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    This page is an outsourced insert of an ideology that is not my own. It is created with permission from the ideology's holder.

    IGF Thought is the economically centre-left to left, culturally far left and authoritarian ideology held by the r/neoliberal user known as imprison_grover_furr.



    IGF has expressed support for private property ownership, a comprehensive welfare state and central planning. While he has not labelled or described in detail his ideal economic system, these three characteristics when put together resemble SocCap.png Statecap.pngRhine State Capitalism or Social corpratism.png Social Corporatism.

    IGF has praised both free trade and protectionist measures, such as NAFTA and 'Buy America'. He has also expressed support for the Green New Deal and “lots of environmental regulations.”

    IGF once wrote “We need to move to a total war economy. Divert all available resources to the military and to healthcare (because we need service members and home front workers to be as healthy as possible to maximise effectiveness). It is necessary if we want to defeat Iran and all its allies.“


    IGF has a record of strong support for Lgbtwiki.png LGBT communities; going as far as to call for the imprisonment of transphobes. IGF is himself Ace.png asexual, even directly posting that “sex sucks”.

    IGF has also advocated for reparations for black and native Americans, and the imprisoning of KKK.png KKK members. He is strongly against physical child discipline, including spanking. He has occasionally deviated from SJW.webp SJW positioning, such as his dislike of the body positivity movement.

    He is against cultural relativism and is highly interventionist.


    IGF has expressed sympathy and support for Monarch.png monarchies, and opposition to revolutionary citizen uprisings (including the French revolution). His position on state violence is unclear, as he is not opposed to imprisonment without due process or occupation of foreign countries, but has has shown hatred toward dictators such as Nazi.png Hitler, Fash.png Mussolini, and Franco.png Franco due to, among other things, being “murderers”.

    In addition to his quote on the war economy, he has also stated that “we need more military academies, and fewer schools of business.”

    Grover Furr

    IGF's username is a demand intended to be taken literally. It refers to American Medieval English Literature professor and infamous ML.pngSoviet sympathiser Grover Furr. IGF has posted at length about “him and his evil lies”




    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - You guys run a good subreddit, but I'm not really like you at all.


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