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    Economic Beliefs

    • Privatization: I advocate that things like health, security and justice should be privatized and run by the public. The state's job is not to police, the state's job is not to be a doctor.
    • Taxes: What distinguishes taxes from theft? No one pays taxes because they want to, they do so because they have to. What did the government do for the apples I collected and sold?
    • Bank: I want state banks to be demolished and currencies such as dollars and euros, including crypto, to be used for trading in the free market.
    • Economic Freedom: I want people to be able to do things in the free market, regardless of race or religion.

    Social Beliefs

    • Woman Rights: I support women's rights, women should work in the job they want and women can work in the job men work in.
    • LGBT rights: I support LGBT rights to a certain extent, a gay person should not be fired from a job just because he is gay, but marrying them is a bad effect on society. As for their right to have children, children can be badly affected by the things they do, so I do not support their right to have children.
    • Weed: Weeds are bad, but they should be legal. It's already bad in society. If you don't want your children to drink, tell them it's bad.
    • Religion and State: Religion and state should not be together. Religion is not the solution to everything. Religion is not something that states can be affiliated with. Religion exists to spread God's true path to people.
    • Immigrants: Illegal immigrants should be sent to their own countries (but this should not be controlled by the state) and other immigrants should go, except for those who can integrate into the country, as it disrupts the demographic structure.

    Society Beliefs

    • Guns: People should be able to buy guns to defend themselves as long as it doesn't hurt someone
    • Police: The police should be privatized and police officers who do not do their job and only seek profit should be caught and even arrested.
    • Surveillance: I want to minimize surveillance and the government should not interfere with what I do.
    • States: I support the state system in America. As long as the states do not support things like terrorism, they should be governed like a country. Over time, they can have their own economies and even currencies.













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