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    Hypercapitalism is an off-compass right ideology. It believes in an Extreme version of Capitalism, Slavery, Cultural Darwinism, Transhumanism, and Totalitarian methods similar to IngSoc.

    Longer Description

    Hypercapitalism Is a Hyper-Authoritarian Capitalist ideology in which any opposition or individual not thinking positively of the leader is sold as slave or put in work camps. In hypercapitalism selling anything (e.g. slaves, body, human parts/remainings, drugs etc.) is legal, regulations are banned by law. Hypercapitalism is very nationalistic and violent in nature calling to kill everyone who is not of his country(Poland). Under Hypercapitalism Murder Theft Rape etc. Is fully illegal except if it's against foreigners or socialists. Hypercapitalism believes in total surveillance of the country to prevent Crimes from happening. Hypercapitalism also believes all people should be immortal (besides foreigners and Leftists ) and thinks the only way to achieve this is through
    Hypercapitalism believes that all children should become slaves and work in factories for life so that the country doesnt get overpopulated due to Immortality from Transhumanism


    The On Insert Thing Here Entries will be written from first person perspective.

    On Military

    But what about military? I think that people of our glorious country should not have to fight the socialists foreigners and others. So how will the military operate? i have a very good answer: It is gonna be the foreigners that will fight, But how are you gonna make them fight? maybe through some psychological operations, but my main idea is to kidnap foreigners and train them and force them to fight, and kill them if they try to resist. Were gonna get our own military and kill foreigners. (possibly SOCIALISTS)

    On Surveilance

    Total surveillance will be done by basically putting cameras everywhere, this includes: peoples' homes, streets, shops, clubs etc. To further the surveillance the cameras would have microphones attached to them, and if someone tried to mute the microphone or turn off the camera, the police would come to that place and arrest the person.

    On Law

    In a Hypercapitalist society punishments for crimes are very harsh and you will also get punished for questioning said punishments. A person that potentially tried to turn off/blind a camera or mute a microphone would be sentenced to AT LEAST 25 years in prison and thats the lightest of all crime scenarios, the worst you can get for a Crime is death by skinning, that is only applied to socialists foreigners and people who ACTUALLY disrespect the leader/country(Burning the flag, insulting the leader, joking about leader etc.).

    On Guns

    Everyone should be able to own guns! What if someone sees a socialist that somehow the state doesnt know about?! if he's gonna waste time to tell the leader about it he's probably gonna escape, but if he had a gun he could just shoot him!

    On Socialism/Communism

    It's simple! Kill them or sell as slaves i'd prefer the second option.

    On Abortion

    Im very fine with foreigners killing their own people/children, but i would only allow it if the child has bad genes.

    On Selling Illegal Things(CP Etc.)

    I believe in selling anything should be legal, however there may be some things that, even i may not want to be legal to sell (CP, Animal (((Stuff))), Animal Abuse etc. videos). I have a way to solve this issue: Make killing Pedophiles Zoophiles, and other people inconvenient for me or the state legal.

    On Religion

    I dont want my people to be enslaved by anyone other than me and the state.

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