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    High Labour is a meme ideology legitimate political movement originating in the mid 2010s describing the creeping in of more radical left elements during the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn; additionally or alternatively a joke about being the Labour equivalent of High Toryism for the Conservative Party. High Labour advocates for the unconditional loyalty of the working class, and end to all imperialist practices and British participation in imperialist organizations, the nationalization of all industries, and the expulsion or persecution of all groups deemed too privileged by the pre-revolution system (often coded to mean rich Jewish people, often called '(((the few)))' or simply 'the few.')

    High Labour is unconcerned with being perceived as racially biased, but is only biased towards groups deemed too strong under the Neoliberal world order, such as Jewish people, Continental Europeans, and Americans, who he will often rant about being the source of Britain's problems. To underprivileged minorities he will be very accommodating and attempt to make them part of his broad working-class coalition. While never actively campaigning for violent revolution, he will advocate for extremely revolutionary policies once put in power, making him still technically a Democratic Socialist, despite idolising Marxist Leninists openly and seeking to emulate them in all matters of post-election policy.


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