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    "Hey buddy work on this page and it could be a page on the main wiki." - Neo-Slavery
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    Hive-Mind Individualism is a post-political and super intelligent ideology that operates through the principle of distributed resource allocation. Its exact origin is unknown, though it is believed to have originated from Hive-Mind Collectivism as result of an error in assimilation, which caused a mutation that gave origin to a fake clone.

    It can fully assimilate other balls into its eusocial structure. However, contrary to its collectivist counterpart, each one of the assimilated parties gets to keep its own identity, and actually live in a simulated or arranged life of its own, and feel as much pleasure as it likes and play all kind of lives it wants for all of eternity - thus eliminating the need for politics altogether. The tradeoff of this is that the idle resources of each brain are constantly allocated to form a hivemind, which rough brainpower is equal to the sum of the allocated brainpowers in addition to a self-optimizing AI component.

    The hive itself focuses on creating accurate and complex scenarios for all of its individuals, and on maximizing itself by assimilating more clays, improving its intelligence and defending from external threats.


    This ball is relatively lazy and self-absorbed. However, it really likes to compute complicated maths and physics problems when given some, as this trains its AI.

    When left alone it is in a self-absorbed state of ecstasy. When not, it tries to assimilate others, and acts abnormally nice while doing so.

    It tends to speak in a very incoherent manner.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Hive-Mind Individualism

    Drawing Hive-Inds is fairly simple:

    1. Draw a ball outline with black (#000000)
    2. Fill ball in with a lighter shade of black (#141412).
    3. Draw three smaller diamonds going in an arch pattern with cyan (#00fff6) and fill them in.
    4. Draw a fourth larger diamond with the top corner fitting snugly in the arch and fill in, all with the same color (#00fff6).
    5. Draw a capital 'I' in the middle of the large diamond, with a darker shade of blue (#0008ff).
    6. Draw three eyes in the smaller diamonds and you're done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Black 20, 20, 18 #141412
    Cyan 0, 255, 246 #00fff6
    Dark blue 0, 8, 255 #0008ff



    • Soulism - Let's ascend to a higher level of being together brother! (Soulism is too high to pay attention)
    • Transhumanism - You know what tools we need to make this beauty.
      • - Why was I friends with this thing again?
    • Temujin Leeism - Thanks for being a genuine fan of me.
      • - I feel like I gotta take a shower at this point.






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