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    Hive-Mind Capitalism (formerly known as Reactionary Anarcho-Hive-Mind Ultra-Capitalism with Archeofuturist and Ultraindustrialist characteristics) is an off-compass right ideology. It advocates for uploading thoughts of every single person to a mind network, where all thoughts would be privatized and put on a free market.

    Hive-Mind Capitalism, similar to HivIn.png Hive-Mind Individualism, it values emotions and feelings of each individual as the important, however not for the pleasure of the Individual but so that emotions and feelings can be privatized and sold.

    Hive-Mind-Capitalism's economic system is Darwinist.png Ultra-Capitalism. Property is heavily privatized under a system of Zero Regulations, which coincides with Hive-Mind-Capitalism's idea of "nothing should be public". Hive-Mind-Capitalism also argues that extrinsic motivation leads to better productivity than intrinsic motivation.

    Hive-Mind-Capitalism embraces Industrial.pngAntrans.png Industrial-Archeofuturism, as it sees Industrialism to be necessary to hold together the Hive-Market, while other highly advanced is tech allowed society is otherwise comparable to the 1860s. Hive-Mind-Capitalism also argues that all animals should be given humanlike sapience so that their thoughts can be privatized.

    Hive-Mind-Capitalism is extremely React.png Reactionary and sees the need in enforcing traditions like gender, sexuality, cultural values and language. Hive-Mind-Capitalism allows the aforementioned traditions to be denied only when individuals can afford to buy these ideas. Hive-Mind-Capitalism encourages drugs as well, since the making yourself high can allow for selling of delusional thoughts as well as physical drug, not to mention the distraction it provides from the real world.

    Hive-Mind-Capitalism has agnostic views on religion: people are allowed to believe and worship any god, as long as the relationship between a person and their God can be profited off of.

    Hive-Mind-Capitalism thinks that all people are born with selfishness encoded in their genes, and that altruistic behaviors come from the circumstances. As such, people should be free to commit crime because strong individuals are capable of defending themselves, this way there would be no need in neither punitive nor rehabilitive justice.

    Being Archeofuturist, Hive-Mind-Capitalism wants to allow physical appearance to be a privatized market resource. In terms of outfits, both nudity and excess fashion are allowed and fully embraced as market products.

    Anyone could also upload any necessary skills and knowledge to the free market. However, Hive-Mind-Capitalism rejects both Technocracy.pngtechnocratic and Democr.png democratic beliefs. Ideally looking for a Hoppe style Anarcho-Monarchy but with Plutocratic rulership so that the Hive-Market is maintained.

    Hive-Mind-Capitalism is a Nation.png Nationalist ideology that works regardless of its location, since outside sources have some difficulty dismantling a society based on Mil.png Militarism. It is still considered structurally fascist by Meta-Anarchism.png Meta-Anarchy for encouraging Class-based Hierarchy and Reactionary Ideas.

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    • Egoism.png Egoism - You agree that Altruism fruitless endeavor but I am not a "Gheist"
    • Avar.png Avarationism - This guy gets it!
    • Illeg.png Illegalism - The best justice system.


    • Awaj.png Anarchy - What do you mean this isn't anarchy?


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