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    Conservative, kind, full of justice, sometimes a little grumpy.Lovers of different cultures and humanitarian.

    Passionate about interstellar colonization and military uniforms and architectural design


    Conservative, kind, full of justice, sometimes a little grumpy.Lovers of different cultures and humanitarian.

    Passionate about interstellar colonization and military uniforms and architectural design

    File:Luoyangist Tridemism4.pngBelief and Policies(基本思想)

    Huaxiaism is a Tridemist ideology, which is Orthodox Right. The founder is Huaxiaism ball the user. The most special point is Chinese Cultural Revivalism.


    He believes the ROC has be the master of the world, all arounds ROC. He also believes you have to be proud of your nation but he doesn't mean you can discriminate other nations, and it also hates Self nation hating people. Whatever you are European, Asian, African, Indian, Polynesian, always proud of your nation.

    Cultural renaissance

    He believes that culture is the foundation of a nation, and a nation is the foundation of a country, so he thinks that China's complete Westernization or complete elimination of Chinese culture is an act of national subjugation and genocide. At the same time, he also believes that there are many dross in Chinese culture, which must be eliminated. At the same time, the transformation of Chinese culture is carried out on the basis of the Tang Dynasty culture and the modern thinking of Lu Xun and Chen Duxiu.


    Territorial Claims: All Territories of the People's Republic of China;All territories of Mongolia;Russia'sTuva, Buryatia, Transbaikal Krai, Primorsky Krai, Sakhalin(KuyeDao), Jewish Autonomous Region, Khabarovsk Krai, Amur, Altai;Kazakhstan's East Kazakhstan,Almaty;Tajikistan's Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region;Kyrgyzstan's Issyk-Kul State,Naryn State;Myanmar's Kokang;India's Arunachal Pradesh,Ladakh;Japan's Senkaku Islands(Diaoyutai)

    Pan-East Asianism(泛東亞主義)

    He believes that the East Asian region is inextricably linked historically and culturally, so the people of East Asia must unite to form an alliance. In some descriptions, East Asia is also called Tangzhou (because the whole East Asia is most deeply influenced by Tang culture). The regions in the East Asian pan-ethnic include China, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, and sometimes Vietnam Therefore, far-right elements in East Asian countries are regarded as the biggest enemies of the Pan-East Asian order.


    Although China has a huge territory, it also means that ethnic identity is very complex, and ethnic discrimination may also occur in some cases. Therefore, China cannot be regarded as a whole, but a unified country composed of ten ethnic groups. Roughly speaking, China can be divided into ten ethnic jurisdictions: China(Henan + Hebei + Shanxi + Shaanxi + Shandong + Jiangsu + Anhui + Ningxia + Gansu + Sichuan + Chongqing + Shanghai + Hubei + Hunan + Jiangxi + Zhejiang + Beijing + Tianjin + Liaoning+Diaoyutai); Hong Kong; Macau; Fujian; Cantonia(Guangdong and Guangxi + Hainan); Yunnan(Yunnan + Guizhou+Kokang); Tibet(Tibet + Qinghai+Arunachal+Ladakh); Uyghurstan(Xinjiang+Issyk-Kul State+Naryn State+Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region+East Kazakhstan+Almaty+Altai); Mongolia(Mongolia + Inner Mongolia+Tuva+Buryatia+Transbaikal Krai);Manchuria(Jilin + Heilongjiang+Primorsky Krai+KuyeDao+Jewish Autonomous Region+Khabarovsk Krai+Amur)

    MinQuan ZhuYi

    He's a Democrat, but he's a Conservative Democrat. He thinks we should have Democracy Rights, but don't too liberal and want to keep traditional ethics. He also hates People's Democracy.

    MinShengZhu Yi

    Basically is same as Original Tridemism(And Some Agriculture), but I saved the text below


    It supports welfare, equality more than becomes rich. It believes if an incredible country doesn't have welfare, equality wealths, it's worthless. It's on Auth-Center because it's a PatCon.

    Property axis

    The Wealth has to be more equality but not "True Socialism". The Equality wealth has to based on high tax to make welfare.


    It believes that tax have to be progressive. The progressive taxes can made social more equality.


    Their welfare policies are look like Nordic Model, and believe universal childcare, care for the elderly, education, healthcare, low income families and workers' compensation. It believes that people who says obliterate welfare just for the rich without regular reasons are disgusting.

    Land Values Tax

    He supports Georgism(The economic party basically same as Tridemism) But if there's a good landlord, there's no reason to oppose.

    Government ViewsFile:Constitution.png

    The government protect the free speech but not all free. Too Extremism is controlled by the government. Private profiles have to be protected execept martial time.

    The President

    To him, the president should have more power in government, except Examination Yuan and Control Yuan.


    Read Republic of China's Constitution
    There are a Official of President and Five Yuans- Executive Yuan, Legislature Yuan, Judicial Yuan, Examination Yuan and Control Yuan.

    Hate Speech Laws

    The spread of hate speech must be stopped to maintain social stability Therefore, there will be a series of regulations to regulate hate speech Maximum penalty for spreading hate speech could be jail time

    multiparty state

    China needs to accommodate dissent,like a hundred schools arguing But anti-human thinking is forbidden


    Totalitarianism are heavy limited. The reason is protecting Human's Right and Not Let Massacre happen again. The histroy shows how Totalitarianism bloody is. Most of Totalitarianism Government did massacre even genocide.

    Here is the reason why Totalitarianism is a Devil:

    1. A totalitarianism country denying massacre of their country all of time.
    2. It always corruption.
    3. Controll their people and brainwaching them.
    4. When they attack another countries, always War Crime and Live labatory.
    5. Many types of things are banned, even apolitical.
    6. Tortures and terrorism aren't be limited.

    Flag setting

    Flag of HuaXiaism

    Red symbolizes people's livelihood, fraternity, sacrifice Blue symbolizes light, freedom, nation White symbolizes selflessness, equality, civil rights Yellow symbolizes culture and progress The square surrounded by yellow symbolizes the stability of the country Five stars symbolize the five elements and benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and trustworthiness The white sun symbolizes twelve hours in a day, twelve months in a year, and four-dimensional and eight virtues. At the same time, it is not necessarily the sun but the moon that fights, and it also symbolizes twelve hours in the day and night. The Chinese dragon symbolizes cultural heritage and the ride of great history During the day, the five stars and the Chinese dragon also symbolize the Republic of China, the People's Republic of China, and the Chinese Empire, respectively, representing the unification of the country regardless of parties. The pattern in the middle of the white sun is a totem created by the author. The two Chinese characters are superimposed and made into geometric figures. Because in ancient times, the flags representing China were mainly composed of separate Chinese characters, and Chinese circular pattern art was added to make this pattern. texture This pattern is set as a symbol of China that transcends all parties

    Martial Time

    When the Martial Time comes, the freedom of speech will be limited. The censorship will stronger and and Democracy will lower. But don't worry, White Terror won't happen again,Because the power of the supervisory agency will be increased to prevent abuse of power

    Generally speaking, events that endanger the country, such as epidemics, terrorist attacks, and foreign invasions, will be subject to nationwide martial law.

    Views on PRC and CCP

    For the People's Republic of China, his attitude is relatively mild (not during the war), the People's Republic of China is also a part of the Chinese nation, so he will also give some due respect to the PRC

    State function

    According to the function, it is divided into three categories

    primary country


    ancient country

    Conquest everywhere, educate surrounding tribes, centralize power

    modern state

    Well-established administration, internationalization, peacekeeping

    secret organization

    In addition to the government and international organizations in name, there must be a secret society secretly protecting the country and the world

    The country must be unified

    He hates divided countries like North and South Korea, Arab countries, North and South Cyprus

    It's disgusting to use the same culture and the same country's name, but not unified

    Global Diplomatic views

    • Though this is peace world, still compete, is plural.
    • Every Minor country has to have opportunity to be Major countries, and He thinks Similar Geopolitics, cultures need build a union, then the world will be createful.
    • In Anti-Terrorism, Space Exploation, the world is in same vies and act for Earth Union.

    As for the concept of "peaceful world" in this thought, it comes from the Japanese anime "Hetalia"(The author's favorite anime)

    World Federalism

    He believes that Earth needs a global government that is both unified and diverse, and that efforts must be made to expand into space.


    Main is Create a harmony world. Open boarder, no immigration limit and world cooperation and Galaxy cooperation. But he will invasion anti-human rights country and rule it some years.

    Non-Material Interventionism

    Same as Celflosky's Intervention views.


    According to cultural and geopolitical concepts, the world can be roughly divided into ten pan-ethnic regions:

    East Asia,

    Southeast Asia,

    South Asia,

    West Asia,

    Eurasia (Central Asia + North Asia + Eastern Europe),



    North America,

    Latin America,

    and Oceania

    Antarctica currently has no relics of human civilization in this solar age, so Antarctica cannot become a country, and it is set to be the land directly managed by the Earth Alliance.

    International competition

    Competition among nations contributes to a diverse and challenging world. For him, international competition has never been a game only for big countries, and small countries can also play their part in international competition; Even a small country like Gambia or Tuvalu deserves a place in the world

    External thought output

    To create ideas for other countries that conform to the local characteristics of that country, and the purpose is to change the society and customs of that country For example, when ideas spread to Cambodia, it was called Khmer revivalism. The purpose was to revive Cambodia from the aftermath of Pol Pot's tyranny.

    Cosmic Diplomacy

    There must be intelligent creatures like us in the universe, but we must be safe at the moment, because the aliens we encounter may be full of hostility, so we can only develop our strength silently until the day when the aliens come to us , we have the absolute right to speak

    In addition, earthlings only communicate with planets with intelligent creatures Intelligent creatures can also represent the interests of a planet as a whole

    Rational nation and state

    A legitimate state can be formed in six ways:

    1. Single or major national culture (China, Russia, Japan, Germany, France...)

    2. More than two mixed cultures (South Sudan, Britain,Yugoslavia)

    3. Colonial independence (America, Canada)

    4. Historical symbols (Vatican)

    5. Borderlands (Principality of Sealand, Liberland)

    6. Ideology (Soviet Union(no longer exists))

    The first five ways are classified as Normal country, with ethnic barriers and regionalism

    A country built on ideology is different from a normal country because such a country is not restricted by ethnic barriers. The Soviet Union was a regime based on communism.

    multipolar world

    Unilateral hegemony like the United States will cause many disasters in the world, just like any country, so it is very important to establish a pluralistic world

    Military views

    The Ministry of Defense is in charge of military affairs,Responsible for military training, international peacekeeping, or warfare

    Army of Righteousness

    If the army has no moral concept, it is just a group of bandits in military uniforms. As a qualified soldier, you must have the following spirits: 1.Absolute loyalty(忠) 2.Identify with comrades(親) 3.Do not do harm to the people(仁) 4.Keep improving(精) In foreign wars, civilians cannot be slaughtered, nor can they be destroyed, but only military units can be attacked. If the government of a country does something against humanity, or a terrorist organization emerges, the army can be dispatched at any time

    In addition, death row prisoners are forbidden to join the army, because it is a disgrace to the profession of soldiers to make death row prisoners with poor morals a glorious soldier.

    army establishment

    The army is divided into army, navy, air force, space force, post-strategic army, military police



    It is expected to set up eight fleets to take charge of different sea areas (one of the elite troops is stationed on the coast of China, and the rest patrol the five oceans)

    Air Force

    Space Force

    Post-strategic Army

    Combining the Rocket Army of the PRC and the Marine Corps of the ROC into one and the only one to carry out all-round strategic strikes

    Military police


    The country's reserve force can assist in regional security, flood relief and other work

    Economic views


    The Ministry of Education is responsible for the management of educational affairs, and the responsibility is to cultivate talents while establishing good ethics

    Basic education

    The scope is in elementary school and junior high school. During this period, there will be fewer questionnaires and exams, and more practice and application will inspire students' brains Reduce class time to some extent

    higher education

    Range in high school and college,This period will give students greater freedom to choose their future

    Vicious incidents on campus

    vicious prank(cause injury)-Tutored by school authorities

    bullying-school probation

    All bullying leads victim to suicide, refusal to study, self-harm, psychological damage, etc.- juvenile court

    Causing death or disability—Centralized management and training for Junior high school, and direct death penalty for high school and above

    legal system

    Jail Systems

    The principle of the jail system is based on the principle Nordic Model. Sentences depends on the harm and damage caused to the victim and how psychopathic that the criminal, repent level. And let them Re-build.If it ruins a life, it will be resort to life imprisonment even death penalty. If it is extremely heinous like crimes of aganist humanity, genocide, massacre, war crime, involuntary battale royale, mass rape, serial killing, torturing etc. These will be punishable by public execution.
    In addition, many ancient punishments and mental torture will be used to torture the worst villains


    capital offense(死刑):

    Penalty content:

    accessory punishment:

    imprisonment(徒刑): guilt:

    Penalty content:

    accessory punishment:

    lesser penalty(輕刑): guilt:theft, slander, forgery,spreading hate speech

    Penalty content:

    In addition, death row prisoners will be deprived of all human rights and treated like animals

    Political prisoners will not be executed because political prisoners are only a matter of political stance


    He has great respect for the police,It believes the exist of police is must because polices can protect people and arrest criminals.

    The eliminate police is a stupid idea. That just rise up chaos. The other hand, the power abuse of police or being coldblood to an event(Especially cause death) or stranged justice......etc. is going to punish that police, the highest penalty is death penalty.

    The police obey the law, not the leader, so the leader has no right to send the police to do injustice to the people No matter what class the police are, as long as they break the law, the police department has the right to arrest them. The police are the most loyal backing of the people, so the police should be treated better

    special police

    The special police are directly commanded by the police department, and in addition to receiving strict training, they must also cultivate sound values ​​of good and evil. In addition to performing the tasks of the Police Department, it can also submit task requirements to the Police Department

    Energy views

    Construction views

    nation Construction

    China's first nuclear fusion power plant:From now on we have no shortage of electricity (great)

    fivejing Highway connecting Beijing, Nanjing, Wuhan, Xi'an, Luoyang

    Promoting local development based on five key cities

    International Construction

    Space Construction

    We need to colonize space with the following goals: resource gathering; migration of the poor; exploration of extraterrestrial life; environmental research; planetary colonization

    The rules of space colonization

    If a planet is found to have intelligent life, it will not be colonized, but it can be observed, established, and civilized Just like what the reptilians did to us earthlings


    The first place where population migration took place


    It will be the first place for human to green


    The second place for greening


    Performing Europa Ice Sampling;

    study gas structure


    Detecting stations on Saturn's rings

    Studying Titan's environment

    Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

    As an outpost for us humans to go beyond the solar system;

    Make Pluto an outpost for exploration beyond the solar system

    Labor views

    Production view

    Health views


    Cultural views

    Generally, He is conservative and inclusiveness. It is a conservatist because it's more likes traditional cultures. Thought he is Culturally-Right, The Reactionary values is cringe, the best is eliminate it.

    He also believes let a culture be culturecided is a shame and thinks someone who did culturecide is guilty.


    He think this is equality, no one higher or lower. The Radfem and Manosphere are cringe.

    unifying philosophy

    It integrates Chinese thoughts from ancient times to the present, and takes the essence of it into a general book of thoughts. This general book of thoughts will collect all the wisdom of the Chinese people and shape the spirit of the Chinese people.

    The Chinese wisdom collected in this general record of thoughts is called Chinese thought

    Generally speaking, Chinese Thought can be divided into the following five parts







    No matter what religion it is, the purpose is to persuade people to be kind and soothe people's hearts.

    Religious groups are an important medium for religious dissemination However, the power of religious groups cannot be greater than that of the government, and religious groups must preach under the norms of laws and fundamental principles.

    The certification conditions for a legitimate religion are: to keep pace with the times, to improve people’s hearts, not to spread fallacies that violate the facts, not to bully others, and members not to violate the precepts

    Technology views

    Relevant affairs are in charge of the Ministry of Science and Technology Responsible for technology development and innovation research and development

    Build a complete scientific system

    Although China has many inventions, due to institutional constraints, it is impossible to produce a scientific system, which has made China's science and technology lag behind Europe in modern times.


    remain suspicious of the unknown and try to prove the unknown If the facts are in front of you, you must accept them


    Educational institutions should pay attention to the wonderful ideas of individuals, and at the same time, in addition to imagination and creation, they should also practice and invent, and turn imagination into reality.

    Academic Research

    Science and technology have climbed up on the basis of the achievements of our predecessors, so if we try to study the achievements of those scholars in the past, it will help to promote the development of scientific theories


    世界大同(World Great Harmony):This idea achieves the ultimate goal of establishing a new world of great harmony

    末法時代(Doomsday):When the chaotic international order comes to an end, human society will usher in a new life

    九州同(Chinese national unity):After unifying the CCP by force, publicize the ultimate unification of China's various ideologies (whether it is the CCP or the Republic of China, both must work together for China's development)


    Determined according to the degree of ideological fit

    • 一品=90%-100%
    • 二品=80%-90%
    • 三品=70%-80%
    • 四品=60%-70%
    • 五品=50%-60%
    • 六品=40%-50%
    • 七品=30%-40%
    • 八品=20%-30%
    • 九品=10%-20%
    • 無品=0%-10%








    • Stalinism-You shouldn't put someone to Gulag. At least, you destroy National Socialists!
    • Neoliberalism - You can bring economy, but stop money oppressing to poor people!


    • Juche-People cannot live in a sky without freedom
    • Tankie user-This guy improved China, however it makes the road of hell.
    • traitor!-Sie sind ein Feigling! Verräter! Verlierer!
    • Shovel Killer-Yes, I can understand your revenge and turn the world into a nuclear wasteland!?
    • Xi Baozi-Don't look at your crazy today, be careful of being overthrown in the future(別看你今天鬧的歡,小心之後被推翻)
    • Anti-Japaneseism-I think we should get rid of the scum from the Japanese instead of destroying them all (although I am disgusted with Japanese imperialism)
    • Putinism-All you bring to the Russian people is corruption and closure(But hopefully you can kill the neo-nazis)
    • Separatism-Oppose all acts of splitting China






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