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    Higgsian Socialism, or HiggSoc is the ideology of Argentine user called "Higgs", it is an ideology based on the ideals of monarchy, socialism, nationalism, moderate transhumanism and ecologist. Economically far-left, civically authoritarian and culturally moderate leaning to progressivism.


    It leans to Monarcho-Socialism, it also thinks experts should be in the RF and the government itself, on the nationalist axis it believes that ___ country is superior, but only in the matters of "woah I think my nation is the best and I have reasons!" it also believes the nation shall be united at all costs, on the ecological axis it thinks technology should save nature, not destroy it. About culture, it thinks social progress shall be chased at all costs while also preserving cultural values. It also thinks technology must be upgraded as much as needed.




    • Democracy - Only like you when you're leftist, if rightist PLEASE GIVE WELFARE ATLEAST


    • Homophobia - DIE
    • Monarchism - Right-wing monarchism? ew.
    • Libertarians - LibRight? degeneracy lol.
    • Capitalism - DIE
    • Degeneracy - ew
    • Simpism, Incestism & Coomerism - DEATH TO SAFEERZ!
    • LumiNyteism - based

    How To Draw

    Color Name RGB HEX
    White ffffff ffffff
    Violet 8f00ff 8a2be2
    Green 013220 006400
    Red ff0000 ff0000

    1. Make a ball
    2. Draw 2 green stripes
    3. Draw a violet strip
    4. Put a CPUSA in the middle

    You're done!

    File:Flag of HiggSoc.png

    Template:Socialist Template:EnvironmentalistsTemplate:Socialist

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