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    Hilitribe.png Hilichurl Tribalism is the ideology of all hilichurl tribes in Genshin Impact and mostly reflects on how the hilichurl tribes live and structure.


    Hilitribe.png Hilichurl Culture

    Hilichurls tend to live in tribal societies and are most part hunters and gatherers. Hilichurls are also very Kak.png simple but can make simple contraptions. They also like to scavenge and take lost things from humans and use it for themselves.

    Tribal.png Tribal Structure

    Hilichurls can either have a Samachurl as the head or a Mitachurl or Lawachurl as the head of the tribe. Samachurls are usually the oldest of the tribe and also act as the priest for the tribe allowing hilichurls to worship the elements themselves. A mitachurl can oust the samachurl causing the hilichurl tribe to more Comb.png combatocratic. Hilichurls tend to admire other hilichurls who are very strong and put them in high positions in the tribe. Lawachurls being stronger than mitachurls can also head the tribe but it's very rare as most lawachurls prefer living alone. However hilichurls tend to admire them and form tribes around the lawachurl.


    Hilichurl Tribalism is basically a personality of a hilichurl, very primitive, likes to fight, and mostly aggressive to humans. Hilichurl Tribalism is often seen eating a lot of meat and hates eating vegetables to the point where mosi gusha to communicate sadness literally means eat grass. Hilichurl Tribalism also tends to hang around with Abyss Theocracy though sometimes they fight as well. Hilichurl Tribalism can only speak in hilichurlian.




    • Gero.png Gerontocracy - MOSI MITA! YAAK! (sometimes the tribe elder leads us but sometimes we overthrow him for strong hilichurls)
    • Anti-Humanism.png Anti-Humanism - Dada yo! YA YIKA! (You are right to hate humans but you take it way too far and your genocide reminds me of the humans)
    • Abyssorder.png Abyss Orderism - Mosi mita! YAAAK!!!
    • Favon.png Favoniusism - MOSI MITA! YAAK! (Alice literally wants to genocide me but at least Ella Musk loves us)
    • Polpot.png Pol Potism - Ye dada Ya Yika! (Your idea of making the humans more stupid is based but your genocide gives me PTSD)


    Most Human ideologies but especially

    • Vegarch.png Veganarchism - MOSI GUSHA! (Eat grass)
    • Radenv.png Vegan Teacherism - MOSI GUSHA YAAK! (Eat grass LITERALLY)
    • SpeciesNat.png Human Nationalism - YA YIKA NINI ZIDO!!! (GENOCIDING BITCH AND KILLER!)
    • Fash.png Fascism - NINI ZIDO! YA YIKA! (Imagine being so genocidal you even kill people of your own species.)
    • Biologist.png Scientocracy - NINI ZIDO!!! (Il Dottore and Sucrose loves to slaughter all of us and dissect us!)
    • FatuiTheo.png Tsaritsa Theocracy - YA YIKA! NINI ZIDO! YAAK! YAAK!! YAAAAAAAAAAAK!!!!!!!

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