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    Self Insert
    "People can really believe anything these days!" - Ismism
    This page is meant to represent Arctomisk's political views. Please do not make any major edits without their permission.
    Work In Progress
    "This page isn't even complete yet, who cares?" - Nihilism
    Someone is currently working on this page. Please do not interfere with their work. Instead, contact them to propose additional edits.

    Hikari Karmaism is a Self-Insert by Arctomisk, being economically in the left, culturally libertian and moderate libertian.He(or She) believes that everyone's thought(and behave) have its own reason, but everything is based on others' safety(anything)(it's also based on inital equality)and use a controled-custom-market. Capitalists and killers(stealers.etc) are always called "error" in the society and must be destroyed. Everyone's right is nearly equal, even he is a child.

    the despotic loop

    She thinks everything is Democracy(or Technocracy) first and they will become despotic in a few years(24-120), the despotic owner will be called the rule beneficiaries and their friends, relatives will have wealth more than others, their son will succeed more easily. The reason is simple: the selfishness.

    24-to-120-Year Limit

    She thinks that if we want to build a society without classes, we must annex all other countries and turn the country into an anarcho-Hikari-Karmaism system in these years(24-120) because as soon as the second president leaves, the society become despotic quickly.

    the other things

    Like these above,there are also a lot thing can affect equality such as pleasing, looks, gender and age. age class will be destroyed in the revolution, but others can't, they can only be destroyed in blue polity or grey polity.


    Decrease government clerk and their right.


    Open cloning, gene editing and consciousness transmission for human, they will get the perfect look for them. So there will be no facial discrimination.

    polity colours

    pink: the things above, always with classes(like capitalism)
    grey: everybody is always the same
    blue: everybody can get more by ability
    purple: the blue one but by thought
    red: everybody fight for more
    It’s final goal is a blue polity.


    The behavior of invade others(like killing, stealing .etc) or make others dissolving. There are 7 different sins










    Extreme pacifists


    You know


    Briber, Swindler, Gambler .etc Casinos

    Half-Automatic managing-system

    She thinks an Half-Automatic-manage-system must be built to manage the people in or near the PFB(Prosody Federation of Blunit)and places near it. It have lots of flying viewers that people can hold it and open it by themselves(like a camera) It can start as a weapon when the "Judges" allowed them to kill the "error"(The judges are changed every three days) Someone who did sinful things and make a living by sinful things will be called "Error"


    The country will be Semi-planned economy and semi-customized market economy based on real economy. The financial industry simply cannot develop. Credit currency was abolished(you can think about a society, people inside can buy things with gold and silver).

    About Education

    Nowaday, in most of the countries, everybody must study. In China, everyone must study all subjects for 9 years, and nobody can have a mark more than 100(120or150).
    She thinks everybody can choose 2-6 subjects to study, and everyone can get 100+mark to fill in the subject they are poor at. Everyone can study for 3-20 years. Students can work. The homework is given by good students instead of teacher.
    Educational activities are decreased because some of them are only an “invade” of time. In a society without classes. It's unnecessary.
    Some subjects are abolished or changed.


    The government have ministry of education, ministery of karma(children, kill, result of war .etc), ministry of science, ministry of ideal(main government) and ministery of military. Every ministry masters are elected within the department.

    Why antidrug

    1:Drug can make "the lost".
    2:Drug can build Capitalism and Authoritary.


    She think the fashion(Self-democracy, in her thought) is not good. It's only a type of authoritary. Antifashion(or Self-Fascism) is better. Don’t be the lost of fashion.

    More things

    LGBT+: They are special and beautiful, but they are mortals.
    Abortions: Why do you want to do this? You don't need to raise him.
    Culture: Why do I need to answer this? Any of them(If they are beautiful to you and they are good).
    Lust: NEVRISISK! Your will lost! It's bad to you! But if you are doing it for children, I will support you.
    Relationships: Su nevyre pu'em risk. Nevyre belum teres!(Blunish: I won't refuse you idea, but don't make it unfair, boy.)
    Race: Nevisk mit nevlum!!!(Blunish: Nobody is unequal!!!)
    Gender: Like things above.
    Identity: Like things above.
    Name: It's only a kind of special word Nihil.pngwithout any meaningNihil.png they can be different but they mustn't bring unequal.


    PCB-Dengf.pngState CapitalismPCB-Dengf.png

    If we want to build a society like this in a capitalism contry, we must control them and turn them into a lot of factories.(If it have no capitalist, skip it)

    First Step

    The Capitalists will die and a Half-Automatic manage system has been made, everyone will get a land in the suburb(they are the same size)We must prepare a lot of weapon(everywhere) to annex countries.

    PCB-Nazi.pngIron and bloodPCB-Nazi.png

    Annex all other countries, one by one(Look at these Capitalists, Kings, Queens and People who eat welfare, they are escaping. HAHAHA)

    File:PCB-Awaj.pngAnarchy timeFile:PCB-Awaj.png

    Now we will go to space and we can abandon government-building because everyone became a part of government. And we can use machines to make things we need freely.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Hikari Karmaism
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Rose for Beret 228,75,162 #E44BA2
    Red 204,0,0 #CC0000
    Green 2,192,2 #02C002
    White 255,255,255 #FFFFFF
    Grey 195,195,195 #C3C3C3
    Blue 0,45,204 #002DCC
    Pink 245,126,141 #F57E8D

    Personality and Behaviour

    Everything she do is the thing she would like to do, if you coerced her do something bad or she don't like, she will kill you cruelly (But she hasn't killed anyone yet because the society rule of now). She likes making smash hit checkpoints, arcaea level and .etc(They are hard so don't try it).She is also a patients with advanced obsessive-compulsive disorder. She likes to draw conclusions based on available information and avoid feelings as much as possible. Other times she is kind and get along well with socialists.She speak Blunish(Also use English and Chinese)

    She is always wandering in the spiritual realm and sometimes hit the wall of air which others won't hit in reality.

    She is so light that you can throw her away easily.

    Mega Yes.png Our plan

    Posadism -- a part of our plan but you must try to build a Utopia by yourself.
    Geogism -- a part of our plan.

    Yes.png That's good

    Childism -- It's serious enough to devide classes between adults and children.

    Kinda Yes.png Red and Blue

    Social-Darwinism -- In another way, you can build a red politic by Abolition of inheritance.
    Communism -- Cheer for a society without classes

    Meh.png Gray ones


    Kinda No.png The Lost

    Acid-communism -- Drug can't solve the problem, Capitalism is not perfect, and you have made yourself "The Lost"

    No.png Sins

    Omni-Epic -- Don't laugh at others, you will be the target of "flies"(They are really annoying).

    Mega No.png ERROR of the society

    Capitalism -- Capitalists are Error
    Parentism -- You must know that my starting point is Childism

    Mega Yes.png Fatnisisk(fate)

    Everybody alive =)

    Yes.png Iskisk(this one)

    Why do you think somebody can stay there =( =( =(

    Kinda Yes.png Isk(thing)

    Why do you think somebody can stay there =( =(

    Meh.png Arcisk(fragments)

    Why do you think somebody can stay there =(

    Kinda No.png Nevisk!(nothing)

    Why do you think there is somebody =)

    No.png Nevrisk!(no mind)

    Why do you think there is somebody =) =)

    Mega No.png Nevrisisk!!!(no rule)

    Why do you think there is somebody =) =) =)

    Mega Yes.png Fatnisisk(fate)

    All other ideologies.

    Yes.png Iskisk(this one)

    FAHLMSAC -- 常有高猿长啸,属引凄异,空谷传响,哀转久绝。故渔者歌曰:“巴东三峡巫峡长,猿鸣三声泪沾裳。”(摘自 郦道元 的 《三峡》)

    Kinda Yes.png Isk(thing)

    All Authleft ideologies -- Why do you think that Authority can make equality?

    Meh.png Arcisk(fragments)

    Econright Georgists -- ......

    Kinda No.png Nevisk!(nothing)

    All Economy right ideologies (Except Georgists) -- Capitalists make unequality, also pink.

    No.png Nevrisk!(no mind)

    All Nationalists -- 不可洗净的粉红色(Pink which is unwashable.)

    Mega No.png Nevrisisk!!!(no rule)

    All totalitarian ideologies -- 你们这群人怎么想的?(What are you thinking about?)
    Third_Plenderplarism -- 一个只知道让人受苦的傻*[已被*精神滤网*自动屏蔽]You are only a sh*t that want everyone suffer.
    All Authorian right ideologies -- 哼哼哼啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊!

    Antagon.pngTerisk(Conflict things)

    Fordism -- RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR(She couldn't express her anger in any words, like That old tree man in “The Lord of the Rings”)

    Something you must know

    "The Lost"

    They don't have their own thought. They are following fashion, drug or .etc(they are hurting he, and it's not cureable)
    We hate them.


    The way a man become a "Lost".


    A man-made language to say goodbye to the unequal history. And has 2 forms.


    A form used for daily life.


    A form used for philosophical discussions, news introductions, names or prayers, usually Esoteric and short.
    tips:These Blunish in this page and my user name is in Future form.

    These are sometimes true:

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