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    Hyperborea Bidenism is the Totalitarian and Liberal Fascist ideology which happens to be Joe Biden's true ideology.

    It believes that there is a place called "Hyperborea" where the Irish people originated from and this place must be rediscovered. The problem is that it is actively hidden by (((Trump-Supporters))) and these must be dealt with to recover the truth.

    It wants to use a hawkish foreign policy to discover Hyperborea, but this should be disguised as a way to protect Democracy and freedom. Although, he secretly hates democracy as he considers it a "system for the weak".

    The ideology believes that by making deliberately bad decisions it can weaken the American government and prepare for a hyperborean takeover. In this revolution the oppressed irish-hyperboreans would throw off their chains, revolt against the (((GOP)))-controlled government and create a great empire with the almighty fuhrer as its leader.

    He is generally progressive when it comes to socio-cultural questions (as long as they don't collide with his hardcore irish supremacy and love for old mysticism). He supports the LGBT movement, abortion and Feminism. Liberal values is also something that he approves of (with the exeption of religious freedom as he advocates for an Esoteric theocracy). He believes that progress and liberalism should be enforced through a Totalitarian and Fascist state.

    Ice cream is believed to be the the sacred food of the ancient Irish people as they used to mix different kinds of fruits with the snow of their homeland to create these desserts. These would give them the strength to become the master race as the desserts had magical capabilities.

    How to draw

    Flag of Hyperborea Bidenism
    • Draw a ball with eyes
    • Color it blue
    • Draw the black sun symbol in red
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Blue #4672A8 70, 114, 168
    Red #FF2E39 255, 46, 57


    • Talks in long, deranged ramblings and acts like a mentally ill schizophrenic.
    • Constantly brings up old myths and references arcane religious scriptures.
    • Is extremely racist. Even to the point where Nazis find him extreme.
    • Uses catchphraces commonly used by Joe Biden.





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