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    High-Tier Hierarchycracy is the main and dominant ideology in the world of Unordinary by Uru-Chan as well as the ideology that the Authorities (the government in Unordinary) use.


    High-Tier Hierarchycracy believes in a world where the strong dominates the weak. The high-tiers (people with stronger abilities and powers) of the world should rule over all the low-tiers (people with weaker abilities and powers) and cripples (people with no powers and abilities) and can bully them and oppress them as they please. High-tier Hierarchycracy also believes that the hierarchy must be strictly protected and as such must be maintained through authoritarian means. Helping low-tiers or saying anything about caring for the low-tiers and cripples is strictly prohibited and will be censored for trying to mess it up.


    High-Tier Hierarchycracy is very sadistic and cruel and is known to beat up many people especially low-tiers and would do anything to maintain the hierarchy. High-Tier Hierarchycracy is really strict about maintaining a hierarchy and uses propaganda to persuade the populace that the low-tiers and cripples are worthless and as such should be bullied and oppressed. High-Tier Hierarchycracy tries censoring books that challenge his ideas like he did with the book Unordinary. If that's not enough high-tier Hierarchycracy would secretly make and fund a terrorist group dedicated to wiping out those who oppose the hierarchy. In all High-Tier Hierarchycracy is a bully who will do anything he can to keep the hierarchy in place. He like high-tiers but will take them out if they try to do anything against the hierarchy or protect the lower-tiers.


    High and God Tiers

    • Arloist Thought - My nephew who puts my ideas to rule Wellston, though I don't get your obsession with royals though.
    • Authoritarianism - The lower tiers shall be oppressed and we need a strong authority to sustain the hierarchy.
    • Caste System - The Hierarchy shall be maintained by ALL MEANS NECESSARY even if it means using EMBER to kill those who help lower-tiers
    • Mediacracy - The authorities would like to remind you that EMBER is out there and therefore if you feel like becoming a hero, don't
    • Combatocracy - The high-tiers and god-tiers rule society.
    • Kraterocracy - Strong oppress the weak, that's literally me, very based!
    • Authoritarian Conservatism - The hierarchy must be preserved AT ALL COSTS!
    • Police Statism - I investigate people as much as I want.

    Elite and Mid Tiers

    • Ingsoc - The authorities would like to remind you that we are not oppressive we are simply trying to help maintain an order and prevent the acts of EMBER teach me your ways. oh wait...
    • Kleptocracy - The authorities would like to remind you that we are currently trying to stop the acts of EMBER I actually created EMBER in order to kill vigilantes and dissidents, though it's bad for PR so I'll pretend that I'm fighting you when I'm actually helping you
    • Two-Faced Democracy - You are really based because that's literally what I do with EMBER but still democracy is cringe, just WHY?
    • Hindu Theocracy - You recognize the need for a strict hierarchy but your hierarchy is based on some hereditary crap instead of based on strength.
    • Hindutva - Same as above but more cringe as you sometimes throw away the hierarchy.
    • Avaritionism - You understand the need for hierarchies but what if someone tries to dismantle the hierarchy. We need a state and order to make sure no-one messes with the hierarchy.
    • Social Darwinism - You have the same problems with him though I do crime against weak people when they oppose me.
    • Terrorism - Because of the EMBER threat we have created the Department of Anti-Terrorism to counter terrorists created by us. In reality everyone in that department is part of EMBER.

    Low Tiers and Cripples

    • Unordinaryism - This book has been banned due to messing with the hierarchy society challenging ideas Also I killed this dumb cripple author, that guy has done way too much damage to society as a cripple.
    • John Doeism - Late bloomers like you will always be worthless also can't believe I'm saying this but you REALLY need to calm down! I killed you pathetic cripple father lol.
    • Vigilantism - Remember if you feel like becoming a hero DON'T or the Authorities EMBER will kill you.
    • Rei Thought - Recently report of another vigilante who died, because of the EMBER threat this is the reason why you shouldn't be a vigilante Nice another vigilante that I killed
    • Remi Thought - Rei's stupid sister who's also a filthy vigilante I will send EMBER to murder you like your brother oh FUCK SHE KNOWS TOO MUCH
    • Egalitarianism - The Authorities would like to remind you that this ideology does not exist.
    • Welfarism - Neither do you.
    • Humanitarianism - Same as above.
    • Democracy - The low-tiers don't deserve power though the Modi guy would be based if his hierarchy was actually based on strength and not some hereditary crap.
    • Marxism - And I thought Unordinary was the most cringe book in existence, this is literally hell!
    • Spectreism - Who the hell are you guys?

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