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    Higgardism is the Ideology of rNazor. He is an extreme form of Anarcho-Capitalism with Conservative characteristics. He believes in Austrian economics and it's deeply against Marxism and Keynesianism

    Thoughts and beliefs

    Austrian Economics

    He is from the Austrian School and knows believes that it will solve all problems from terrorism to wars, also that it would solve hunger in Africa and the continually failed development of Latin America, climate change, pollution, and economic inequality, all thanks to private property, low regulations, free market, and most importantly, the gold standard.


    The only way that the State with its megalomaniac intentions cannot replace the economic system is as simple as abolishing it, that society and the individuals that compose it are free as God intended.


    He believes that the traditional values of individual effort, family, and work are essential for a fair and orderly society.

    Gun Rights

    Guns are necessary for people to defend their freedom, ALL genocide has begun disarming the population, that the state has a monopoly on guns is a danger to the individual. Not to mention that with an armed population it is easier to defend a territory or property and that it is the most armed countries that have fewer crimes with firearms. As every libertarian or anarchist would say: SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!


    While he may be considered somewhat agnostic, he does believe that there is an entity like a god, but not in the way that many believe. He says that God, Allah, or Yahweh, doesn't have a plan and that is just a programmer and that he had programmed human societies so that they can solve their problems without the need for a government.

    Patriotism and Fraternity

    A nation is defined by its values, culture, and the fraternity they bring, and it's okay to be proud of it.


    Despite the above, he is not against immigration and defends it, since everyone should be able to go to a territory with freedom in order to be free. They are also quite useful, especially in jobs close to consumption in the production structure.

    About LGBT

    Despite the fact that some of the ideas that these types of people use are contradictory or even erroneous either semantically or biologically, that does not mean that they are human beings and that therefore they should be treated in the same way, and therefore, same rights, life, liberty and private property.


    With capitalism comes innovation and therefore technology advances, however I do not believe that trans-humanism should be reached, because at that stage it is already doubtful about being human, it could create authoritarian governments, so a moderate advance of the technology would be fine.

    Pre-Anarchist Minarchism

    To get to Anarcho-Capitalism, you have to make the rest of the world be, too, so before that happens, you would have to apply Minarchism, btw, an extreme one, that the state only deals with the defense of the territory, that and only that. Anyway, is not so necessary, Cospaia has lasted 4 centuries and has not even ended by a collapse, so applying Anarcho-Capitalism at once would not be so bad.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw 3 diagonal bars
    3. Fill the bottom-right with Black
    4. Fill the middle with Blue
    5. Fill the top-left with Gold
    6. Add 3 White stars in the blue bar
    7. Give him eyes the eyes
    8. Draw the HGG Infovizor 3090
      1. Create a new layer at 60% opacity
      2. Draw a Golden rectangle
        1. For the details: add a political compass and white text in the HGG Infovizor 3090
      3. Create another layer
      4. Draw the frame with Dark Gray
      5. Draw the cable that connects to the hat with Gray
    9. Draw Pinochet's Hat
      1. Draw a Azure-ish Gray brim for the hat, and on the brim an olive branch pattern on it in Gold
      2. Above the brim draw a vaguely pentagonal top
      3. Fill the Top with Azure-ish Gray
      4. Between the brim and the top of the hat draw a Red ribbon and a Gold rope
      5. On the top draw a Red oval
      6. On the oval draw 2 arches of the Golden color which are connected, and draw wheat branches also with Gold
      7. Between the aches draw a White star.

    And you are Done!

    Flag of Higgardism
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20
    Blue #2059BA 32, 89, 186
    Gold #FFD400 255, 212, 0
    Gray #5E5E5E 94, 94, 94
    Dark Gray #505050 80, 80, 80
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Azure-ish Gray #616F75 97, 111, 117
    Red #FF0000 255, 0, 0


    Based! (S+)

    Good (S)

    • Typicalfan1ism - Capitalism and Conservationism? Nice! but a bit moderate, also a bit extreme on Nationalism

    Nice (A)

    • Waffleofthefuturism - Totalitarianism is cringe, but you are capitalist which is based enough to put you here.
    • Heinrich-Cheungism - Totalitarian and probably ethnostatist, but based Laissez-Faire Capitalism.
    • Pinochetism - CHILE'S SAVIOR! Even tho you started socialist you learnt and became capitalist, still, totalitarianism is bad (your hat is cool tho, can I have it?)

    Meh... (B)

    • Kranoterism - Protectionist and too nationalists, at least you keep free market.

    No opinion/Neutral (N.A./C)

    Uhh... (D)

    • Bsaheedism - Too leftist and egoist for my taste, at least you are (kinda) anarchist

    No (E)

    • Progressivism - I put you here just because you're a way to view the world instead of an actual ideology, but I don't like your idea of "there is no natural order"
    • Celfloskyism-Cringe Welfare and State, but you love country and free immigrats.

    Fuck you (F)

    • Neo-Liberalism - You are not even a real ideology, you are a strawman made by the left to insult freedom.
    • Neo-Bingoism - Monarchy is just as cringe as socialism, but I made your icon so our relations improve a bit.
    • Bingoism - "there should be a free market and the government should run that market" Congratulations, you contradicted yourself, soccie.


    • Democratic Socialism - 606% NEVER FORGET
    • Homonationalism - Racism is gae, now literally
    • Dengism - Communist parasitizing Hong Kong capitalism, and it is precisely the communist areas of China that we have less information about, suspicious, very suspicious
    • Marxism Feminism - If you really want to free women then Communism isn't the solution
    • Fascism - You are practically the same collectivist shit as them, the same mistakes, the same atrocities.
    • National Socialism - Same as above, but also racist
    • Immorxism - COMMIE! REEEEEEEEE!
    • Marxism - Doesn't work and never will, it's based on a theoretical error.
    • Keynesianism - The incarnation of the devil on earth, the responsible for all the ills of the world and worse, pretends to be the cure.
    • Dodobird220ism - Doesn't matter if you aren't a tankie, YOU ARE COMMUNIST!
    • LogicalGreyism - Marxist Totalitarian Progressivist? NO THANKS!
    • Neo-Airisuism - If communism doesn't work communalism won't do either, stop pretending you're an anarchist and understand that you have no fucking idea of economics. You think I simp for Pinochet? I DON'T, in fact, I criticize him in some issues.
    • Truthism - Say whatever you want, you are retarded shit, it was fun to vandalize your pages.


     Xirlan Thought - I like your conservatism, add me.

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