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    Hive-mind Monarchism is an ideology, where everyone must collectively work, like a hive, for the monarch. It also believes in the importance of God and family.


    Unlike HMC, HMM has a personality, but only the king does. The king always wants more servants in his kingdom, hence, he tries to assimilate people.

    Stylistic notes

    • like any other hive-mind ideology, HMC possesses 3 eyes, including the king.
    • There can only be one king in the entire hive. Everyone else is to be marked with an S in the big diamond, for Servant.
    • Only the king can assimilate other balls, but can also assimilate already assimilated ones with his so-called "Royal touch"
    • The king has a gender, either male or female, and his servants do too, which allows them to reproduce for themselves.
    • Servants also have a religion, which depends on the author's choice. It's usually christianity.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball with a black outline and fill it black.
    2. Draw 3 small purple diamonds and fill them all with the same color
    3. Draw a big diamond on the bottom and fill it with purple also.
    4. Draw a crown inside the big diamond and (if you're drawing a servant) draw an S in it.
    5. If you're drawing a king, draw a crown on his head, otherwise, don't.
    6. Draw three eyes, and you're done!




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    N/A (for now)


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