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    High Quality Pageism (also known as Good Quality Pageism) is the polar opposite of Low quality Pageism. It strives for articles on the Polcompball Wikis to be written to the highest quality possible. It promotes for information, formatting, grammar, artwork, and other page elements on each Polcompball article to be of high quality, if not perfect.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it with green
    3. Draw a salad green check-mark in the middle
    4. Add a grass green top-hat on the ball
    5. Draw two eyes

    You are done!

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Green #25C529 37, 197, 41
    Salad Green #146916 20, 105, 22
    Grass Green #47743F 71, 116, 63

    Relationships / High Quality Pageism's Rating System

    Pages of Extraordinary Quality (6/6)

    • Dead Centrism - We have got to maintain a good balance in our Miraheze articles!
    • Benefactorism - I'm quite impressed this isn't a main wiki article. Congratulations! It has almost everything a "Featured" page needs!
    • Evolutionary Socialism - An exemplary Self-Insert page! I really want to take a look at it once it is finished.
    • 2x2Masterism - Really original and well structured, even before being finished! The gradient and selected sections of it make it one of the best Self-Inserts I've ever seen (and will see once completed).
    • HelloThere314ism - Your page is also nowhere near finished, yet it already reads like a book! It's so extensive!
    • Neo-Phibunsongkhram Thought - Incredibly well articulated, easy-to-understand categorizing, great artwork. Really something to look foward when building a self insert.
    • BERNHEism - Also knows how to use gradients like 2x2Masterism, but uses them much more sparingly. Complete and beautiful, especially the artwork

    High Quality Pages (5/6)

    • Matthism - Very nicely done page, and even better shading, yet incomplete.

    Fair Quality Pages (4/6)

    • Grammar Nazism - Every page should have immaculate grammar! But, help yourself with your own page. It is as complete as a nazi stadium.
    • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - That's...eccentric. You are obnoxious with the letter "A" and doesn't develop, but I can see that's the whole purpose. When considering it a "Joke" page, you really do a great job! Nice references too.
    • Brazilian Liberalism - Could be better, not gonna lie. but it's still very pleasant to read

    Moderate Quality Pages (3/6)

    • Anti-Iconism - For obvious reasons, your essence already takes out some points, but it's undertandable. But I do need to say that this page lacks completion, such as "Beliefs", "Navigation" and a "Joke" template, although it does a great job as a joke page.
    • Cute Communalism - There are many broken links, the main info lacks completion and the main artwork is lazy. In general, very bland page.
    • Mega Corporatocracy - Overall, acceptable. The art is great, and so is the categorizing, but the main info and the "Relationships" are painfully short and there's no navigation nor flag.

    Meh Quality Pages (2/6)

    • 5000ism - Your gif is creative and original, yet very obnoxious. The page's essence is very creative, but it is too unfinished. Considering it part of the "year family" is a great start to the page's deepening.
    • Lanceism - As a Self-Insert, the grammar is terrible and both the info and the main text are messy. I don't know if it was supposed to be a joke or not, but it doesn't even serve as a joke.
    • Ingbert - Please, categorize your text. Don't just mix all up into one disgustingly big article. Also, the main info is very short and the artwork is too simple.
    • Anarcho-Darwinism - Lacks a lot of expansion, both on the text and on the main info.

    Low Quality Pages (1/6)

    • Badly Formatted Pageism - Eew! This ideology gets a one out of six for its bad formatting and quality, though it at least spells things correctly unlike Anrcho nazi...what was I expecting anyway?
    • Ingurb - Awful grammar, awful infobox, awful almost everything. One of the only things I like about you is your icon and artwork. But I'll say that potential is there.
    • Minecraftism-Monarchism - Good start, yet so incomplete! Strange name, no artwork (except for the icon) and no deep explanation on what it really is. PLEASE, EXPAND IT!
    • Nullism - The potential is there, it really is, but the text is very badly categorized and there's no main info exept for that actually well-drawn artwork. Also, there are so many sections lacking, such as "How to Draw", "Relationships" and "Gallery".
    • Gastevism - What the f*ck?! It looks like someone threw up on this page! At least you had some decency to have "Further Information", an artwork and an explanation of the ideology, but there are almost no categories, the main info is all over the place, the text is mixed up with no paragraphs and that art can barely be called an "artwork".

    Garbage Quality Pages (0/6)

    • Anrcho nazi - Zero out of six; please try harder next time.
    • Anrcho senatoalism - This is one of the worst pages I have ever seen on this wiki, so this one gets a zero out of six.
    • Inden comunsm - Another one?! Seriously?! This one definitely gets a zero out of six for its horrible quality and spelling.
    • Low quality Pageism - My archnemesis and polar opposite.


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