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    Hezbollahism is the ideology of the Lebanese political party and militant group Hezbollah. It is a Khomeinist political party, being so, it is economically center-left and leans culturally right. Hezbollah is accused of being a terrorist group by many countries while many others consider it a legitimate movement.


    Hezbollah was founded in 1982 by Lebanese cleric Abbas Al-Musawi, a close follower of Ayatollah Khomeini, with funding and close tutelage from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps. It is credited of having been the main force resisting Israel's 15-year occupation of the Shia-majority southern region of Lebanon.

    It's transition from being primarily a militant organization to participating in Lebanon's parliamentary elections in 1992 and the subsequent withdraw of Israeli troops in 2000 helped Hezbollah become a significant political force.


    Hezbollahism believes in core Khomeinist principles like Shi'ite Islam, Anti-Zionism, Anti-Imperialism and Social Justice but is more civically moderate due to Lebanon's vast cultural differences to Iran.


    Used to have a very explosive personality but nowadays he is more chill. Even though he still vehemently opposes Israel and swears to destroy it.



    • Khomeinism - My father ideology. I just had to tweak you a bit.
    • Amal Movement - My best friend, We've had our disagreements during the War of the Camps but now you're my brother from another mother. Secularism is still cringe
    • Francophobia - France needs to keep its hands out of Lebanese politics.
    • Combatocracy - Weapons monopoly go brrrr...


    • Shia Theocracy - Used to be my endgoal but I gave up on that idea a long time ago...
    • Saadehism - No, we aren't going to turn Syria into a theocracy you psycho. We only got like 120[1] military bases to defend our supply route. Still, in Lebanon we're allies.


    • Zionism - My worst enemy.
    • Jihadism - My second worst enemy. Just forget that I'm also a Jihadist.
    • Trumpism - Would you stop sanctioning me, I haven't even done anything.


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