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    Hydraism is a Civically Authoritarian (But somethimes Totalitarian Lean) , Economically Right Wing and Anticommunism.png Anti-Communism (But also being against Liberal Capitalism), Culturally React.pngReactionary, Religious.pngReligious and Very Esoteric (But Against Abrahamic Unitism.pngAbrahamic Religions) and Diplomatically Nation.pngNationalist with combination of Pan-Nationalism.pngPan-Aryan Internationalism ideology inhabiting the Authright.pngAuthRight of the Political Compass. He is a son of Esofash.png Esoteric Fascism and Altr.png Alt-Right.



    Hydraism Civically can be described as Authoritarian (Yet, in some issues, he's Totalitarian Leaning), he belives the Strong Goverment lead by an Absolute Monarch is neccery to bring Law and Order, he belives in Absolute Monarchy combined with Caste System, in which State would run most of the Main Media, but Non-State Media would be allowed to exist, as long as they don't atack any of Our Values. Even if he's Authoritarian, he's still very opposed to Ultra-Totalitarian (That is, IngSoc) type of State. He belives that People who don't try to abolish his Goverment, must have certain freedoms. He is also enemy of mandatory education to 18'th age (Only support Mandatory Education for 3 Years, after it someone must pay for education or go to work), beliving school program (except lessons which involves talking about politics, history, religion or culture) can have their own unique program.


    Hydraism, unlike most of Fascists, isn't Economically Centrist, but more of Right Wing. He is often very simmilar to NazCap, He is very violent towards Communists, as its a Jewish Created Ideology in order to make goyims poor and destroy their economies (He also often calls Communism "Biblical Economy". He supports massive privatization, deregulation, low tax rates, no social help from state and private owned healthcare. He belives only certain things which are neccery to regulate like defending the consumer rights must be regulated by the state. Otherwise the Private Property would work well, without too much inteference.


    Hydraism is Culturally Far-Right, he belives in Reactionary policies, Returning to Our Real Culture (Cleaned out of Jewry), Racial Aryan Ethnostate, Anti-LGBTQ+, Traditional Family Roles, Ethnic Segregation and More. He belives Crimals must be punished harshly, and would for example use Capital Crime for Rapists or People who work with Mafia. He belives that the Modern World and Progressivism is caused by Jewry. He is very against weakness, pacifism, hippies or any sort of Degenerates seening them as weak and inferior. For deformed he would use Eugenics, however when Children is Healthy and Aryan in nearly all cases he supports Total Abortion Ban. He belives Progressives are Jewish Soyjaks and would laught at them. He is also very, very, very Antisemitic.


    In this category Hydra is much much more Moderated, he belives there should be an International Union of Aryan Nations, that Independent Aryan Nations should form an Alliance and Union which would help one another in need, thus he describes himself as Nationalist and at the same time Pan-Nationalist, combining Aryan Internationalism with Independence of Them.

    Conspiracy Theories

    Hydraism is a big fan of conspiracy theories, as he belives under the fall of Aryan Civilization and Modern World there is Jewish NWO, which would finally Enslave whole Aryan Race when the Jewish Messchiach would come, he belives our only hope are Aeonic God Agarthians and Aeonic Aryan Extraterrials who would come to us and destroy the Jewish Messchiach and International Jewry, He belives in Hollow Earth, and that Agartha and Hyperborea are in it, he would really like to get there, and see his Aryan Brothers once again. He belives Aryan Race comes from Aldeeberan which is a Far-Galactic Planet, which he would like to reach for, same as reaching Secrets of the World and Galaxy. He also is Corona Denierism, beliving it is a Hoax creating by Jews and that real problem is the 5G, beliving in UFO's, Goverment Lying for Us about Aliens and much much more of Schizo Conspiracy Theories. He is also Anti-Vaxxer and Anti-Masker.


    Hydra is a very Esoteric and Occult-Based Person, he absolutely loves Rituals, Doing Magic, Astral Projection, Working to becoming Necromant and more. Spends many hours reading about Occult, Esotericism, and Ancient Symbols. By religion he's Gnostic, with combination of Dharmic, Pagan and Luciferian Satanist Views on Religion. Being sort of Pan-Non Abrahamist. He is very Violent toward Abrahamic Religions as he belives they are Demiurge Creations (Which is, the Material World Menevolvent God which locked our Spirits in Material World) and they only create fear of Devil and Death which made people turn Fearful, and he would destroy them at all cost, (especially Christianity and Judaism as he belives, its core of Jewish NWO at the world). He belives when we finally reach Gnosis, the Demiurge, would be deafeted and we would be Gods again, reunited with Monad in the Fantasy Like Universe. He also belives in Reincarnation. He also is very close to New Age ideals.


    While Hydra belives there's no such a thing as Human Made Climate Change, He very cares about Enviroment, and Supports Mother Nature.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Hydra is INTP-A, he often complains how things are degenerate/jewish. He often uses racial slurs to every people he consider unpure or degenerate (basically 99% of world).








    The Golden Thread - Esoteric Hitlerism, by Miguel Serrano
    Adolf Hitler, The Ultimate Avatar by Miguel Serrano
    The Lightning and The Sun by Savitri Devi
    Impeachment of Man by Savitri Devi
    Defiance by Savitri Devi
    The Morning of the Magicians: Secret Societies, Conspiracies, and Vanished Civilizations by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier
    The Myth of the 20th Century by Alfred Rosenberg
    Revolt Against The Modern World by Julius Evola
    Pagan Imperialism and Metaphysics of War by Julius Evola
    The Book of Wyrd by ONA Nexion, Pan Europa Black Order
    Plato Complete Works by Plato
    The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien J.R.R.




    Test Results


    Closest match: Nazcapf.png National Capitalism


    React.png Reactionarism


    (To be defined)


    Esofash.png Esoteric Fascism






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    Panth.png Pantheonism - Averange Pole.

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