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    Not to be confused with Homofascism.


    is an idea which sees a compatibility between Nationalism and Homosexuality, or often times, LGBT in general. It essentially wants to combine a nationalist ideology with Gay or LGBT rights and acceptance.

    Its primary question which Homonationalism poses could be summarized as "Why can't I be a nationalist just because I'm gay?".

    The Term "Homonationalism" has however also been used to refer to other different subjects, usually still in some way relating back to the most central question posited by the ideology. These variations are elaborated on below.





    Homonationalism can most easily just be described as seeing a compatibility between Nationalism and Homosexuality, or often times, LGBT in general. It wants to combine pro-LGBT or pro-Gay policies with nationalism and nationalist policies, and doesn't see a contradiction combining in the two, most often even believing that a homogeneous nation-state would create a better environment for LGBT people than a multi-cultural or globalist society would.


    Compatibility Homonationalism

    Compatibility Homonationalism is the primary and most common form of Homonationalism, simply asking the question: "Why can't I be a nationalist just because I'm gay?".

    It sees a compatibility between Nationalism and Homosexuality, or often times, LGBT in general. Compatibility Nationalism thusly wants to adopt both a nationalist ideology and a pro-LGBT or pro-Gay platform which encourages their acceptable and rights within a nation-state and a nationalist society.

    It is a non-Quadrant ideology, only taking a progressive position on Gay or LGBT issues. Homonationalism is variable on all others and can oftentimes, but not always, even be culturally right-wing on said other issues, thus merging into LGBT Conservatism.

    LGBT acceptance can be variable between Homonationalists, with some being only pro-Gay or pro-LGB, while others are fully pro-LGBT or pro-LGBTQ+, if not more progressive.

    Populist Homonationalism

    Whenever a otherwise right-wing and/or nationalist political party adopts a Homonationalist (pro-LGBT & pro-Nationalist) stance, it can often be seen to use this for populist rhetoric in order to garner more support from LGBT people.

    As such, a Populist Homonationalism can be seen using nationalist talking points, such as anti-immigration and anti-multiculturalism rhetoric, in order to preserve and further LGBT rights - as the migration of non-westerners (which often hold anti-LGBT views) is viewed negatively and expected to proliferate violence, slow down, as well as hinder their acceptance & normalization.
    Most [Compatibility] Homonationalists hold such positions, however for many these are not the only reasons for embracing the ideology, instead they rely heavily on non-LGBT related nationalist rhetoric as well; wanting to establish a nation-state not exclusively for the good of LGBT people, but for the good of all their nation, as a normal Nationalist would.

    Examples of political parties which use such populist homonationalist arguments include the Dutch Partij voor de Vrijheid and the Sweden Democrats.

    Propagandistic Homonationalism

    The term "Homonationalism" has also been used to describe a western pro-interventionist propaganda tactic. In which the pro-LGBT (usually western) country uses their pro-LGBT stance in order to justify interventionist or imperialist measures against anti-LGBT states, thus drumming up support via a pro-war/intervention sentiment in the LGBT population.
    The most prominent examples of this are Israel and the USA.

    This tactic is also described as "pinkwashed imperialism" and has little connection to actual Homonationalism.

    Gay Chauvinism

    In the context of the Manosphere, the term "Homonationalism" has sometimes been used to refer to chauvinistic and Anti-Feminist right-wing gay men who take great value in masculinity and masculinism.

    This usage of the term has no inherent connection to actual Homonationalism, however since many men within these communities tend to be right-wing, a connection can sometimes be made.

    Personality and Behavior


    How to Draw

    Flag of Homonationalism
    1. Draw a black circle outline
    2. Draw 6 vertical lines in a rainbow with the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple
    3. Draw a white black flag in the center
    4. Add a white outline around the flag
    5. Add the eyes
    6. Done!




    • Homofascism - It's cool that I could inspire you and all, but I think you are a bit too extreme. It's also pretty annoying that people keep confusing us.
    • Manosphere - I'm sure we could get along a bit better if most of your followers just weren't so homophobic.


    • Progressivism - Stop trying to push your intersectional crap on me! Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I have to be one of you!
    • Globalism - Same as above! Damn Golbies trying to bring homophobic immigrants into my beautiful country...


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