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    Heterofascism is a totalitarian and completely culturally far-right ideology with straight rights being a core value.


    Heterofascism is an idea that draws association with nationalist values and straight rights. For example, it may justify ultranationalist ideas such as strong borders and xenophobia by claiming that Homosexual immigrants pose a threat to straight people, or that Western nations are a bastion of unequal marriage rights.

    Heterofascism was not originally an ideology, but rather a critique of certain straight ideas. That being said, people who hold nationalist views associated with straight rights may be described as Heterofascists.


    Critics claim that examples of Heterofascism include the United States' modern insistence on global gay restrictions being used to justify foreign intervention, or Saudi Arabia's acceptance of gay restriction being used to legitimize their claim over the middle east. These statements are known as Bawwashing (Black and White brainwashing) in straight studies, as they use issues of straight rights to distract from violence or nationalist sentiments.



    How to Draw

    Flag of Heterofascism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw the five rows: the top, middle and bottom ones being black, and the others being white.
    3. Color a white circle in the middle.
    4. Draw a swastika in the circle.
    5. Turn one of the swastika's spokes into a Mars symbol and another one into a Venus symbol.
    6. Add the eyes.

    You're done!




    • Black Nationalism - Africans are based, but why do I keep seeing these gay thug n*gga twerking videos on Discord?
    • Heterobiarchy - I don't think you're really straight...
    • Feminism - What do You mean You can be independant and don't need a man? Come on, I'm not like him as I don't hate women!
    • Putinism - I like how you took a turn in my direction in the 2010s and accelerated on your way to me in in 2022. When will you start gassing sodom*tes already?
    • Xi Jinping Thought - Nice job with banning f*mboys and promoting Chinese nationalism, but you're still way too moderate.
    • DeSantisism - If only you were anywhere near what them f*ggots and libtards speak of you...


    • Homofascism - Why must you be a total faggot all the time!
    • Femboys - Miss me with that gay shit n*gga fuck outta here, fuck you mean fuckboy.
    • Ingqueer - You are what (((they))) want and what I must protect the heterosexual race from.
    • Scott Lively - Noooo!!! Hitler was not a homosexual!
    • Allyfascism - What in the fuck is this? Absolutely cucked.
    • Heterophobia - Dumbass fag really out here creating "slurs" for straight people. Like, am I supposed to feel offended by being called a "straggot" "strag" "cissy" or "oreo"?
    • SLGBTism - Our cultures will never mix. That goes against our principals.
    • Esoteric Homonationalism - You're a schizo, a heretic, and a faggot.


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