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    Note: This page was deleted by HIM together we shall reverse the changes he has made!

    Human Nationalism is the unifying nationalism of the human race and they want to abolish all racism between humans. Human Nationalism also believe that the humanity should unite into one single nation.

    Some human nationalist might also want to abolish race in order to create a shared "human race", and others might want to segregate humans and animals from eachother.


    A Human Nationalist supports ending racism and discrimination against fellow humans while restricting Xenos rights. They support a world government to work for all humans regardless of place of birth as such they also support free trade and open borders as you do not have restrictions on movement or trade in the same country. Human nationalism is a form of Ethnic Nationalism as it views that biology and inheritance are the correct way to define a nation, but human nationalism defines ethnicity much broader than most.


    Human Supremacism

    Main article: Human Chauvinism

    A Human Supremacist believes that humans are supreme and should dominate the world and galaxy even to the detriment of others. A human supremacist is against environmentalism and strongly detests the very concept of animal rights as they put nature above or equal to humans.

    Human Guardianism

    A Human Guardianist believes that while humans are worth more than animals and xenos they have a duty to protect them even if it can negatively affect humans, provided it does not harm humans too much.



    • Humanism - Fellow human enjoyer, cut out those sympathies for animals though, humans are better.
    • Interculturalism - Once common HUMAN culture.
    • Cosmopolitanism - Yes we are all the same culture and people.
    • Globalism - What happens to one of us, happens to all of us. We must work together


    • Human Chauvinism - I like you but you scare me sometimes.
    • Imperiumism - Congrats on taking over most of the galaxy but you remind me of him too much.


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