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    Huism is the ideology of Hu Yaobang, a high-ranking official of the Chinese Communist Party in the 1980s, and his associates, successors and followers. Hu was known during his years of leadership for his support for liberal socialist policies; most notably, freedom of the press, free market reforms, and legal accountability of government officials. He formerly supported Mao Zedong, but later grew critical of him. He was politically persecuted under Mao's rule along with Deng Xiaoping, a close associate of his. After Deng's rise to power, he worked closely with Deng and Zhao Ziyang, the premier of China, to institute liberal reforms, focused on transparency and free market reforms.

    His liberal reforms in the 1980s, his forced resignation from the position of general secretary of the CCP in January 1987, and later, his death from a heart attack in April 1989, sparked a series of mass demonstrations all over China, but especially in Beijing, consisting mostly of students and workers. It eventually resulted in conservatives within the CCP like Chen Yun and Li Peng convincing Deng, on June 4, 1989, to send in the military to crack down on the protests. Tanks rolled out of Tiananmen Square, and soldiers opened fire. This became later known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Protests and demonstrations would continue in many other parts of China, for a few days in some regions, but these had all either ended or were cracked down by local governments by mid-June. The total combined death toll from military retaliation to the series of demonstrations, in Beijing as well as in other cities, is estimated to be anywhere from several hundred to several thousand, with many thousands more wounded.

    Zhao Ziyang tried to continue Hu's legacy, and had been pursuing further reforms both politically (Hong Kong Model) and economically, despite the resistance of conservatives like Chen Yun and Li Peng. However, his speech that attempted to calm the students who protested in Tiananmen Square angered Deng Xiaoping. It resulted in him being placed under house arrest for the remainder of his life.

    In China today, everything related to Hu Yaobang and Zhao Ziyang are censored from the internet. However, anti-communist Chinese liberals still remember and greatly respect Hu and Zhao as the primary architects of Chinese liberal democratic thought.


    Flag of Huism

    The flag is symbolic of the Tiananmen Square protests. It reads: Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!



    • Dengism (pre-1989) - We worked together to reform this country from totalitarianism and oppression. We also opened and reformed the economy and agriculture structurally to save it from collapse. You will surely hand over your power to me right?
    • Liberal Socialism - A more humane and free form of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics is achievable.
    • Gorbachevism - My Soviet comrade who had a great vision for his country. It’s a shame that we both failed to democratize and reform our country. *Sigh*
    • Illiberal Democracy - The Hong Kong Model will surely preserve our party dominance under a democratic mechanism.


    • Democracy - 不自由毋寧死! (Liberty or death) But your ideals are too radical for me.
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - I am sorry that I failed to prevent the tanks from running over you, but at least I tried my best. Your ideals were also too radical for China.
    • Scientific Outlook on Development - Wen Jiabao mourned for me and recognized my contributions to the Reform and Opening. I am grateful for that. But why didn’t you rehabilitate the students and me in Tiananmen Square, wrongfully massacred by Li Peng the butcher, and instead continue to be a puppet of Jiang? Still far better than your predecessors and your successor, though.


    • Totalitarianism - Oppressive and inhumane! Socialism must be humane!
    • Dengism (post-1989) - You fucking backstabbing rat! You betrayed everything our reforms stood for!
    • Chinese Neoconservatism - Fuck off, Li Peng and Chen Yun.
    • Xi Jinping Thought - You are a modern-day totalitarian freak that destroyed all of my legacy. You also censored me from the internet to block people from knowing me. Also, Xi Zhongxun would be rolling in his grave if he knew about your actions in Xinjiang. Xi Zhongxun: I don't have a son like you!
    • Jiangism - Like the above but even worse! I’ll never forgive how you joined the conservatives to sideline me in the 1980s.
    • Maoism - You must go for the sake of reform.


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