taught in more neutral anti-colonial perspective

    Interventionism vs. Non-Interventionism

    When it comes to military and economics, iNeutralicA is against foreign interventionism and they think that all of these interventions are just a feature of colonialism and imperialism. But when it comes to foreign aid and other partnerships, iNeutralicA has no problems with this and actually support this (but as a mutual friendship not forced and not one sided). Only way thay may intervene in foreign affairs is as a mediator.


    iNeutralicA is a strong pacifist so they support a reduction of the military and ideally even abolition of the military (but now i do not think that is possible). If military would be there, it should be used ONLY for self-defence. They generally want to use diplomacy every time if possible.


    They think that people should cooperate together in the issues such as the environment, human rights and workers’ rights even though they have different cultures. On the other hand, no one should be forced to assimilate (like said in the multiculturalism chapter). They support alter-globalization in this issue.


    They favour quite relaxed immigration policy (you can become citizen by working and living here for some time so it will not be immediately). All nationalities would be treated the same in this scenario, no need for history test or assimilation (only thing that will be taught to immigrants is the one world language if the person does not know the language). Otherwise, they support open borders and abolishment of visas for tourists

    Their opinion about the world

    Disclaimer: All things iNeutralicA are critiqueing are about the government. INeutralicA do not hate people of any nationality, just some national governments. They think that people and government should be separated and this is very important to them

    The west

    INeutralicA do not like policy of the west much like many other leftists. This is mostly because of imperialism and neocolonialism.

    IMF, WTO, other free trade organizations

    One thing they especially don´t like about the west some organizations like IMF and WTO and many others because they continue neocolonialism by free-trade agreements with third word countries. The west profits greatly of that, by forcing other countries to sign it for the benefits of western bilionares. If this continue, the environment will also be inevitably destroyed just for some profits of western bilionares. Third world countries get also even poorer by extracting money to the west. Because of that, they think that these organizations should be ended immidiatly. But they are wary, that even after without ending capitalism new organizations like this can arise.


    Ah, yes, another western imperialists and this should stop too. These are the main problems with NATO

    • NATO does not even try to stop conflicts sometimes they got even worse because of it
    • NATO is not only a defensive organization but also offensive (interventions in Iraq for example - again just money for western bilionaires)
    • It is very ideological (promoting capitalism)
    • And yes, US monopoly
    How should defense organization look

    Unlike some other leftists, iNeutralicA do not completely oppose having a defense organization (at least in today´s world stage), but the efense organization they would support looks very different from NATO today. These are the key elements of this organization.

    • No ideology in it (only working for a common goal of making world peaceful, so not promoting capitalism, but not promoting socialism either)
    • Equal representation of all participants
    • The organization will have a clear goal of ending militaries in far future
    • Actual trying to get peace, not monopoly on violence
    • Will be a defensive organization (so if you are attacked by a foreign power you should expect help like in NATO)
    • Will be worldwide not just western (trying to cooperate with thirld world countries and be more inclusive)
    • No offenses and foreign interventions (the organization will be ONLY for defense)
    • No lobbing inside

    United States

    US is an imperialist power which is trying not to bring democracy to the world (or only secondary focus), but US friendly right-wing capitalist governments. US shows will free-market capitalism end, in a corporatocracy in the near future. Atleast they can see, that people are trying to change this. Also it is kind of interesting that they have two economically right wing parties (those massive corporate donations to politicians explain this). They hope that people will overthrow the government in the future, but they see it as unlikely. They think that no country deserves corporatocracy or a dictatorship

    The EU

    Even though they see EU still as a capitalist organization, the EU did some good with preventing Poland and Hungary to be even worse than they are now.


    They think that they are close of being an US puppet. Even though it is somewhat "democratic", it has many problems (more about it in the Israel-Palestine conflict section in the future)


    Law and order

    One of the important characteristics of iNeutralicA is rehabilitative justice. They want a justice reform. They see punitive justice and some punishments such as death penalty as inhumane and inherently immoral and sometimes even inadequate.

    Prisons and their abolition

    One of the most radical ideas of iNeutralica is prison abolition. They think that modern prisons are inhumane, conditions inside them are horrible and can be ineffective. They don’t think that punishment and prisons even reduce recidivism, maybe even increase. Because of that, they think modern day prisons should be abolished. Some government surveillance would be still here after some serious crimes such as murder, but it will look much differently than in today’s prisons. This system would generally have close to probation. Those people would be allowed to work as normal and generally live social lives as normal (but would be controlled when they go out). They will live in rooms (they would have some privacy from other criminals, but they would be pretty close). iNeutralicA wants to create community between those people, make them actually close to each other and prepare them for normal social life. There would be people controlling those criminals, but there would be effort to bring those people and criminals together and create a community if possible.


    Unlike prisons, they think that police should stay. This still does not mean that current day police is perfect. They think that police should be disarmed and some differences in their training should be made to avoid unnecessary violence. They think that even though police should be funded by the state, it should be managed by the community. One of the important characteristics of iNeutralicA is rehabillitative justice. They want a justice reform. They see punitive justic and some punishments such as death penalty as inhumane and inherently immoral and sometimes even inadequate.



    Outdated, will be changed soon.

    Best Friends

    Cool Ideologies

    • Luxem.png Luxemburgism - I like your progressive and socialist believes. You are one of the best Marxists. I also agree that revolution is mostly needed to achieve socialism. I just like violence in revolution generally, but i accept it if it isn’t possible to do it otherwise.
    • Anpacf.png Anarcho Pacifism - Cool anarchist.
    • Anfem.png Anarcha Feminism - Another cool anarchist.
    • Aneco.png Eco Anarchism - You too.
    • Anqueer.png Queer Anarchism - And you too.
    • Xenofeminism.png Xenofeminism - You are quite cool and have interesting ideas, but i don’t think it will work that easily. You are still quite extreme


    • SJW.png SJW - I like some your social takes, but please, be tolerant to other views and stop with cancelling.
    • Socdem.png SocDem - I like your compassion to the weak and democracy, but I don’t think capitalism can be reformed.
    • Soclib.png Social Liberalism - SocDem, just little bit worse. Still good in some areas though.
    • Marketsoc.png Market Socialism - Usually great, but the competition.
    • Reform.png Reformism - It would be great to achieve socialism by electoralism, but it is too utopian even for my standards.
    • Liberalsoc.png Liberal Socialism - I really like your socialist and progressive believes, but please, stop supporting these Necon.png Neo-imperialists
    • Gamer.png Gamerism - Gaming is okay i guess. I don’t like the gaming culture though.

    Not a fan

    • Patcon.png Paternalistic Conservatism - Worse version of SocDem, but you are still tolerable, especially for a conservative
    • 3way.png Third Way - Too moderate and capitalist for me, but still tolerable
    • Neolib.png Neoliberalism - I don´t like status quo, but you are still better than those below you.
    • Libertarian.png Right-wing Libertarianism - I like some of your social policy, but for me, PCB-Libsoc.png Libertarian Socialism - will be the only true libertarian.
    • Libcon.png Liberal Conservatism - Worse version of Neoliberalism. Still tolerable.
    • Progconf.png Progressive Conservatism - Same as Liberal Conservatism above
    • Statesoc.png State Socialism - I like your socialism, but I don’t like centrally planned economy. I also don’t like being compared to all those tankies because of you.
    • Conservative.png Conservatism - I personally do not like your policies, but you are still tolerable (but this do not mean that all of your variants are tolerable too)


    • Altr.png Alt-Right - Please, stop with this intolerance. I know that some of your followers don’t even have a clue about this intolerance and follow this accidently. But you are rude even to my standards.
    • Altl.png Alt-Lite - Same as above. At least you are not white nationalist and that is good.
    • Comb.png Combatocracy - The worst form of government. I can’t look at this violence. I just can´t
    • Nazi.png Nazi - War, antisemitism and discrimination are not great.
    • Fash.png Fashism - Same as above.
    • Nazbol.png Nazbol - Same as above, but a communist
    • Statecap.png State Capitalism - You are a fall of Statesoc.png State Socialism and your leaders are as greedy like those capitalists.
    • ML.png Marxism-Leninism - Aren’t you just another version of Statecap.png Statecap.
    • Plcn2.png Paleoconservatism - Don’t be racist, please.
    • Trump.png Trumpism - I am sorry to say, but you don’t make America great.
    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - Neo-imperialism.
    • Stalin.png Stalinism - Too authoritarian for me.
    • Putin.png Putinism - Imperialist.
    • Baath.png Ba'athism - Demcon.png They are way better than you are.

    Best Friends

    • Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup Thought(Green Party (US).png/Demsocstar.png/Prog-u.png) - I have nothing to say against your ideology. It is awesome. You are just more pro-market. Very Good!
    • O'Langism.png O'Langism (Syndmut.png/Zapa.png/Socan2.png/Synthesisanarchy.png) - I agree with you in everything besides the anarchism. Gift economy is also quite idealistic in my opinion and i do not like nihlism but overall, very good!
    • Ashley.png AshleyHere(Socan2.png/Aneco.png/AntiNation.png) - Even though i am not an anarchist, i still agree with you most of the times.
    • Rocksismicon.png Rocksism(Bckchn.png/Libsoc.png/Marketsoc.png/Demsocstar.png) - Your ideology seems almost perfect. You are like a little more moderate version of me.
    • TAM icon.png Third Aquarian Model (Ecosoc.png/Luxem.png/MarxistHumanism.png/Councom.png) - Really based. I agree with everything on your page. I like especially the decentralized planning.
    • LibMarxBall.png LibMarxBallism(Libmarx.png/Ultraprogressivism.png/Globnat.png/Civlibert.png - Seems really solid, you might be more revolutionary with progressivism and more transhumanist but everything other is fine. Also you are too friendly with MLs and other authoritorians (fortunately not stalinism) which is quite concerning. Otherwise I do not see any problems. I really like the decentralized planning.

    Cool Ideologies

    • Glencoe.png Glencoeism (Minmut.png/Liberalsoc.png/Neotech.png) - I like your economical believes and your cultural believes are quite decent too. You are maybe too nationalist for my standards but that’s okay. The main problem i have with the technocracy. I feel like it is quite unfair. I know it has good motives, but I never liked intelligence tests and even the concept of them. They are too narrow focused for me and very subjective. And they are quite unfair. Overall great.
    • Panth.png Pantheonism (SocDist.png/Unimon.png) - I like the economics. Social issues are also good, but too conservative on some issues. I don’t like the monarchy and your foreign policy seems quite weird - i have mixed feelings about it. But overall quite based.
    • Atronism-icon.png Atronism (CPUSA(PCBA).png/Ormarxf.png) - Even though our ideologies are quite similar, we have some very different values. I agree with your economy, but I am still just an non market socialist, not an marxist and I am even not a communist. You seem progressive and that is good, but WHY the death penalty. For me it is cruel and can lead to mistakes. Also some of your hate speech policies are really unforgiving (overlooking the motives). But you are still really close and your ideology is generally good.
    • Iconfloofel.png Floofel's Thought (Farm.png/Thar.png/Anticommunism.png/Radenv.png) - Seems quite solid. Even though i am not an anarchist and not the biggest fan of agrarianism, your believes seem otherwise quite agreeable and you seem quite nice too.
    • MATTball.png Matteel (Nordmodel.png/ProgressiveInternationalismIcon.png) - You seem generally quite cool especially with the social believes, only a little to moderate. You seem little more conservative and nationalist, but i don’t see a big problem with it. Some other believes like envinromentalism are also very solid. I think the biggest difference between us is in economics, I am not a fan of markets and especially capitalism, atleast you like workplace democracy. But for a capitalist, you seem overall really good.


    Not a fan

    • DoesntExist.png Nonexistism (Statesoc.png/Technocracy.png/Consocf.png/Guildsoc.png) - Used to be marxist leninist and untranationalist and even Juche looking. So you went from tolerable to bad. Especially the ultranationalism and hate of internationalism is cringe. Also too authoritarian, atleast not a capitalist. Too friendly to fascists. Overall it seems to me just like an average big North Korea fan, sorry. (This was said before the warning got added)



    Glencoe.png Glencoe- looks decently based add me plz

    Ashley.png AshleyHere - Hello there, would you mind adding me to your relations?

    Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup - Looks cool! :) Add me?

    O'Langism.png Nice! Add me?

    O'Langism.png O'Langism - My ideology kinda changed. Update relations?

    • Ineut2.png NeutraliC - Looked at it, updated (only small changes
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