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    Huh Kyung-young Thought

    Huh Kyung-young Thought is a chaotic syncretic, monarchist, welfarist, populist, capitalist, internationalist, cult ideology made and named after Huh Kyung-young.

    Core Beliefs


    Huh Kyung-young is most known for his cult-like claims and behaviors. Huh Kyung-young himself had claimed that:

    • He has an IQ of 430
    • He possessed the ability to levitate, the only reason why he doesn't is appearantly because CIA is watching him.
    • He is capable of performing 'chukjibeop'.
    • He is at same level to Jesus.
    • He meets the creator of the universe for universe time of 10 hours (which he claims to be 2 minute in earth time) whenever he sleeps since he had born.
    • He possessed the ability to cure illness by looking since he had born.
    • He is capable of communicating with aliens.
    • He went from "Galaxy".


    Huh Kyung-young is also known for his unrealistic, populist campaign promises. His populist campaign promises are syncretic but mostly left-leaning. His notable promises are:

    • Banning political parties
    • Banning trade unions and replacing them with 'Corporation Family Conference'
    • Implementing basic income gurantee system
    • Moving UN Headquarters to Panmunjeom
    • Distributing some of corporation profits to everyone older than 19
    • Abolishing conscription law


    Huh Kyung-young is also highly globalist, as he had literally promised to unify every asian countries by 2025, and every countries on earth by 2030 under a world federal government which would be lead by South Korea.


    He is usually very optimistic and funny, although he will get absolutely mad if someone accuse him of being cult or fraud.




    • Cultism.png Cultism - Although I am indeed a living god, people keep saying I'm you so you're making me look bad.
    • WelfChauvin.png Welfare Chauvinism - You have some great ideas, but why hate internationalism?
    • Triequism2.png Triequism - You're mostly nice, but why republicanism?
    • Kak.png Kakistocracy - People are also saying that I'm him for some reason, but he likes me so I don't think that bad about him.


    • Nazbol.png National Bolshevism - Syncretic but you are going WAY too far, even for me.
    • Mediastocracy flair.png Mediacracy - Can you just stop reporting bad things about me? I need to look good!
    • Demsocstar.png Democratic Socialism - People thinks I'm you although I'm NOT.
    • Totalitarian.png Totalitarianism - I'm NOT you at all! okay maybe I am
    • Awaj.png Anarchism - This is just ridiculous and impossible.
    • Eugen.png Eugenicism - Your scientific beliefs are outdated.
    • Antcent.png Anti-Centrism - No, Radical Centrism works far better.
    • Dengf.png Dengism - You stole my new village movement idea and made China prosperous!
    • Ormarxf.png Marxism - Class struggle? What a nonsense.
    • Synd.png Syndicalism - I will ban every trade union on planet!!
    • Republicanismpix.png Republicanism - So you think you can kill me despite the fact that I will become the emperor of the planet?
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