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    Hyper-Industrialism is an ideology that believes in the notion that the only thing that matters in society is to maximize industrial output.
    To do this it wants to put an AI in charge to calculate the most efficient way to manage the industry. It also wants to use humans in the industrial process, but it does not see them as actual humans but rather as tools to be used in the factories. Transh.png Transhumanism would be used as a way to make the humans working in the factories more effective at doing their job and if the ideology advances really far it could also discard the humans all together since there might be more effective ways to run the factories.


    Foremen and best employees

    Potentially effective

    • Cap.png Capitalism - Kind of based, but what's this about private ownership?
    • TransAvar.png Transhumanist Avaritionism - Such a great investor and slave personal sharer! But he too much cares about profit and ownership...


    • Synd.png Syndicalism - No, workers do not deserve right!
    • Envi.png Environmentalism - Yes, I pollute the environment. So what?
    • Post-Industrialism.png Post-Industrialism - We won't outsource our factories to other countries.
    • Neolud.png Neoluddism - You got it all wrong. The industrial revolution was glorious!
    • SCP.png SCPism - Factory is Progress. Factory is Innovation. Factory is hungry for more.


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