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    INFJism is a non-quadrant,

    How to Draw

    INFJism has the same design as Christian Socialism, but with a differing color palette and small glasses.

    Flag of INFJism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it with Dark Green
    3. Draw a cross using corners, colored Salad Green
    4. Add eyes
    5. Draw small glasses, color their lenses Jade

    You're done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Dark Green
    #446128 68, 97, 40
    Salad Green
    #98C26D 152, 194, 109
    #54B08B 84, 176, 139



    • INTJ ( vs ) - While living our lives to their fullest is a natural duty as apart of the Universe we life in, I do wish you would learn to be more attentive and respectful of fellow men, good friend.
    • ENFJ (Dominant vs ) - While a person-centric approach to achievement is admirable, you have to account for how human nature may affect the future and the processes by which you seek to reach your ideals. It is also imperative to consider the legitimacy and firmness of what you believe to be the right way - something that, in the excitement of the moment, you seem to frequently neglect.
    • ISTP -
    • INFP -


    • ESTP (Functional inverse) - You ascertain an incredible logical ability and a grand connection to our World and it's people, but why use it for your personal advantage?
    • ENFP (Temperamental reverse) - We both get caught up in novel revaluations, yet you seem to take them to the extreme. You must learn to control your urges.
    • ISFJ (Shared ) -


    Further Information







    1. Valued function elements in Model A are highlighted


    1. "Model A", Wikisocion (Github).