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    Horny Policism is an ideology that advocates for the illegalization of feeling or arousing toward sexual excitement, otherwise known as 'being horny'. It is also in favor of establishing a special police force that tracks down these 'horny' activities in order to fully enforce it as criminal offense in society.

    Although it's strictly regulated, being caught for 'horny' activity won't grant you a major punishment, just short-term imprisonment preceded by a preemptive bonk.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Horny Policism has trouble speaking properly, he keeps saying 'm' between most words he spew out.

    He loves to eat hamburgers, basically like how regular police love donuts, horny police officers love hamburgers.

    Whenever he encounters people being 'horny', he brings out his big trusty stick and bashes them in the head with it

    How to Draw

    File:Horny policism design.png
    horny policism design
    1. Draw the head of the dogelore character cheems as it is shown in here
    2. Add a police cap with an anti eggplant (or peach) symbol inside the cap's badge
    3. Give him his big trusty stick (how else is he going to bonk people)





    • Sexocracy.png badword-cramcy - Encoumraging peomple to be hormny to gramt them power? NOMPE! vemry bamd! Up to 3 days in jail
    • Awaj.png milf amnarchism - All comps bad? Also stomp frikn ideololgees! Up to 8 days in jail
    • Simp.png Simpism- Stomp awarmding women for being hormny! Up to 15 days in jail
    • Coomerismicon.png coomer - Iz the horniest ideolologi! Up to 1 month in jail
    • Cum.png ew-lequid-theocramcy - Wormship something wormth wormshipping! 28 hours in jail
    • Maso.png mamsochism - Oh gomd when i bonk it it becomes hormnier!
    • Ingcock.png img-uhhh - EW EW EW DIMSGUSTING GEMT THAT OUT!, wa-waimt why are you approamching m-

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