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    Hyperborea is the ideology of a warlord state and formable nation of the same name in the Hearts of Iron IV mod The New Order: Last Days of Europe. It is a Russian ultranationalist ideology which takes heavy influence from contemporary Hyperborean thought and ancient slavic aesthetics it believes that Slavs are the true Aryans.


    Before Valery Yemelyanov took leadership of perm it was lead by Gutrum Vagner and the Aryan Brotherhood, it was founded under the belief that the Ubermensch the german nazis believe in isn't a biological concept, it is a psychological concept and aryan is simply a state of mind one must work himself towards. The Aryan Brotherhood was oriented with a caste system with "Aryan" people at the top serving as warriors and political leadership and the slavic people at the bottom being slaves who are forced to work in labour camps for the sake of the Brotherhood, however there were ways to advance in the Brotherhood, by partaking in rituals and proving your "aryanness" one can be admited in the aryan caste, Yemelyanov would join the brotherhood with the objective of slowly turning them away from german national socialism and into slavo-paganism, quickly rising up the ranks he would defeat Vagner in a power struggle and take over as the High Priest Velimir, leading to the creation of Hyperborea and Slavo-Aryanist rule.


    Mythological Origins

    They believe that prehistoric Europe was once dominated by an Aryan superculture who came from the levant that preserved their racial purity, built great works of art, and founded majestic cities. However, over time they were corrupted by deceitful Jewish interference, who manipulated them into intermarrying with lesser races and covered up their glorious heritage. Their descendants, who have fallen far but may regain their former glory, are now known as the "Slavic" people, To them, it is the Russians who are the heirs of the all-powerful Aryan race, and the Germans are actually inferior Asiatics who occupied Aryan lands at the behest of the jews so the people would achieve false racial consciousness, leading to a move away from Slavo-Aryanism.


    Slavo-Aryanists believe in a syncretic mix of Slavic Paganism and other Indo-Aryan religions, who are also mixed with intense anti-semitism throughout its pratices and rituals, its mainly solidified under a belief in Perun, and also that the state should be theocratic with priests being the rulers and following the wills of the gods


    In terms of the state, Hyperborea is extremely totalitarian, with priest-kings supervising every minute detail to guarantee that all are behaving as proper aryans or proper slaves, with the High Priest being the highest position and having intense autocratic powers alongside being worshipped as a messenger of the gods, below him are the priest-kings who supervise the land, below them the priests and below them the average aryan citizens, below the aryans are all the peoples that they consider to be subhuman, who are treated as slaves, and below those are the jewish people who Slavo-Aryanists believe should be exterminated.


    Slavo-Paganism rejects modern economics as either bolshevik weakness or jewish conspiracy, believing instead that the economy should be organized by priest-kings who give their orders on how the economy should be run based on the will of the gods, these Priest-Kings would also serve as supervisers and proselytizers in factories to guarantee that all are working in accordance to the ancient faith.


    Hyperborea, unlike his father, is a genuine pagan and not a LARPer. He, like his founder, is very stoic and collected, but also has schizophrenic paranoia and rants about the jews and ancient aryans all the time, just in a calm and collected manner.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Hyperborea
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it in black.
    3. Draw a large gold circle.
    4. In the same shade of gold, outline a left-facing tilted swastika in the circle.
    5. Color in each section of the swastika a different color: Blue (top), White (left), Green (bottom), Red (right).
    6. Add the eyes.

    You're done!

    Color Name RGB HEX
    Black 9, 9, 9 #090909
    Gold 215,164,32 #D7A420
    Blue 0, 57, 167 #0039A7
    White 255, 255, 255 #FFFFFF
    Green 17, 137, 17 #118911
    Red 209, 20, 11 #D10A0B


    True Hyperboreans

    Acceptable Non-Hyperboreans

    • Burgundian System - I'm glad you managed to see how the Germans weren't truly living up to the Aryan standard, but still in your state there is still plenty of non-Aryans in control living life like Jews!
    • Taboritskyism - We worked together at one point and we have the same enemies. But, alas, we have different visions for the world.


    • Nazism - That was a well-deserved knife to the throat, Vagner, you nazis are false Aryans, not pagans, and are Germanic. Need I say more?
    • Ultravisionary Socialism - Dirty communist who wants to take over Russia instead of me.
    • Zionism - We must reclaim Caanan from the grasp of the Jew!
    • Orthodox Theocracy - Jewish false god, Jewish false religion.
    • Marxism - Marxism is the opiate for the Slavic masses that prevents them from seeing the light of paganism!
    • Progressivism - What's wrong with the world, you won't enter Hyperborea!
    • White Guilt - Weak non-Aryans who didn't originate from the Hyperborean circle

    Further Info


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