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    NOTE:This is not my self-insert anymore.

    Humanitarian Socialism
    (HumSoc) is Libertarian Left ideology and a self-insert of
    . It advocates for more just, logical and inclusive society than it is now. It supports the ideas of harmless liberty, social justice, progress and selflessness.

    User Test

    NOTE: The test is not complete yet, but you can still write results if you want.

    Civic Axis

    • Anarchist (0)
    • Libertarian (+10)
    • Liberal (+5)
    • Authoritarian (-5)
    • Totalitarian (-10)
    • Literally 1984 (-100)

    Type of Rule Axis

    • Anti-Democratic (Anarchist) (0)
    • Direct Democracy (+5)
    • Semi-Direct Democracy (+10)
    • Representative Democracy (+5)
    • Authoritarian Democratic (0)
    • Anti-Democratic (Authoritarian) (-10)

    Economic Axis

    • Communist (0)
    • Socialist (+5)
    • Market Socialist (+10)
    • Social Democratic (+5)
    • Social Corporatist (0)
    • Corporatist (-5)
    • Regulated Capitalist (0)
    • Capitalist (-10)
    • Anti-Economic (0)

    Social Axis

    • Hive-Mind Collectivist (0)
    • Collectivist (+5)
    • Moderately Collectvist (+10)
    • Socially Centrist (+5)
    • Moderately Individualist (0)
    • Individualist (-5)
    • Egoist (-10)

    Cultural Axis

    • Revolutionary Progressive (-5)
    • Progressive (+5)
    • Syncretic (Prog-Con) (+10)
    • Conservative (-5)
    • Traditionalist (-10)
    • Reactionary (-100)
    • Syncretic (Prog-React) (0)

    Geopolitical Axis

    • Pro-Nato (-10)
    • Non-aligned (+10)
    • Pro-East (-10)



    Summary of Ideologies

    • Defensive Democracy
    • Liberal Democracy
    • Semi-Direct Democracy


    Market Socialism

    • Cooperativism
    • Eco-Cooperativism

    AI-Planning Economy

    • Progressive Taxation


    Progressive Conservatism

    • Linguistic Preservationism

    Civil Libertarianism

    • Sex Positivism
      • Anti-Kinkshaming


    World Confederalism

    • Pan-Nationalism
      • Eurasianism (SFR Eurasia)
      • Pan-Americanism (SFR America)
      • Pan-Africanism (SFR Africa)
      • Pan-Oceanism (SFR Oceania)



    • Blue Environmentalism
    • Technogaianism


    Form of Government

    The ideal form of government would be a semi-presidential republic with tri-cameral parliament (upper house to regional representatives, lower house to elected representatives, extra house to scientific community). Other forms of republic lack of balance (presidential — too much power to president, parliamentary — too much power to parliament), and monarchies, even constitutional, are simply and obviously outdated systems that should be gradually and peacefully abolished in modern society.

    Administrative Division

    The ideal form of administrative division would be Federalism. It can ensure both compliance with global laws and adaptation to local circumstances. Too much power in the Centre can lead to authoritarianism and inflexibility, as different cultures and environments require different policies, laws, and approaches, while too much power in the Particles can lead to regions having too much power and operating as separate states and also lack of feeling of unity.

    Democracy and Scientocracy

    Democracy is the best way to ensure that the leadership is approved by the people. There should be a mix of liberal democracy and direct one. People will choose their representatives in the government, while also taking action on some questions. As for scientific community, they should have a say in a government too, by electing their own representatives for the extra house of parliament.


    Every civilized state should have something that would protect the rights and freedoms of its citizens. That is the constituion. Constitution should protect the basic rights (right to live, right to work, bodily autonomy, etc) and liberties (freedom of speech, freedom of choice, etc).


    Religion should not play any role in the law and the government. We're not in the Middle Ages already, government should not prioritize any faith.



    The only true owners of the means of production are workers. Without them, economy would collapse in less than a day. If a so-called "owner" or "leader" (CEO, boss or any other similar figure) doesn't work/contribute as much as the others, this person must be either put in the same position or get rid of.

    Market Socialism

    While workers must own the mean of production, that does not mean that the state should control them. Most of the businesses and enterprises should operate as workers' cooperatives. This way the competition, which usually leads to technological, cultural and social innovations, will stay as well as workers will still own what they should own.


    Workers should unite into trade unions and syndicates to defend their rights. Although it may seem unnecessary in market socialist economy, as there are no traditional employers or private owners, trade unions and syndicates should still play big role in workers' rights and economy in general.

    Progressive Taxation

    To reduce inequality and increase justice, a progressive taxation system must be established. The more money one gets, the more they can contribute, and the more the state can use to make people's life better.


    Civil Libertarianism

    Everyone should have freedom to live their life as they wan, as long as they don't harm anyone, and freedom say what they want, as long as they don't offend anyone.

    Progress vs Traditions

    The problem of balance between progress and traditions preservation troubled me. While progress provides with more inclusivity, solidarity and generally good things, preserving culture is also important, as many cultures and their traditions are truly beautiful and interesting to study, So, the solution I came to is that there shall be balance: progress should be embraced if it's harmless, but cultures and harmless traditions should be preserved and valued.

    Collectivism and Altruism

    We are all one big society. We cannot operate separately. Even when we divide and work alone for only ourselves, we sooner or later unite for the greater good. But we should not divide at all. We should, of course, respect every individual's needs and wants, but we still need to work for everyone.

    LGBTQIA+ Rights

    Rights of people belonging to LGBTQIA+ community should be protected as much as the rights of everyone else. Loving someone is okay, as long as everyone involved is consenting and unharmed.

    Sex Positivity

    What one loves to do in bed is not anyone's business, as well as if one wants to talk about it or not. No one should be shamed for doing erotic things, talking or thinking about them or having kinks.

    Radical Reconstruction of Society

    The main idea of
    Humanitarian Socialism
    , from the times it was Reconstructive Socialism. The Radical Reconstruction of Society is a concept of changing core values of society's majority from individualism, cruelty, and ignorance to collectivism, empathy and altruism. Current majority in many societies shows nothing, but selfishness and profit-craving mindset, which is destructive for both the individual and the collective, as well as cruelty, which leads to a moral decay lasting for several generations, and unhealthy social standardization, where everyone are taught to follow the hard standard. By changing core values, we can provide a hope for bright future for everyone of us. Methods of achieving the Radical Reconstruction are various forms of propaganda, teaching children from an early age the importance of mutual assistance and compassion, etc.


    Culture and Language Preservation

    Although I don't support national self-identity too much (as I will state lower), I think it is important to preserve cultures and languages of every ethnical group. Those things are beautiful and it is always a pity when they die out.


    If a country has multiple different cultures within it, then it is a beautiful country for sure.

    Patrioto-Skepticism and Anti-Nationalism

    As much as I remember, I always was skeptical towards patriotism and nationalism. I never felt any real bond to my nationality. Nationalism is simply absurd nonsense which mostly brings more harm, than benefit. It divides people, brings hatred, violence and deaths. Because of that, I am strongly opposed to nationalism and think it should be reduced to 0. As for patriotism, I'm more moderate towards it, I still never felt anything similar. But I have nothing against people who love their country.


    Internationalism, Cosmopolitanism and Alter-Globalism

    It is beneficial for all states to cooperate, rather than operate alone. Isolationism usually leads to nothing good neither socially nor economically. Integration between all the states would bring more cultural, social and economic good.


    Although I support preserving cultures, it can be done without separating people. Separatism leads to more division and stands on the path of uniting the humanity.

    World Confederalism

    It may seem contradictory to my previous statement of federalism being the best form of administrative division, but let me explain. If we talking about states with current average size, federation is the best from: not too much cultural and environmental differences. But the state with the size of the whole Mother Earth would consist of too many cultures and environments to be this centralized. So what was I talking about... My biggest ultimate dream is humanity uniting into one state with single currency, economical and political systems. That would be the Union of Earth, consisting of SFRs of Eurasia, America, Africa and Oceania. Antarctica would also be a part of the Union but it would not be a part of any SFR and remain the region of scientists.



    Enhancing our bodies with artificial means is a great hypothetical way to expand our capabilites. Both technical and biological transhumanism should be studied, in my opinion. The ideal would be a stage where humans become amorphous shapeshifters, but I doubt that will be possible in the near future.


    I'm all for massive digitalisation. Many physical documents (including passports) should become digital for more convenience. But that would require some measures.

    Digital security improvement

    A much larger part of the state budget should be spent on digital protection than it is now. At least in Russia, things are not so good with this now.

    State Services

    An Internet portal similar to the State Services (Gosuslugi) in Russia is needed. This will make working with various documents much easier and faster.

    AI and concerns about it


    Opinions on Current Conflicts and Issues

    NOTE: This section will most likely contain lots of skepticism to patriotism and lots of pro-pan-nationalism and pro-confederalism.

    Russo-Ukrainian War


    Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


    China-Taiwan Problem


    How to Draw

    New Flag

    Humanitarian Socialism Flag
    1. Take a blank list.
    2. Draw a red heart.
    3. Draw an orange hammer.
    4. Draw an orange paintbrush.
    5. Done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #ff0000 255, 0, 0
    Orange #ff8301 255, 131, 1

    Old Flag

    Reconstructive Socialism Flag
    1. Fill the canvas with dark red.
    2. Draw a yellow hammer without a middle part.
    3. Draw a yellow circle.
    4. Add yellow arrows.
    5. Done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Dark Red #960115 150, 1, 21
    Yellow #e1b916 225, 185, 22


    Very Good


    • World Federalism — So close, my friend. You're on the right path, but the world is too big to be that centralised.
    • Neo-Technocracy — Almost me, but without socialism and world-confed part.
    • Social Democracy — So close! Just stop tolerating bosses and then you're based.
    • Anarchism — Don't really think that it would work, but you're cool!
    • Gorbachevism — So sad most blame you for the 90s. You had right ideas, they were just not ready for them...

    In The Middle

    • Technocracy — Yeah. I was kinda simping for you most of the past year, but you're too authoritarian and anti-democratic. Experts should really have a say, but should not be the only who decide how things will go.
    • Trotskyism — Red internationalism is based, and I generally think you would be better than this abomination, but you're still authoritarian.
    • Marxism — I don't really agree with most of your vies, but you're one of the most significant figures of socialism.
    • Mutualism — Am not sure. You're kinda cool, yet individualistic... Idk.
    • Monarchism — Have nothing really against you, but admit it, you've outlived your time, it's time to go to oblivion.
    • Left-Wing Populism — You're based for being left-wing, but populism is a filthy trick.
    • Left-Wing Nationalism — Okay, now that's my least favorite sane socialist. You're in the middle only because you're left-wing. C'mon what about global solidarity?
    • Pan-Nationalism — Uniting multiple nations into one? Yes/ Being patriotic towards newborn Union? No.
    • Patriotism — You're not really bad as your brothers , but I never understood you. What's the point of being proud of where you born? It's like being proud that you got 23 or any other number in numbers randomizer.
    • Vperedism — You were kinda based, maybe you'd be a better general secretary for the Union if not your crazy blood experiments.
    • Social Liberalism — Yeah, I were you at the start, but now I see you as too moderate.
    • Liberalism — You're somewhat worse than the previous one, but you're still toleratable.
    • Social Libertarianism — You at least support welfare...
    • Pagan Theocracy — I'm against theocracies, but your faiths are particularly in my interests of studies...
    • Gamerism — I like video games! But making them a value to decide a leader? Seriously? And most of your followers are also very edgy...


    • GKCHPYOU!!! You are the ones who destroyed the union and caused the crisis, not Gorby! You are responsible for the tragedy! We could have the USS, but no, you just had to organize your damn putsch!
    • Conservatism — Past is in past, deal with it and stop whining.
    • Traditionalism — Traditions have zero value, until someone sets it for themselves, quit pretending like it's not like that.
    • Reactionarism — You're even worse than past two, you're the madman of conservatives.
    • Nationalism — I hate you with every inch of my body, you're making me sick, you're the reason we are divided.
    • Ultranationalism — I hate you even more than your brother up there. You're basically the reason my patriotic feelings disappeared.
    • Neoconservatism — Conservative? Interventioist? Pro-NATO? Yeah, total bullshit.
    • Capitalism — I don't care how effective you may be, you're the worst economic system, I always opposed you, even before I found out who you are!


    Note: This is only about your ideology, not you as a person.

    Very Good

    • Rojtavs — Your ideology is very good. We're very much like (except that you don't have markets and word-confed and I prefer collective over individuals). Over all I think you're very good. If we were rulers we'd probably cooperate.
    •  Daniello — Although your page is still very small and your views are not written, your ideology seems very good! Although, americophilia and laissez-faire concern me. But overall, very nice!
    • — I don't really have anything to say, except amazing! Would just love to live under your regime!
    • Blue Nephalemism — A very good ideology! I agree with most of the views (although, I dislike populism and disagree with division of natioanlism into "good" and "bad"; all forms of nationalism are bad, even civic). I also took a huge inspiration from your ideology and your page!
    • Evolutionary Socialism — I didn't have time to read your page thoroughly, but I still think your ideology is pretty good! Our ideologies are pretty similiar. There are very few views I disagree with (like about xenogenders and nationalities). And I also took a huge inspiration from your page, just as with Blue Nephalemism .


    • New World Socialist Model — Your ideology is kinda good. Your economics are based and kinda similiar to mine. Your governmental views are concerning, but somewhat okay to live under. But your social and cultural views are not for me. While anti-individualism and anti-hedonism are okay, anti-NSFW is just… unacceptable. And also, strict immigration policy is a shit. But overall, your ideology is very good and I wouldn't mind living under your regime, comrade!
    • — You look like me, but more right. I mostly agree with your views, except some, like... like those I already forgor. I also didn't read some long sections , because brain can't read long, brain get tired. Also, European Confederalism is based. In general, I think your ideology is very good, but I need to recall the flaws (sorry if it seems offensive or smth similar).
    • — Yo page is really undeveloped, but based on what we have, mostly based, ngl. Though, why anti-liberalism? I understand opposition to economic liberalism, but liberalism as whole? Nah. And also, what's so bad about technological acceleration? Btw, I really like your ball design and artwork


    • Thinking Anarchism — There are some good ideas of yours, like about progress, science and economy, but some others, like radical atheism, nationalism justification and ignorance towards climate change... Well, overall it's not really bad, but not really good enough.
    • Jadedism — Your economics are somewhat good, welfarism is commendable. I wouldn't mind living under your economic system (although I still prefer mine). But I don't really support your cultural or governmental views. People should have a right to do an abortion if they want so, a parent who never wanted a child will never raise a good member of society. I think your views on the punishments for crimes are too radical. Wouldn't it be better to try to rehab a criminal? Also, I despise death penalty, there is always a chance of a mistake. I dislike authoritarianism, although defensive democracy is based. And your non-intervention views are based.
    • Post-Owensism — Your page is still very far from complete, and sections that are here already are just copies from your main self-insert, so I don't know what to think about it...
    • Gualguaiapathy — I dunno what to think about you. You look like conformism in a form of political ideology. I don't really like you, but I don't really dislike you. I just… dunno.
    • Romantic Egoism — Still don't really understand you. I kind of agree with irrationalism, though. Have nothing more to say for now.
    • Vilencism — Leftist, good. But too authoritarian and anti-revisionist. I don't see revision as something bad, we can't always stick to one idea and don't change anything at all. Also, I'm kind of confused about your anti-egalitarianism. How can you be socialist/communist and anti-egalitarian at the same time?


    • Genosse Owens Thought — You're on the left side of the compass, but that's the only good thing about your ideology. First, I oppose authoritarianism and totalitarianism. People can't be happy without choice and with constant surveillance. Second, in your paragraph about Vanguard Party you said that people don't know how to do a revolution, which I think is a huge devaluing of the intellect and potential of the people. Even if so, wouldn't it be better to educate the people? Third, you oppose democracy, idealism and religion, which I think is too radical. You have some good values and ideas, but you're too Auth imo.
    • Belousism — Your ideology is so strange, weird and absurd it looks like one big post²-meta³-ironic joke. I dislike a lot about your ideology, like monarchism, which is outdated and unnecessary, nepotism, which simply makes state apparatus rot, reasonless alien oppression, which is… reasonless. You claim to be socialist, but what's socialist about your ideology? Planning economy is not the trait of socialism. And I'm also very confused about all this Kanonist thing. But, at least, people can potentially live and be happy under your regime, so you're not in the madmen. Also, подучи английский, пожалуйста, у меня чуть глаза не вытекли.
    • Neo-Optimateism — Most of the sections in your page are not complete and I still don't really understand your values and goal, but from what I understood... 1) You're a madman. But at least, you seem to be somewhat more adequate and polite madman, and I also admire you, as you're obviously more well-read and competent in the topic, so you're not in the madmen category (seems contradictory, but is not). 2) I dislike almost all of your ideas (although Gamification of Work sounds at least interesting), 'cause from what I get, our values are opposite, and I would most likely die under your regime. 3) I lowkey like that you like market socialists, however I don't know the reason behind it, so I may change my mind.
    • Danielism — An unironic democratic monarcho-fascist. Interesting to say at least. I don't understand your values and goal and I doubt that people can be really happy under your regime. You don't seem as bad as most of the fascs and mons, but still, if your regime was implemented, I'd oppose it.
    • Lavenism — Where should I start. 1) The good old "leftism is the only good part". 2) Bro's national "communist" and conservative "socialist", when nationalism and conservatism only make fake-leftist ideologies. Those two exclude part of the working group one way or another, while real leftist ideologies accepting all the workers. 3) Bro equates market to capitalism. I can only recommend you to use Google, maybe you'll find out that market appeared before capitalism, long before, and they are not bonded to each other. 4) I don't quite understand why you put humanitarian in quotation marks because so-called "preservation of capitalism" Does not contradict humanitarianism. Also, I do not preserve capitalism, explained in 3). Overall, terrible and poor, but not in the madmen, because at least sane.


    • Terekhofism — OK, now seriously, WHAT, IN THE NAME OF THEMIS, IS THAT?! You're basically just this guy, but even more insane. You want to preserve traditions, I understand, but it can be done without harm to progress. If one wants to do an abortion, it's their right, no one else is to decide. And also, sexual orientations and gender dysphoria are not diseases, educated yourself. Also also, fix your page, it's awful, my eyes bleed.
    • Meowxism — Most of sections on your page are WIP, so I can't completely decide my opinion about your ideology. But from what we have… You're left and that's the only good thing about your ideology, to be honest. I don't understand your values and goal, but I perfectly understand that there is no happiness under your regime, which is vital for a good life. You also support Stalinism, which is unacceptable for me. This abomination of a humankind killed millions of innocent and did many other atrocities. In general, ideologies like yours are the reason Red Scare existed and exists.

    ЧТО ЗА Х-

    Theory I Read

    • Anti-Theory
      • It's hard for me read books due to short attention span and intrusive thoughts, so I cancelled all plans on reading any theory, except articles and maybe some textbooks to better understand economics.


    * Vistulism - Howdy! The Artel Gang would like to talk with you, do you have a discord?

    • Neo-Optimateism - Любопытный факт, все концовки, где мы штурмуем Арасаку, помогают Найт Корп и ИИ из-за Черного Заслона.
    • - спасибо за вдохновение, я сейчас искренне
      • Humanitarian Socialism
        — Всегда пожалуйста (?). Можно поинтересоваться, что послужило объектом вдохновения?
    • - Hey, could you please make an artwork of the Cornerstone Alliance, with either me, Genosse Owens, DECB, and Daniello Radicalism, or just all the members all together with fireworks going of in the background, the colors of which are red, blue, yellow, and green.
      • Humanitarian Socialism
        — Can do, but not now. I already have on commission in the queue and I don't have access for my laptop and pen tablet rn.
        • - Would you like to join the alliance?
          • Maybe when I will finish forming my new self-insert, dunno how long will it take. And I am also not sure if it will be radical enough to join. For now, I'd like to just be something like an "outside watcher" and help you all with arts. Btw, I recommend you to start using Discord, it will make communication with everyone much easier.
    • - Hey hey comrade! can you help me make the artwork of my ideology? For the style: legendary, supernatural, galactic warrior.
    Humanitarian Socialism
    — Cleared this section, because it was larger than the main text and would grow even more. All the text from this section is now here (but it's all in Russian). If you want to have a discussion with me, text me in Discord (my Discord's on my user page), but it's not 100% that I will agree to engage into discussion.
  • - Btw, you can create a template with discussions, and just paste it here. Leave a link, and then the page will not grow, as the template will grow. = )
  • Humanitarian Socialism
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    • Humanitarian Socialism
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      • Adriaugu - wait really? Kapec. Anyways I also added you.
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    • Humanitarian Socialism
      — Сделано. Про Discord... У меня пока нет особого желания вести даже просто диалог на эти темы, искренне глубоко извиняюсь. Когда буду готова, приму вашу заявку.
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  • Neo-Optimateism - Кстати, мнение об Ultra-Enlightenment?
    • Humanitarian Socialism
      — Такое же, как и о всех офф-компассах, акселерационистах и НРКСоподобных: непонимание и страх.
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    • Humanitarian Socialism
      — Done! Would also like to add that I'm not exactly opposed to individualism. I'm opposed to individualism in its final form — egoism. I can tolerate moderate individualists and even some individualists, but I still prefer collective.
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  • Note: If my whole page is too long, you can read the Overview section for each Axes instead.