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    Hikari Karmaism is a Self-Insert by Arctomisk, being economically in the left, and fading libertian (Between Anarcho-Communism and Soulism).
    The true heaven will exist when all individual don't need anything to survive and won't be hurt, this world can abolish all rule and market.But it is almost impossible:(

    the unequal loop

    She thinks everything is Equal when a country was formed and they will become Unequal in a few years, Rule beneficiaries and their friends, relatives will have wealth and chance more than others, their son will succeed more easily. The country will also get more and more Totalitarianism (they are not only be the president, pay attention).

    the only ending

    She thinks a country will only have 5 endings: One "immortal" "individual" left, One individual have freedom left, All individuals are isolated, The real utopia(Probably very like the third and the fifth) and be destroyed

    the other things

    Like these above,there are also a lot thing can cause unequality such as pleasing, looks, gender and age.


    Decrease government clerk and their right.


    Open cloning, gene editing and consciousness transmission for human, they will get the perfect look for them. So there will be no facial discrimination. Human can even turn themselves into a special life form that can change their looks.


    When all people are girls, gender will not exist.


    In the revolution, it will be abolished.

    Half-Automatic managing-system

    She thinks an Half-Automatic--system must be built to manage the people in or near the country and places near it. It have lots of flying viewers that people can hold it and open it by themselves(like a camera) It can start as a weapon when the "Judges" allowed them to kill the "error"(The judges are changed every three days) Someone who did sinful things and make a living by sinful things will be called "Error"


    The country will be Semi-planned economy and semi-customized market economy based on real economy. The financial industry simply cannot develop. Credit currency was abolished(you can think about a society, people inside can buy things with gold and silver).

    About Education

    She thinks that the Education above is oppressive, people have their right to choose subjects and time they would like to learn.
    At last, all knownledge will be shared.


    The government have ministry of education, ministery of karma(children, kill, result of war .etc), ministry of science, ministry of ideal(main government) and ministery of military. Every ministry masters are elected within the department.
    They will all be abolished at last

    How to Draw

    Flag of Hikari Karmaism
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Rose for Beret 228,75,162 #E44BA2
    Red 255,0,0 #FF0000
    Green 0,255,64 #00FF40
    White 255,255,255 #FFFFFF
    Grey 195,195,195 #C3C3C3
    Blue 0,64,255 #0040FF
    Pink 255,174,200 #FFAEC8

    Personality and Behaviour

    Everything she do is the thing she would like to do, if you coerced her do something bad or she don't like, she will kill you cruelly (But she hasn't killed anyone yet because the society rule of now). She likes making many things. She draws conclusions based on available information and avoid feelings as much as possible. Other times she is kind and get along well with socialists.She is also a patients with advanced obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    She is always wandering in the spiritual realm and sometimes hit the wall of air which others won't hit in reality.

    She is so light that you can throw her away easily.

    She usually smashes her mouse, because it doesn't work.

    *Dark Neo Optimatism -- I have said that this is almost impossible, we can only try to get close to it as we can, but we can reach another.


    • Dream as theory, dream as praxis, dream as result
      • Thank for your comment and I finally have the picture for one ending
      • I mean, literally, this society is a dream. Also, can I create comment section to transfer all this? Also welcome back from dead.
      • Yes, you can, and It's my discord account dead.
      • [So that's why it exist.]
      • At least you can visit PCB. Have you read soulist theory?
      • No.
      • Ok
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