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    Homophobia is a non-quadrant, culturally right, and often conservative-aligned social attitude, which is the discrimination, prejudice or hatred directed towards people who are homosexual/gay or perceived to be so, including both gay men and lesbian women. Homophobia is also sometimes used interchangeably with queerphobia or LGBTphobia to mean discrimination towards all people of LGBTQ+ experience, including but not limited to bisexual, asexual, transgender, and intersex people. Homophobia can also often be directed at heterosexual/straight people, especially men, when they break gender norms and/or exhibit behaviors conventionally perceived to be "gay".

    Homophobia manifests in a range of ways, from passive distaste or avoidance to active discrimination and harassment to downright assault, murder, persecution, and genocide. To this day, rampant societal and state-sanctioned Homophobia remains the norm across the majority of the world.

    The attitudes and behaviors of homophobes (people who manifest Homophobia) are oftentimes justified religiously, such as with the belief that harm towards homosexuals is divine retribution for sin. However, many atheists justify Homophobia as well, often with pseudoscientific claims about the unnaturalness of non-heterosexual orientation. Conspiracy theories about LGBTQ+ existence being a product of the west and its "neoliberal degeneracy" are also frequently used to justify Homophobia, especially outside of the west. Of course, there are also some homophobes who do not seek to justify Homophobia rationally, but by virtue of not liking it or finding it gross.

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    • Arctoism - Admit it, you're homophobic.
    • Bee Movie Scriptism - Based for a progressive since you send suicide apologia to some members of the LGBTQ+ community and justify it saying that you are a pansexual (you aren't). It's awesome but you should admit it.
    • Alt-Right Femboyism - Why must you be a f*g. You're close to being based.
    • Homofascism - Same as above.
    • Jewish Theocracy - Your Orthodox part is very homophobic, but your Reformed part is a gay shit.
    • Christian Theocracy - Depends if you accept gays or not.
    • Conservatism - You may be based, but sometimes you are pro-LGBT.
    • Trumpism - You are neutral on LGB, but you hate the T. Many of your supporters are based though.
    • Protestant Theocracy - You seem very pro-LGBT nowadays, but some of your denominations are based.
    • Hindu Theocracy - Your stances about homosexuality are different between different denominations.
    • Pagan Theocracy - Same as above. You're either doing gay orgy rituals or straight up ripping their guts out.




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