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    IDK Thought is a Economically Far-left, democratic and extremely localist, Civil Libertarian, moderate Federalist and Culturally Far-Left ideology.玛德,什么都是目田,我也是目田,他也是目田。我真的不是目田你咋不信我呢

    Libleft in Quadras

    Alpha: Me (Progressive, free, individuality) [ILE]
    Bata: Smarter Greeceball Thought (Radical, relatively authoritarian, futuristic) [EIE?]
    Gamma: FutureUnitism (Polycentric, individual interest, technology) [ILI?]
    Delta: Third Aquarian Model (Humanism, comfort, kindness) [EII]

    User Tests

    Civic Axis

      • Chaoist (-5)
      • Anarchist (+7)
      • Minarchist (+8)
      • Libertarian (+10)
      • Liberal (+9)
      • Civically Moderate (+9)
      • Statist (+5)
      • Dictablanda (+5)
      • Authoritarian (+3)
      • Totalitarian (-5)
      • Orwellian (-10)

    Type of Rule Axis

      • (Anarchist) Anti-Democracy (+6)
      • Direct Democracy (+10)
        • Semi-Direct/Direct E-Democracy (+11)
      • Semi-Direct Democracy (+10)
      • Representative Democracy (+5)
      • Deliberative Democracy (+8)
      • Authoritarian Democracy (+3)
      • Totalitarian Democracy (+1)
      • (Authoritarian) Anti-Democracy (-10)
    • If none above apply...
      • Organic Centralism (+5)

    Economic Axis

      • Marxist Communist (+10)
      • Socialist (+8)
      • Welfarist (+6)
      • Mixed (+4)
      • Liberal Economics (+2)
      • Capitalist (+0)
      • Darwinist (-1145141919810)
    • If none above apply...
      • Third Positionism (+0)
      • Anti-Economy (+5)
      • Non-Marxist Communist (+5)
      • Fiscal Federalism (+3)
      • Gift Economy (+8)

    Economic Freedom

      • Anti-Economy (+5)
      • Dirigisme (+6)
      • Regulationism (+6)
      • Mixed (+4)
      • Liberal Economics (+2)
      • Free Market (-5)
      • Laissez-Faire (-10)
    • If none above apply...
      • Central Planned (+7)
      • Decentral Planned (+10)

    Diplomatic Axis

      • Autarchy (+5)
      • Autarky (+0)
      • Globalist (+7)
      • World Federalist (+10)
      • Cosmopolitan (+10)
      • Internationalist/Alter-Globalist (+10)
      • Moderate (+9)
      • Civic Nationalist (+9)
      • Patriotic (+8)
      • Nationalist (+6)
      • Chauvinist (+0)
      • Racial Nationalist (or similar broad category) (-10)
      • Ethno-Nationalist (or similar narrow category) (-10)


      • Western (-10)
      • Western Adjacent (+0)
      • Non-Aligned (+10)
      • East Adjacent (+0)
      • Eastern (-9)
    • If none above apply...
      • Anarchistic Unaligned (+9)

    Social Axis

      • Revolutionary (+10)
      • Progressive (+10)
      • Reformist (+8)
      • Syncretic (+5)
      • Conservative (+1)
      • Traditionalist (-10)
      • Reactionary (-100)

    Cultural Axis?

      • Anti-Culture (-5)
      • fameless Cultural Revolution (+0)
      • fameless Cultural Reformist (+9)
      • fameless Cultural Centre/Don't Care/Harm Principle (+10)
      • fameless Cultural Conservative (+9)
      • fameless Cultural Traditionalist (+4)
      • fameless Cultural Reactionary (-5)

    Foreign Culture Axis

      • Ethnonationalist (-10)
      • Assimilationist/Cultural Nationalist (+3)
      • Interculturalist (+8)
      • Civic-Cultural Nationalist (+5)
      • Polyculturalism (+10)[3]
      • Multiculturalism (+10)

    Technological Axis

      • Primal (-10)
      • Primitivist (+0)
      • Pre-Industrial (+2)
      • Deceleration (+5)
      • Moderate (+9)
      • Acceleration (+10)
      • Automated (+10)
      • Transhumanist (+9)
      • Posthumanist (-10)
    • If none of the above apply...
      • Post-Civ (+5)
      • Archeofuturism (+4)

    Environmental Axis

      • Human Extinction (-∞)
      • Radical Environmentalism (-10)
      • Eco-Fascism (-20)
      • Ecocentrism (+3)
      • Environmentalist (+10)
      • Moderate (+10)
      • Post-Industrialism (+10)
      • Industrialist (+6)
      • Anthropocentric (+3)
      • Anti-Environmentalism (-10)
      • New Mass Extinction (-∞)

    Neurological Axis

      • Anti-Praxis (+2)
      • Utopian (+3)
      • Dogmatic (+0)
      • Idealist (+10)
      • In Between (+7)
      • Realist (+5)
      • Pragmatic (+3)
      • Rational (+5)
      • Dystopian (-∞)
      • Anti-Theory (-10)

    War Axis

      • Pacifism (+7)
      • Non-engagement (+3)
      • De-escalation (+6)
      • Intervention (-5)
      • Irredentism (+0)
      • Revachism (-5)
      • Jingoism (-10)
    • If none above apply...
      • Class Warfare (+10)


      • Insurrectionism (+6)
      • Revolutionism (+10)
      • Moderatism (+5)
      • Reformism (+0)
      • Stagnationism (-10)

    China Axis

      • Pro-PRC (+2)
      • A Unified China Under Tridemism (+0)
      • Taiwanese Independence (-10)
    • If none above apply...
      • A New and Unified China (+10)

    Minus Axis

      • Fascist (-20)
      • Feudalist (-20)
      • Homophobic/Anti-Homosexuality
        • Anti-Homosexual romanticism (-10)
        • Anti-Homosexual Activity (-5)
      • Transphobic/Anti-Transgender (-10)
      • Anti-Feminist/Radical Feminist (-10)
      • Pro-Life (-5)
      • Zionist (-5) (-1 if you belive two-state solution)
      • Racist (-10)
      • Identity Politics (-10)


    Chinese Internet Politics Introduction

    Chapter 1: What is Internet Politics?

    Internet Politics(键政/键盘政治), or Keyborad Politics, is talking about politics on the internet. In China, the term is more or less derogatory.
    Some people think, "oh that's easy, we are talking about polcompball on the internet, so I'm also internet policing." No not that easy, because we are talking about Chinese Internet Politics.
    China's Internet Politics is often full of "camps" and "terms" derived from the country's intense censorship of comments, many people do not like this phenomenon, thinking that they are "not talking".

    Chapter 2: What are those "camps"?

    In this chapter, I will talk about the sources of the various "camps" on the Chinese Internet Politics and their views.

    • "Pinkes"(小粉红), or "Hares"(兔兔) [derogatory], or more objective, "Establishments"(建制派): For "Pinkes", see Pinkieism. "Hares" were originally fans of the cartoon Year Hare Affair, and had strong patriotic feelings, which often became very extreme, hence the name. However, it is worth noting that the former puts more emphasis on the crazy support of the Chinese government, while the latter puts more emphasis on Chinese ultranationalism. They are often Anti-Immigration, nationalistic, Anti-American and Anti-Japanese. They are neither Civic Ultranationalists nor Ethnic Ultrnationalists, they are Civic-Ethnic Ultranationalists. Weird? But we Chinese all believe that we have a common ancestor, no matter what ethnic group we are.
    • (Orthodox) Kanagawa(神神)[derogatory]: They were originally "The Great Wave off Kanagawa bar" people in Baidu post bar, with a strong anti-China and ethnic self-hatred tendency.
    • (Contemporary) Kanagawa(神神), Libtard(目田), or more objective, "liberals"(自由派): But now the group has moderated, and the term is more commonly used to refer to liberals.
    • Liberals: Unlike the United States, where "liberal" refers to the left, China's "liberal" refers to the right. Here's some difference.
    American Liberals Chinese Liberals
    • The left (welfarist)
    • Pro-Regulations
    • Progressive Culture
    • Anti-Conservative
    • Gun Control
    • Social Egalitarian
    • Even, somehow diplomatic pacifist
    • Contradictory to "Conservatives" "Republicans" etc.
    • The right (marketist)
    • Anti-Regulations
    • Variable Culture
    • Variable Conservatism
    • Gun Rights
    • Social Darwinist
    • Even, somehow diplomatic interventionist
    • Contradictory to "Patriots" "Socialists" etc.
    • Cyberleft(网左)[derogatory], or more objective, "leftists"(左派): Some of them are people who worship the pre-reform and opening era, usually Marxist-Leninists, some anarchists, or the left in between, and what they all have in common is that they oppose reform and opening up and support orthodox socialism. Because they always either do not want to understand the theory, or have not the slightest practice in real life, so the name "Cyberleft".

    Chapter 3: What are those "terms"?





    • Council Communism - Planned Economy should be democratic. The Woker's council will control the economy.
    • Workplace Democracy - A socialist economy without workplace democracy isn't a ture socialist economy.
    • Welfarism - Welfare is necessary even in a socialist country.

    Council-Technolgical Economics

    The planned economy made production no longer for the benefit of the capitalists, but for the proletariat. I envisage a planned economy divided into several parts: workers' councils, peasant's councils, and joint councils to control the whole economy. I believe that with the help of computers, eventually the economy of the whole society will be different from the capitalism of the past, which is both fair and efficient.

    Yes, Socialism, but why?

    We know that capitalism has inherent contradictions, such as the contradiction between the socialization of production and the private ownership of the means of production (in capitalist society, production is interdependent, unlike in primitive society, where production is basically the business of a few people, but the means of production are owned by a part of the people) and the class contradiction (where the interests of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat do not agree produce irreconcilable contradictions). To solve these contradictions, socialism is the only way.
    The capitalists often criticize socialism as being against human nature, but it is capitalism that is really against human nature, by alienating not only the proletariat but also the capitalists themselves. Of course, the working class can continue to defend this system, which is full of contradictions and contrary to human nature, but this system will eventually lead to crisis.


    A small portion of the money received by such as zoos/botanical gardens and video platforms will go to the state (to develop technology and improve people's livelihood, or as welfare), and the majority will be distributed equally to workers.


    We can't get rid of money and markets immediately, but we can allow a market that is heavily regulated by the government. The price will be set by a powerful computer. All consumer comments can be uploaded to the Consumer Center, and these comments will be seen by the government.

    Anti-Market Economy Socialism

    Market Socialism is also unacceptable for a country that practices the dictatorship of the proletariat. Cooperatives in Market Socialism compete with each other just as Capitalist companies do, and there are no major differences from capitalism except in terms of ownership (i.e., private ownership under capitalism and public ownership under Market Socialism). This will divide the proletariat rather than unite it.


    The importance of welfare comes into play when, even with a planned economy, we may not be able to eliminate some of the inequality, those in difficulty may suffer too much, or their ability may result in them receiving much less money than others.


    Every family will have a house, of course, if someone wants to live on their own is also OK, the government will build a house for them, everyone can decorate their own house, but not as a commodity.


    Healthcare must be for all, and the hospital is not a for-profit organization, but an institution that treats people.

    Mental Health

    Mental health also needs to be protected, there are a lot of people suffering from mental illness now, paying attention to mental health will make our people happier. Primary and junior high schools will have nationally arranged mental health education, these classes are not allowed to be changed, and the state will inform the government to carry out mental health surveys. Mental health will be covered by medical insurance.

    New Socialist Education

    You are always against the current education system, so what would be the ideal education system?
    First of all, we must ensure that education is fair, so that children across the country can receive good education. Compulsory education will be increased from the current nine years to 12 years (with the addition of high school), and all schools will be free and public, including primary, middle, high school, and university. The competition in education should not be as fierce as it is now. Socialist education should be based on teaching knowledge and allowing people to develop freely.


    I realized that the bank was a necessary institution before communism. There will be a central bank, but also credit unions, cooperative banks and so on that are set up specifically for the community. I'm really not a liberal, didn't I say?

    Trotskyist view on peasants

    The working class in a socialist country must lead the peasants, but this does not mean that workers and peasants are necessarily incompatible. An alliance of workers and peasants must be established.


    Literally this:

    Expropriation of the lands and fields of all large and medium agricultural enterprises; formation of socialist agricultural collectives under unified central direction in the entire nation.

    Rosa Luxemburg

    Now, I don't quote people. Part of the land is owned by the state, which may become houses, may be planned for the construction of some facilities (such as roads, parks, plazas, etc.), and part of the land is owned jointly by the collective and the state, which are agricultural cooperatives.

    Trade Unions

    Trade unions are a tool for workers to assert their rights, which cannot disappear even in a socialist society. This is not to say that I support syndicalism, because trade unions are not supposed to be revolutionary organizations.

    Workplace Democracy

    Workplace democracy should be implemented in all public enterprises, with the exception of workers' council plans, all other matters decided by the workers themselves, and problems should be resolved through equal deliberation.



    • Civil Libertarianism - Liberty is important, and this is the difference between Totalitarian Communism and Libertarian Communism.
    • Free Speech - I like freedom of speech over my other libleft friends.
    • Democracy - Socialism is economic democracy, but it's not enough. We also need political democracy.
      • Direct - For the local government.
      • Liquid - For the regional? government.
      • Semidirect - For the national government.
    • Technocracy - A part of representatives should be experts, and a part of it should be workers and peasants.


    I know many of my Chinese compatriots will find my ideas extreme. I also know that drugs have brought humiliation to China. The fall of the Qing Dynasty was partly due to drugs. And I have unlimited respect for the narC. But I have to be honest. Drug addiction itself is actually a disease, just like depression, it is essentially different from murder and robbery, and people who take drugs should be helped. Drugs themselves should be banned, but I do not agree that it is necessary to punish drug use. Firstly, this idea does not understand what drug addiction is and how we can solve it. Secondly, it does not understand what people who use drugs need. I also believe that the sale or manufacture of drugs (either by states or individuals) should not be allowed. My ideas are not extreme, and they are not terrible.

    Guns, and People's War

    Why should we defend gun rights?
    First we should understand the concept of "people's war". As the name implies, "people's war" means that the revolution must rely on the people, because the Communist Party is the party of the people (proletariat), and if the people are not armed, they cannot be relied on at all, that is, the role of the people in the socialist revolution is as important as that of the army. (Of course, public safety is just as important, so there will be some limitations.)

    Gambing, smoking and alcohol

    Gambing: NO.

    Smoking and alcohol: Free but there's some age limit, regulated and nationalize.

    Freedom of Speech

    As long as your statements are not illegal and do not spread rumors or threaten others, they are all reasonable and acceptable to publish.

    The question: Do video publishers have the right to close the comments section of their videos?

    They have that right, but media and state accounts can't close the comment section.

    Freedom of Press

    Freedom of the press is important to prevent corruption, but it can also spread rumors, so it is allowed as long as it does not promote false information.


    It is unethical and illegal to invade someone's privacy without a reasonable excuse, no matter who they are. Regarding cameras in public places, I support the installation of some government cameras in places where crime is more likely to occur. I know it's influenced by personal interests and I really don't like people looking at my phone.

    Local Government

    At the local level, I support Direct Democracy (people's direct participation in government decisions), and I think technology is also a complement to democracy, some people think it is more convenient to use computers, they can use computers to participate in government.

    Regional Government

    Regional governments adopt a Liquid Democracy system. I think this is probably a better way to ensure that the people still have a voice and that some people do not influence the people of the whole region because they do not know.

    National Government

    At the national level (which is actually where the issues are particularly important), I think that full direct democracy can lead to major errors in decision-making, while experts within the national government can analyze things, and semi-direct democracy (although the experts do the usual things). But people can still express their will in various ways) is a more appropriate way.

    Non-Partisan Democracy: Why don't we need a party/parties

    After the revolution is complete, parties are not necessary, because the task of parties is only to lead the revolution. And I think the people in government should fully represent the people, not their own party. And I find that particracy is particularly prone to creating a situation in which one or several parties dominate the government, thereby harming democracy, and in which a government can actually function without parties. There is no such thing as truly democratic particracy, that is my view. I would like to see a society where there are only groups with different views and no real parties.

    Civil Service

    I want a Meritocratic government where people are judged on their ability and skills and what they do, not on whether they are rich or poor.


    I support a tougher crackdown on corruption. People who report corruption must be protected and more attention must be paid to investigating corruption.


    I support a woman's freedom to have an abortion at any time. This is entirely a matter for women themselves, not for the state to prevent.

    Pronography & Prostitution

    I think pornography can be fully legal (except for child pornography) because it's not actually exploiting other people, but there should be some age restrictions. I am against prostitution because it is a form of exploitation of people, regardless of gender, and it is illegal to buy such services.
    "But…but sexual freedom!"
    Prostitution is not about sexual freedom, you can enjoy sex without trading.

    Literally Sexual Freedom

    However, I support sexual freedom between consenting adults, as long as there's no money involved.

    Law Enforcement

    OK, I'm a liberal, not a marxist. So I have read The Communist Manifesto, On Contradiction and State and Revolution but I don't know anything about Marxism!!! (In fact, this is too much to say and is easily criticized by authoritarian comrades.)

    Copyright and Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property is now a form of capitalism, and I would change it in the most radical way, for example, in the creation of art, anyone would be allowed to publish and use it, as long as it is authorized by the author (if the author is dead, no license is required, but everyone can know who originated a work), and patents would disappear.



    • Revolutionary Progressivism - Revolution is the only way to progress. Refrom is useless.
    • Equality - Class is the only important identity. Gender, sex, race, etc. are not important at all.
    • Polyculturalism - The way between Multiculturalism and Interculturalism.


    I support Marxist Feminism. I think both capitalism and reactionaryism oppress women. The former makes women a machine to make money for capitalists, while the former treats women as slaves to men. Only socialism can liberate women. Feminism and Men's Liberation also go hand in hand, and no one should be limited in who they are. Eventually, of course, I want to abolish gender.

    Gender Equality or Post-Genderism

    If I can sum up my opinion in one sentence, it is this: to achieve gender equality, gender itself must be eliminated.

    Post-genderism≠Forced They/Them

    By eliminating gender, I don't mean forcing everyone to use "They/Them" or some other pronoun, but making gender unimportant in society, even though everyone can choose their own pronoun.

    Gender Roles

    We always assign a personality or a job to a certain gender, and then there are "gender roles." We should abandon the term "gender role" once and for all. I want everyone to just be themselves and not care about their gender. People who believe that their behavior conforms to "traditional gender roles" can think about: is it that you want yourself to be this way, or that society wants you to be this way? If it's the former, you're not following a "gender role," you're being yourself. But if it's the latter, you're being oppressed by "gender roles."

    My Feminism (Waves, Schools)

    • First-Wave Feminism: This period was dominated by the struggle for equal legal status for women.
    • Second-Wave Feminism: The struggle extended to daily life.
    • Third-Wave Feminism: The feminism of this period was an individualistic feminism. Began to focus on female diversity and sexual liberation.
    • Fourth-Wave Feminism: Probably the most controversial period. It was the feminist phase that saw the pervasive hostility toward women in society.
    • Marxist Feminism: Argued that true feminism could not exist in capitalism and that the best way to secure women's rights was to implement communism.
    • Feminist Existentialism: It's an ideology that combines feminism and existentialism.


    LGBT is determined by some physiological factors, such as homosexuality, which is widely present in animals in nature, which shows that it is a natural phenomenon. There are also some studies that suggest that transgender phenomena are actually due to structural differences in the brain. I will fully support the LGBT community (like, marriage equality, anti-discrimination law, banning conversion therapy, gender-affirming heathcare, recognition of non-binary pronouns etc.). As an atheist, I don't think LGBT is immoral.


    I define marriage as "a union between any two individuals," and that includes two individuals of the same sex; When it comes to adoption, I don't think you can discriminate against someone just because they're not straight.


    I admit that there is definitely a third gender besides "man" and "woman." Puberty blockers and HRT should be used for adolescents (under 16 years of age), and surgery for those over 16 years of age. Anyone can change the gender information on their identity card at any time. In fact, I learned this from the Soviet Union during the Lenin era, and I had doubts about it before. The Soviet Union was really progressive on this point.


    Pride, like Women's Day in China now, has changed from a revolutionary day to a consumerist festival, and we need to see the revolutionary nature of pride again.


    I support religious freedom for all, but the state should promote atheism (e.g. I think, that religious people have not proven that God/supernatural forces exist and therefore do not exist) and phase out religion. Our goal is clear: to make no one believe in religion. And I will ban cults.

    Views on family?

    before communism:
    I think there is not only one kind of family, no matter what gender the parents of the child are, there is no difference, and they are also a complete family, which needs to be protected by law.
    after communism:
    The family will eventually disappear, with people in the community sharing the care and education of the children.


    We need to completely destroy the old world and build a new socialist world. Some harmful cultures of the past must be eliminated from society. Violent means must be used.

    Colorblind Society

    This is Democracy.
    The ideal society would be one in which people are judged not by their race, ethnicity, religion (sometimes, as long as they are not cults), sexual orientation , gender , nationality, etc., but by their talents, character, and opinions.

    Abolish Institution of Marriage after Communism!

    Neither the institution of marriage nor the family can exist in a communist society. People can fall in love and have sex, but it is not a true institution of marriage. If someone wants to have a child, they can use technology such as an artificial womb or sperm, and of course the child is not raised exclusively by a pair of partners.

    Open Marriages

    This has nothing to do with my conservative ideas, but it has to do with the correct definition of love. Love refers to the strong romantic feelings between two people, after we have canceled patriarchal marriage, marriage has become a witness of love, and towards the direction of cancellation, but I always think that there is no exclusive "love" can only be counted as friendship.

    Cultural Preservation

    In fact, I do not care about most traditions, as long as they are harmless and not reactionary, they can be compatible with revolutionary socialism. But our traditional culture and festivals are still to be encouraged, I like to watch the Spring Festival gala (although the programs are not so interesting now).

    Cultural Liberalism NOT A LIBTARD

    I'm a Cultural Liberal. Why I call myself a Cultural Liberal now? Because I believe that everyone can choose to live a lifestyle that follows harmless traditions or a lifestyle that differs from harmless traditions. I am not a Societal Liberal, but a Cultural Liberal, the former being the view that "man has the right to be intolerant," the latter being the view that "man has the right to choose tradition." A.k.a: "I don't fxcking care if it's harmless."

    Foregin Culture

    It says above that I don't care about your culture as long as it's not harmful/reactionary, so multiculturalism is acceptable. But I still want to say that cultural exchange is good for everyone.


    I believe that a certain amount of animal welfare is good for human beings, and I will also support some animal protection policies. Many people misunderstand animal activists too deeply, thinking that they are a group of illogical, hate people, violence, love moral kidnapping, do not care about definitions, these are wrong. I actually cared so much about definitions that I spent a lot of time trying to define "animal cruelty."☹️



    • Scientocracy - Science is the key of progress. The advice of scientists will make the country better and stronger.
    • Genetic Transhumanism - I am in favor of some genetic modification of human beings, but only after Socialism (as defined by Lenin) has been achieved, and only on a voluntary basis.
    • Post-Industrialism - A society that focuses less on heavy machinery and more on communication technology can also pollute less of the planet.
    • Enviromentalism - Climate change is indeed an important issue for humanity, but it is not an issue at all for the planet. No one wants to make the earth uninhabitable.


    In order to accelerate the development of science, I will improve the treatment of some experts, let them contribute to the country, encourage scientific research, and take the opinions of scientists and experts into account when making decisions.

    Space Exploration

    Human understanding of the universe is very little, if the science and technology is very developed, I will use these science and technology for the exploration of space and benefit the people.

    I'm Not a Transhumanist…

    Although I was completely in favor of transhumanism before, now I think that if we use technology to transform human beings little by little, eventually human beings will disappear, and the transformation of human beings must be limited. (And I don't want to be transformed into a machine (or anything else), I'm human!)

    …But my ideology is influenced by Transhumanism

    Genetic modification of human beings may be desirable, but it is necessary to ensure that we have entered the stage of full socialism (phase 3) and do not excessively "dehumanize" people and prevent the development of technology from destroying humanity itself. This idea comes from the following points:

    • Transforming humans can strengthen humans and allow people to live a more comfortable life, so I support the transformation of humans to a certain extent.
    • The over-development of technology may lead to the extinction of mankind and harm mankind, which goes against the original intention of transhumanism, so I think transhumanism needs to have strict limits.
    • Transhumanism may lead to a more unfair society, so I think transhumanism must be implemented after the realization of socialism.
    • Coercive transhumanism makes people tools of the state, which means we have to be what the state wants us to be, so I think transhumanism should be voluntary.
    • Transhumanism should not be eugenics but a way of life, and just as society still cannot discriminate against the disabled, transhumans cannot oppress non-transhumans.

    Post-Industrial Society

    Production in a post-industrial society is no longer focused on machinery and factories, but on electronics and communication technology, which will also reduce environmental damage - and it is my ideal.

    Improve the technology, but protect the enviroment

    Although I think it is necessary to develop science and technology, we still need to remember that the environment of the earth is very important to human beings, and the pollution of the environment will also do harm to human beings.


    I will protect forests and trees, including planting trees, limiting the felling of trees, and so on. Not only the forests and trees, but also the cleanliness and health of the ocean is very important, like now there are a lot of Marine garbage, they should be cleared away to create a cleaner ocean. (Particular criticism of Japan's discharge of nuclear sewage)



    • Alter-Globalization - Globalization should serve neither money nor capitalists, but the proletariat and the people.
    • Trotskyism - We should promote communist movements around the world (not revisionist ones, of course).
    • Anti-Imperialism - Imperialism is the belief that the people of one's own country are no longer enough for capitalist exploitation and need to expand outward. This is a very reactionary idea.

    World Revolution

    It is impossible for Stalin's Socialism in One Country, and which of the present "socialist countries" has not betrayed its own Marxist path? I think we should support the communist forces all over the world, maintain close ties with the communists and progressive forces all over the world, and help them overthrow bourgeois or reactionary governments.


    I will help the oppressed countries of the world to fight against imperialism and colonialism and hope that there will be no more bourgeois reactionary regimes in the world.

    About the Socialist World Republic

    World Union is a state very close to communism, but by "socialism" we do not mean a Socialist World Republic, but World Social Anarchism.

    Race Equality

    In fact, human beings are not very different from each other, there are differences in individual abilities, personalities, and so on. Even if there is a big gap between races, we should not care about it, because there are always individual cases, so we should pay more attention to individual differences than racial differences.


    While I support the cooperation and union of the global proletariat, I oppose global capitalism and economic globalization, which I believe will harm the proletariat. I also belive in Fair-Trade.

    Enviromental Globalization

    Climate change, like capitalism, is a problem for the whole world and therefore cannot be fought with nationalism (which is why left-wing/eco nationalism and Stalinism cannot succeed), and since it is a global problem, it must be solved with international solidarity.

    Technological Globalization

    It is a very good idea to use technology to help the developing and third world countries all over the world, but it also needs to protect the interests of the proletariat, and cannot let technology serve the bourgeoisie.

    Border Control

    I really don't know why Chinese people have such a strong opinion of black people nowadays. Even if they are naturally more prone to violence, we should always remember that the individual case always exists, and we should not judge others with a colored eye.
    So I also have no problem with legal immigration, everyone can come to the socialist family (as long as you are not here to commit a crime…) If you have lived with us for a while and speak our language, you can officially become a member of our socialist family. We can also receive refugees, and the state will be happy to support them, and it is one of our duties to help the proletariat oppressed by the imperialist reactionaries throughout the world.
    "But…but the refugees created by imperialism should be accepted by the imperialist countries!"
    Thinking too much. We are socialist countries, they are imperialist countries, proletarian internationalism should be practiced by us, it is impossible for them to practice proletarian internationalism!
    I also heard about the wall Trump is building on the border between the US and Mexico. While his heart may be in the right place (to prevent crime), it is also completely unnecessary. See more about it: Blue Nephalemism .

    Cultural Assimilation…?

    I think I have made myself very clear on the issue of cultural assimilation.



    • Communitarianism - Communitarianism, for me, is a means to realize the ideal of individualism.
    • Individualism - Contrary to what the capitalists think of the communists, the real goal of communism is individualism, and communism is the only way to achieve it.
    • Optimistic Nihilism - I don't think life is meaningful, we don't know why we live, but that doesn't mean I'm a pessimist. We can create our own meaning, but the meaning of life is not to create meaning.
    • Moral Relativism - I think I'm a Moral Relativist. We make different moral judgments in different situations, so morality itself changes with circumstances. Well, I also believe that there are some things that should never be done, like torture things.

    Dialectical Materialism

    What Marx said is very reasonable, all consciousness depends on matter, but matter can move, they also have internal contradictions, just as a capitalist society also has class conflict. this idea is the basis of Marxist philosophy.

    Historical Materialism

    In history, class struggle and economic factors have always played a particularly important role. Marxism does not completely reject capitalism; it holds that capitalism is advanced for a time, but loses its advanced nature as the productive forces develop. The proletarian revolution is necessary for the further development of society, that is, to communist society.

    "Class Collaboration", an Oxymoron

    On the one hand, the bourgeoisie is afraid of class struggle, because if the proletariat understands the principles of class struggle, it may allow the proletariat to overthrow capitalism; on the other hand, it is very fond of class struggle (in this case, the struggle of the bourgeoisie against the proletariat), which can suppress the proletariat. As long as there are classes, there will be class struggle, but it need not be violent war. There is no such thing as "class collaboration"; it is just a lie of Corporatism.

    My Religious View

    I think it is absurd to believe in one religion, because each religion does not give its own reason and evidence for the existence of God, either belive in all of them or none of them, and I cannot understand believing in only one. I choose not to believe that the so-called God is often just a figure created by the ruling class taking advantage of people's ignorance of natural phenomena. If you think that there is a God (non-religious), please give proof, otherwise I will accept that it does not exist.


    Life has no meaning, that's why we're free. This doesn't mean that life can never have meaning, it just means that it doesn't have meaning. The misconception that the meaning of life is to create meaning is still not true.

    Humanism, bruh

    I do not believe in the existence of a human nature, but human being and their social relations and economic system is what really constitutes history. Isn't communism supposed to liberate the humanity?


    You can refer to my evaluation of Progressive Nihilism, things do have the law of development, but people also play a certain role in it. For example, before World War II, the German people were very dissatisfied with the life at that time and wanted to solve contradictions. At this time, they either directed the contradictions to the outside world (Fascist way) or overthrew the capitalist system with socialist revolution (Socialist way). But this does not mean that Germany is doomed to go the Nazi way, and that another socialist path is possible.

    Anti-Scientific Realism

    Science classifies, for example, those who fit these characteristics are "chickens" and those who fit those characteristics are "ducks." But nature itself does not classifie, and all things, to nature, are just "those things," without distinction. Things are just "there." They don't have the labels "chicken," "duck," "animal," "plant." For me, science is just a tool to explain and change the world, and it is better than other unscientific systems only in that it is not entirely derived from imagination, but through observation and experiment.

    The Chicken vs The Concept of The Chicken

    I heard someone said that the difference between materialism and idealism is that materialism thinks that first there is the chicken, and then there is the concept of chicken; Idealism says that first there was the concept of the chicken, and then there was the chicken. At the time, this answer got me thinking, and I felt as if both were true. Later I saw a similar "Did you or your father come first? The answer is you!" (though it was a joke rather than a real philosophical question). Now, I think I understand: indeed, both are true. In my opinion, first there were "those things" that people now call "chickens", then people named these things "chickens", and finally there was the concept of "chicken" in human society. Similarly, the question of "Did you or did your father come first?" can be answered with this template: First there was "the one" that people now think of as "your father," and then "the one" gave birth to you, and everyone will think that "the one" is your father.




    • Revolutionism - The revolution has created many socialist regimes, but the reform has not created a single socialist regime. This has made it abundantly clear that reform is completely impossible.
    • Party equals Class - The point of revolution is that the party leading the revolution should be equated with the class as a whole, not separate from it.

    Revolution! Revolution!

    All opportunists and reformists should read the works of Marx and Lenin and learn what real Marxism is, and reformism cannot succeed, because the establishment of socialism requires the violent destruction of the bourgeois state machine. === Syndie? More like Syn-Die! The trade union has never been a revolutionary organization, it is not now, and it never will be. It can play a role in easing class conflicts in capitalist countries, and it can also play a role in safeguarding the interests of the working class in socialist countries, but it never plays a revolutionary role.

    The State

    For the future communist society, we must first establish a state, which is the dictatorship of the proletariat. The term "dictatorship of the proletariat" represents both democracy for the proletariat and dictatorship for the exploiting classes, the proletariat will be in a leading position, it will rid society of everything that is exploitative and/or oppressive (really exploitative and/or oppressive, not an authoritarian censorship), and it will also expand the freedom of the proletariat.

    Abolish Parliamentarism, Embrance Proletarian Democracy

    When the running dogs of the bourgeoisie hear "the abolition of parliamentarism," they tremble with horror and cry out: "Listen! These socialists want to abolish our great democracy!" But in fact, "parliamentarism" is nothing more than the proletariat choosing who will repress the proletariat itself, not true democracy. The socialist state should be a "working body" that serves the proletariat. Therefore, the people can replace the workers in the government at any time, because they are working for the people.

    Permanent Revolution! Combat Revisionism, Capitalism and Conservatism!

    Revisionism may come to power at any moment, and all Marxists must be aware of this. Despite the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, we still have to struggle against the bourgeoisie and all bourgeois/feudal social systems.




    I can say that almost everything you see in the news about the Chinese genocide is fake. Western media deliberately smear China in this regard, so that people in the West do not have a good impression of China. I don't have a good impression of China either, but not in the same way. China is revisionist and no different from capitalist countries.


    "There is only one China in the world" is the consensus of the world. I don't know why Taiwan should be independent. The motherland must be unified, but neither the reunification of the People's Republic of China nor the so-called "Republic of China," but the reunification of China by the new revolutionary regime.

    North? South? Both not

    On the Chinese Internet, many people feel that you have only two positions on North and South Korea:

    1. Support planned economy, support socialism, support autocracy, support North Korea.
    2. Support the market economy, support capitalism, support democracy, support South Korea.

    But what about……?

    • Support planned economy, support socialism, support democracy, support revolution.

    I don't think it's possible for a revolution to come from North Korea, because it's really too authoritarian for anyone who opposes North Korea to be truly revolutionary.
    I think South Korea is a good place to start a revolution, because it is not totalitarian, the people have some freedom, and the class conflict in South Korea is fierce.
    North Korea, because it has abandoned Marxism and materialism, has no need for Marxists to support it.

    Palestine! Israel?

    Palestine must be liberated. Of course, anti-human groups like Hamas are unlikely to truly liberate Palestine. Israel cannot exist. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict must be resolved by force.
    First Israel must disappear. This can be done through Palestinian unity or the formation of a unity government. Second, extremist groups like Hamas must disappear. Third, the new government must be secular and religion must not influence it.

    Other ideologies

    The History

    Books, Literature

    Had read

    • The Communist Manifesto (by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels)
    • On Contradiction (by Mao Zedong)
    • 1984 (by George Orwell)
    • Animal Farm (by George Orwell)
    • The Soul of Man Under Socialism (by Oscar Wilde)
    • The State and Revolution (by Lenin)
    • The Futurist Manifesto (by Tommaso Marinetti)
    • Manifesto of the Italian Futurist Political Party (by Tommaso Marinetti) Don't ask me why I read these articles


    • Capital: Volume 1 (by Karl Marx) I haven't watched it lately

    Plan to read

    • The Conquest of Bread (by Peter Kropotkin)
    • Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution (by Peter Kropotkin)
    • Reform or Revolution (by Rosa Luxemburg)
    • The Russian Revolution (by Rosa Luxemburg)


    She has a personality between Smarter Greeceball Thought and Third Aquarian Model (radical, rebellious like , but kind-hearted, Humanist like ) She is almost always impolite, does not know how to comfort others, does not like to deal with human relations, and many people will think that she is a cold person. In fact, she is very talkative, emotional and compassionate, and loves to talk about political theories. She has no desire to manipulate others, and very much wants others to have their own ideas, even against her (to prove that she is not a person who is not open to other ideas). But still, she doesn't like to hear people criticize her, so she doesn't like people to reply to her. Her online political discussions are "egocentric," as she almost always inputs rather than outputs, and by accepting others' opinions, she refines her own theories. She also likes to contradict people, but only because it feels better to say it than not to say it. However, in reality, she is not like this, because the people around her are not interested in politics, she is also disappointed, and wants someone to have a vigorous political debate with her, because she feels that the only way to find someone who is really friendly and really understands her is in real life, and people online are either not friendly or can't understand her. Or, more accurately, she prefers to debate with friends rather than strangers. When discussing politics with others, she suddenly assumes the personality of Analytic Philosophy, even though she thinks she has nothing to do with Analytic Philosophy. Here are a few things to know about her behavior:

    • Likes to play mobile phone, but she is worried that it will aggravate her myopia.
    • Always hang out with Smarter Greeceball Thought.
    • Always had a hateful attitude towards drugs.
    • Sometimes like reading books very much, and even read them for hours.
    • Sometimes she deliberately criticizes herself in her mind. It doesn't come from a sense of guilt, but she really wants herself to feel that she's in the wrong. Though this always fails…
    • Often mentions and simply because they are ideologically similar and both are Chinese. And most importantly, they're on my Quadra list.
    • Her English level is not high, so almost an entire page of English content is translated by translation software. (including this)

    My emotions are actually intense, for example, when I see some hateful Conservative comments on the Internet, I think: just kill the Conservatives in the country. But I will resist this idea and tell myself that I should respect others. All my thoughts are probably a mixture of strong emotions and my own reason.


    <tabber> Ideologies=

    Very Based



    • Classical Tridemism - A great progressive bourgeoisie democratic revolutionary! Long live the Xinhai Revolution!
    • Fantasyism - I like to fantasize. Fantasy is the source of any new world ideal and new things. Socialism also originated from the fatasy of an egalitarian society. The fatasy of future science and technology is somehow helpful to human progress. But beyond that, we need scientific methods, because we need scientific conclusions.
    • Maoism - Maybe you are the best Chinese revolutionary, but the Cultural Revolution is pretty bad, because you killed so many people.
      • The Gang of Four (Cringe) - No! Stop your madness! Although making up rumors about you is also wrong.
    • Italian Left Communism - Anti-Revisionism is great, but you are too…dogmatic?
    • Constitutional Liberalism - You were supposed to be put in the "neutral" or "unfriendly" position, but I really like your textual aesthetics.(?) The declaration of freedom and equality for everyone, if accompanied by the most precise definitions and the most standardized provisions, should be a pleasure to read.😘 Ah! I don't know why I like it so much!


    • Left-Wing Nationalism and National Communism - Imperialism is like a demon spreading out over the whole world; if it is only repelled here, it will soon reach out here again. If the people of the world unite to defeat it completely, it will never be reborn.
    • Hong Kong Pro-Beijing Camp - Never stand with rioters! Stand with Hong Kong police not forever! Also, I'm not an establishment, down with Xi Jinping XD
    • Sydicalism - Unions are useless in the revolution.
    • Social Economy - I understand that you want a better economic system, and I agree that we need a more democratic economy, but you haven't gone far enough.
    • Stransserism - Why are you a Ethnonationalist and Bourgeois Socialist?
    • Pink Anarcho-Nazbol - Why are you a Nazi?
    • Statism - You don't like him…


    • Futurism - I love that you destroy some traditions and advocate extreme progressivism, but I also love reading books that you find "cowardly," like Cao Wenxuan's Straw House, because it always moves me, but the sentiment is unintentional, and the language is plain but interesting. I might be too compassionate for you. Also, sometimes, we do not need speed: We need analysis and rational thinking when others tell us their point of view; We need to feel the joy it brings you when you find something new. We need to be in the world of others when they tell you their pain. Sometimes we need slow down more than speed. I'm not saying that the rate at which we change the old world needs to slow down, but that we don't always have to aspire to things like "masculinity".
    • Social Libertarianism - Left-Wing Economics and libertarianism are based, but you're still a Crapitalist.
    • Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - "Free market"? NO.
    • Japanese Communism - Refrom is IMPOSSIBLE!


    • Romanticism - Constantly beautifying the past, constantly suspecting science can't really make the past better. Only by affirming the role of reason and embracing the progress of human society can we achieve true freedom.
      • Romantic Nationalism - It is the same for the nation, no matter how beautiful the national myth is woven, the power of cohesion through myth is far less powerful than the power of science.
      • Technoromanticism - Embracing technology will not save Romanticism from failure, because you are still immersed in Mysticism, Idealism and Conservatism.
    • Apoliticism - “沉默呵,沉默呵!不在沉默中爆发,就在沉默中灭亡。” Even if you just want to grill, what you grill is related to politics! When you grill meat and someone tells you that eating meat is immoral, you have to deal with politics!
    • Progressive Nihilism - You are like those so-called socialists who think that socialism will come naturally without human struggle. When we say that progress is inevitable, what we mean is that human society will always develop to the point where progress is needed, but it needs a force to push it forward, namely, man.
    • Crappie - YOUR TIME HAS COME!!!
    • Left-Accelerationism - If the realization of socialism must be based on the suffering of the proletariat, I would rather choose social democracy than you!
    • Petit Bourgeois Socialism - "This school of Socialism dissected with great acuteness the contradictions in the conditions of modern production. It laid bare the hypocritical apologies of economists. It proved, incontrovertibly, the disastrous effects of machinery and division of labour; the concentration of capital and land in a few hands; overproduction and crises; it pointed out the inevitable ruin of the petty bourgeois and peasant, the misery of the proletariat, the anarchy in production, the crying inequalities in the distribution of wealth, the industrial war of extermination between nations, the dissolution of old moral bonds, of the old family relations, of the old nationalities. In its positive aims, however, this form of Socialism aspires either to restoring the old means of production and of exchange, and with them the old property relations, and the old society, or to cramping the modern means of production and of exchange within the framework of the old property relations that have been, and were bound to be, exploded by those means. In either case, it is both reactionary and Utopian."
    • Conservatism and Traditionalism - Conserve my a$$.
    • - "The GPU is not only guilty of frame-up. It is guilty of concocting a rotten, gross, foolish frame-up. Impunity is depraving. The absence of control paralyzes criticism. The falsifiers carry out their work no matter how. They rely on the sum-total effect of confessions and ... executions. If one carefully compares the fantastic nature of the accusation in its entirety with the manifest falsehood of the factual depositions, what is left of all these monotonous confessions? The suffocating odour of the inquisitorial tribunal, and nothing more!"这么喜欢犯高级错误啊,那你就继续吧。看你遍也是编不好,现在被扒皮了吧。你还搁这儿幻想一国建成社会主义呢,共宣多读几遍你会有新的认识的。
    • Right-Social Democracy, Social Liberalism, Social Capitalism etc. - You can't save capitalism.
    • Anarcho-Conservatism - Reminds me of someone who managed to combine Anarcho-Conservatism with Anarcho-Communism. 逆天。很喜欢马克思主义者的一句话:啊?
    • Libertarianism - Private property has crushed true Individualism, and set up an Individualism that is false. It has debarred one part of the community from being individual by starving them.
    • Dengism - You can close my mouth, but I will not stop thinking. If I'm still thinking, my mind is still out of your system. I won.
      • Scientific Outlool on Development - Maybe better than normal Dengism, I think.
      • Three Represents - Hahaha. Your mask slipped by now.
      • Xi Jinping Thought - F**k you, revisionist suck. Although you are not genocidal and there's no such things like social credit, but where is the difference between you and a normal authoritarian capitalist country???

    Very Cringe

    • Reverse Soulism - Although soulism is not realistic, you are very terrible, probably more scary than all the ideologies in the world.
    • Milk Tea Alliance - Who wants to unite with you?谁要跟你联合了?
    • Hong Kong Democratism - "I'm not an establishment… But I don't think their goals are right, and their means are also very wrong. I can't possibly support someone like that."
    • Cultism - 我给大家一分钟的时间,选择留下来的人,结果就跟他一样。
      • - 我感谢天地!
      • - 天地感谢我!
      • - 我感谢父母!
      • - 父母感谢我!
      • - 我是罪人!
      • - 我是圣人!
      • - 我危害人间!
      • - 我造福人间!
      • - 我辜负苍生!
      • - 我拯救苍生!
      • - 我愿抛开一切!
      • - 我愿获得一切!
      • - 消除名利权力!
      • - 获得名利权力!
      • - 舍弃金钱物质!
      • - 执着金钱物质!
      • - 归于真我!
      • - 迷失自我!
    • Reactionaryism - Biggest enemy of progressive socialists.
    • Reactionary Modernism - Reactionary with Technology is still a reactionary!
    • "Alternate Modernism" - Let me have a "friendly" conversation with you.
    • National Bolshevism and Strasserism - Red fascist!啥狗币玩意儿。神必Nazbol,做回你自己!
    • National Syndicalism - 真狗币玩意儿。Bourgeois even not real Socialism, Fascist even not real red.
    • Nutzi, Showertard and Fashoid - Death to fascism, freedom to the people!
      • : 你怎么还不去死啊?我真希望你死得透透的,然后让一群人往你的尸体上吐口水。好像是犹太人、康米、LGBT真的有啥错似的。你确实不会图什么利益,你就真的是恶而已。
      • : 当然还有你。你也怎么不去死啊?跟前面那个一起去死,然后让我们在你的尸体上撒niao。天蝗陛下总有一天会被愤怒的人民杀死的。真以为是我们忘了?恰恰相反,南京大屠杀遇难同胞纪念馆每年都有无数人前去观看你们的罪行啊!
      • : 别以为你没前两个魔怔你就逃的掉。你们这些极端民族主义者和法团主义者在台上提什么国际斗争阶级调和我就来气。独裁者都是会失败的,就像你。

    Very Based

  • - Cool, and based, comrade! Ohhhhhhhhhh
  • Rojtavs - BEST COMRADE FOREVER! Wish you are not pro-"Taiwan".
  • Based

    • - Maybe I'm more extreme than you.
    • INeutralicA - Nice ideology, but can you be a little more scientific? Your understanding of China is completely distorted fate and wrong ("State Capitalist,", it is normal Capitalist; "genocidal," it is NOT genocidal). Without these false impressions, you would not support Taiwan independence. Moreover, I think that there is no possibility of any peaceful transition to socialism, because what we need is a new state ( proletarian and democratic, not bourgeois dictatorship). The idea of legalizing prostitution is absolutely reactionary. Prostitution, like capitalism, essentially treats human beings as a "commodity" that doesn't change in nature no matter how well regulated it is. Generally speaking, your idea is good, but there are some mistakes. These are some problems that almost every utopian socialist has, and I may have a few (because I'm not very scientific) I also notice that you use "They" when describing yourself, emm maybe you are a non-binary?🤔 As for religion, socialists must eliminate it as a tool of the ruling class, no matter how beautifully packaged, which is only used to make you believe in the ruling class. Although religious freedom must exist, this does not mean that religion itself cannot be eliminated. We must resolutely destroy reactionary idealism with materialism. The pursuit of religious tolerance, but not the elimination of religion, is not the work of socialists, but of revisionists (that is, those liberal reformists). Stalin committed theoretical errors, so that he could not really succeed, just as those who imitated Stalin did not at all build even a real proletarian dictatorship, but developed a capitalist society or so-called "market socialism." That is why we are against Stalinism, not just because we don't like it. War isn't always bad. It would be especially good to help people in foreign countries fight against oppression. Please don't reply because I just think it's fun to find out other people's mistakes. It doesn't mean I don't really like your ideology, because I thought it was great the first time I looked at your page.
    • FutureUnitism - I don't think you're a Marxist, but don't get angry, that's not a "criticism" of you, there's no shame in not being a Marxist, and I'm not in a position to criticize you, because I'm not particularly knowledgeable about Marxist theory myself.我终于把你的回复看完了(悲)其实跟人交流好像也不是那么难(喜)吓死我了(大悲)我终于理解你的意思了(大喜)但是我最开始还写了那么多东西评价你(大悲)(确诊双相情感障碍)(不是真的,开个玩笑而已)我跟你说点真心话吧。有句话叫未知全貌不予置评,我感觉我也是那个未知全貌就置评的人。这么看来我也很屑。我站在自以为正确的角度上对你批判也很像那些自恋的人,我不喜欢但是我其实也是他们。我没有资格说一个同样是社会主义者,同样是中国人的人很无知,因为我们是相似的,批评他或许就是在批评我。现在你可以自己把我给你加的那些标签呀,不合适的评价呀都删掉。我不想删了。我对同志的态度竟然是强烈批判的,视为敌人的,充满偏见的。呵呵。不过也谢谢你让我认识了我的自大吧。我没有道德绑架,我不是道德主义者,那又怎么样呢?我也有自己的绑架方式,那就是观点绑架。我知道我误会你的那一瞬间我是近乎崩溃的。那为什么要崩溃?是我认为批判别人是我的精神支柱?哈哈哈。请不要说我在伪装,我是虚情假意什么的,因为这是网络,有极强的隐私性,我有什么好隐瞒的吗?根本没有。我把自己的观点,自己的立场都放在了这一个小页面里。啊啊啊我瞬间感觉好绝望啊啊啊啊啊啊!!!好想嘎但是怕疼啊啊啊啊啊啊!!!要不你给我指条明路吧哈哈哈,我要怎么处理和人的关系之类的。我估计至少这一周废了。哦对了你有想过废除性别吗?让所有的不必要的标签都成为过去,我们新的未来是完全自由的,不受性别束缚的!
      以上您观看的是正常版,请点击此按钮观看黑化版→(注:这是黑化版本人,不是正常版本人)(the evil version of me)


    Smarter Greeceball Thought - Your idea is good on the whole, but I still want to talk about our differences. First of all, you are inclined to unite with some of the Fascists of the left, but socialists should fight against all Fascism, whether it is left or right, because Fascism is even more Reactionary than Liberalism. Even if that kind of fascism is socialist, it is either based on a misreading of Marxist theory or on pure Utopian Socialism. Secondly, you are very fond of Syndicalism, but the trade unions do not play the role of class struggle in the revolution; they are at best an instrument for the workers to defend their legitimate rights, and not a genuine revolutionary workers' organisation. Then, you call yourself a "Anti-Authoritarian," but you want to physically exterminate everyone on the right, even the center-left, and I fear that one day you will exterminate me, too[4]. Totalitarian methods can never achieve the goal of suppressing Totalitarianism. Also, do you really want to eliminate Social Democrats? But I have many Social Democratic/Social Liberal friends (online)😂 I won't be able to see their Zhihu answers if you kill them. Trust me, they're mostly about personality types. Also, the word "reactionary" in this context seems like a vague word, and it's better not to kill for a vague reason.以上您观看的是正常版,请点击此按钮观看黑化版→(注:这是黑化版本人,不是正常版本人)



    • Six-two-zero thought - 现在是,找 茬 时 间!I think your ideology is still too moderate. Progress should be pursued by radical and revolutionary means.
    • Syner
      - Better than Humsoc, I think.
    • Template:BLNFLM - A moderate and a corporatist.
    • Template:Humsoc - Kind of like utopian socialists, but unlike them, you actually think about how to achieve socialism. In fact, I read theory intermittently, and whenever I think of it, I read a little more. I don't remember how many days it took me to read State and Revolution from start to finish, including the days I read and the days I didn't read.
    • Temujin Leeism - Good, just a bit hard to understand (?Off Compass?)以上您观看的是正常版,请点击此按钮观看黑化版→(注:这是黑化版本人,不是正常版本人)


    • - Basically my moderate variant. You are very based if you're not so Pro-Market.以上您观看的是正常版,请点击此按钮观看黑化版→(注:这是黑化版本人,不是正常版本人)


    • - Too collectivistic for me, I think you already have some prejudice against homosexuals because you're emphasizing "as long as they are not pedophiles" and you're subconsciously thinking that homosexuals are more likely to be pedophiles.
      I have an idea that the more oppressed a person is in society, the more obvious his/her/their identity becomes.
      Your view on abortion is also not very good, if abortion is murder, then it means that people have rights even if they are not born, then it means that fetuses have rights such as freedom of speech? That's weird.😂Also, your ideology is good.

    Interesting, but not very based

    • Ego-Stalinism - Are you ?以上您观看的是正常版,请点击此按钮观看黑化版→(注:这是黑化版本人,不是正常版本人)



    • Torch Socialism - I don't think a Social Corporatist economy and hardcore authoritarianism will lead us to Socialism… And "New Democracy" is also reactionary, Socialism needn't "Multi-Class Rule", Socialism needs worker's leadership. The urban petty bourgeoisie, and the peasants, maybe are the allies of the workers, but never the ruling class.


    • Eco-German Nationalism - Tolerable, but it is just tolerable. And Taiwanese Independence is pretty bad. Also, can you be a real socialist? (Do not preserve capitalism, but support complete socialist nationalization/collectivization)


    • Terekhofism - "You are ill, you are antinatural and it's aganist the nature!" You express three ideas in one sentence, but none of them are right.
      • Terekhofism Homo & Transsexuality is aganist Nature, my chinesse friend. Not my conservative Thougth
    • - I disagree with you, but I don't want to force my ideas on you. If you think I want you to change your mind, then you misunderstand me, I am only expressing my opinion, you can continue to adhere to your ideology. Both Monarchy and Conservatism are reactionary and harmful to the Communist revolution, and the Communists should destroy them. It is very wrong to think that these reactionary systems can be compatible with socialism.

    Very Cringe

    Altemism - Cringe. I'm not saying you have to agree with me or you can't have your own ideas, I'm saying from my point of view your ideology is really bad.以上您观看的是正常版,请点击此按钮观看黑化版→(注:这是黑化版本人,不是正常版本人)


    Very Based






    Very Cringe

    某个叫兽 - 学习就是为了和白种人杂交?多么可恨的言论。那个学生上台反驳你就是对的,就是正义。

    Very Based

    • Agnostic Atheism - I like your opinion on whether God exists. You know, to be an Atheist is really easy, we don't need to prove that God doesn't exist to convince them, but Theists need to prove that God does exist to convince us!😂
    • Marxist Humanism - Let us create a new Humanism, different from the lies of the bourgeoisie!
    • Secular Humanism - Secular Progressive values over Religious "Traditional" values.
    • Dialectical Materialism - You explained our world correctly, so I support you!
    • Sartrean Existentialism - Well, I do like your philosophy…
    • Conflict Theory - This is the foundation of Dialectical Materialism!


    • Positive Atheism - We cannot conclude that God does not exist, so it is best to keep an open mind. But I think it's more likely that God doesn't exist…



    • Deism - Why are you assuming there is a god? This is unnecessary!
    • Pantheism - You too! Just why?



    Very Cringe

    My Theories (?)

    Note: These theories are not accurate political theories, but conclusions based on my personal observations.

    The Obvious Identity

    People who are discriminated against and/or marginalized by society often have more obvious identities than the majority group. This is because the majority group becomes a "default identity." For example, if a murderer is a man, people will criticize the person, and if the murderer is a woman, people will begin to criticize "woman" as a gender. I know that many people will object to this theory of mine, often in the name of "opposition to identity politics." But I think if this phenomenon has eliminated , there will be no identity politics in society.

    The Socialist Filter

    Some countries that used to have a dictatorship of the proletariat and now have abandoned it may still claim to be a socialist country, but many people still look at the country with a socialist filter, which is why many people think of China as a State Capitalist or Market Socialist country, rather than an ordinary Capitalist country. Part of the argument against my theory is that the Chinese government has done things that seem very economic "left-wing" and "Socialist." But let's think about it, if it were a Western Capitalist country, we would still not deny that this country is Capitalist.

    Test Results

    Note: I don't think I took the political quiz to ask "What kind of person I am", but "What kind of person do you think I am", and I would be very unhappy if the result didn't match my perception of myself.


    • "I am an individualist and an altruist. I help others because I feel that they are experiencing pain as unique individuals as I am."
    • "The dictatorship of the proletariat is for get rid of the state, the socialist revolution is for the non-existence of the "proletariat" - the socialist movement is a movement for the elimination of itself."
    • "People who speak every day against identity politics value identity more than anything else."

    Summary of Everything

    Philosophy: Existentialist Compatibilism based on Marxist Materialism.

  • Sartrean Existentialism
  • Dialectical Materialism
    • Historical Materialism
  • Compatibilism
  • Epicureanism
  • Individualism
  • Communitarianism
  • Constructivism
  • Marxist Humanism
  • Negative Atheism/Agnostic Atheism
  • Moral Relativism
  • Scientific Anti-Realism

  • Aesthetical: What I like.

  • Solarpunk
  • Laborwave
  • Abstract Expressionism
  • Futurist Art
  • Constitutional Aesthetics
  • Anti-Vague Aesthetics[6]

  • Comments

    IDK Thought - This is a fake comment section, I really don't like people commenting at the bottom of my page, sorry.

    1. It means that I am inspired by them and may have similarities with their pages when I edit my page in the future.
    2. I wanted to use this image because it looks like fireworks and the ball looks happy.
    3. 中国有句古话:求同存异(不是)
    4. Based on my disagreement with him, it can be seen that one day we will come to different conclusions about the same thing, and then I will be dead.
    5. Because I don't think rich people need money, it's better to just give money to the poor than to give money to everyone.
    6. "I think clear expression is also a kind of beauty. Vague language is encouraged only where artistic expression is needed. In some places, absolutely explicit expression and words that do not produce a second interpretation satisfy my aesthetic desires."
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