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    Imperial Esoteric Fascism (IMESFA) is an ideology which is Off-compass Authoritarian, Economically third position, Culturally Off-compass right ideology. He strongly advocate the cult around "The Greatest Leader". And that is the only permitted religion in IMESFA. And believing that religion is mandatory. The state controls everything, even his citizens' private life, personal life, DNA, habit and everything.

    He will also precisely kill 50% of his political opposers and also casual criminals. Then, transform their corpse as meat. And the other 50% of opposers and casual criminals will be forced to eat those meat and serving as slaves in concentration camp for life-time.

    And also, he will dig a hole with diameter of 20-kilometer, and 10 kilometer deep that everyone consider it is a hell. But it is just unironically the largest beer in their country.(At here, the beer is the symbol of degeneracy)

    Personality and Behavior

    • WIP

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball and fill it with your preferred shade of black.
    2. Draw a white circle into the ball.
    3. Add a cross into the circle, so that it looks like X in circle.
    4. Add lines next to the lines in an anti-clockwise direction.
    5. Draw wings so that they're big enough to wrap around the ball, but aren't tight-wrapped around the ball.
    6. Add red glowing rectanglish eyes and you're done.
    Flag of IMESFA
    Color Name RGB HEX
    White 256,256,256 #ffffff
    Red 256,0,0 #ff0000



    • No one, because everyone else is impure.


    • Esoteric Fascism - NON ADORARENT PAGANVS, ADOREMVS ME. (Don't worship paganics, worship me)
    • Ingsoc - NON ES LONGE SATIS EST. (Didn't go far enough)
    • Autocracy - PRAEFICIO VNA EST BONVM. NIHILOMINVS TAMEN ADHVC ALIVD TEMPVS DEGENERATVM CONTESTATIONE. (Elevating one man is good. However he has still something in common with degeneration)
    • Imperialism - SED QVOD VIRES EXPVGNO AN IN PLVRIBVS. HAEC SIT VERA. QVOD QVTEM SI FORTE DEGENERATVM? (The strong will subjugate one or more forces. That is true. But what if the strong is degenerate?)


    • WIP

    Further information

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