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    Hermit Model, also known as Hermitcraftism is a Minecraft-based ideology based on the Hermitcraft server. It is a combination of Anarcho-Capitalism, Mutualism and File:GiftEcon.png Gift Economy.

    On April 2012, generikb founded the Hermitcraft server, named after his self-proclaimed "The Gaming Hermit" title. It originally meant all members of the server live sparsely as a challenge for them. Now, as of April 2021, Hermitcraft is in seventh season and one of the most popular SMP servers today.


    Hermit Model loves the usage of diamonds as the currency and engaging in fun and entertaining events. It solves political issues quickly, which is something rare for any ideologies. It also engages in gift economy, when someone is working on a project and sometimes working together with them.

    Hermit Model believes the only rules existed are gentleman's rules, they are basically generally accepted rules, such as no grieving, no swearing, etc.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a line diagonally, fill the bottom half black and upper half yellow.
    3. Draw another diagonal line with orange between the yellow and black.
    4. Draw a diamond-shaped rectangle with cyan.
    5. Draw the eyes and you're done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Black 0,0,0 #000000
    Yellow 255,216,0 #FFD800
    Orange 255,106,0 #FF6A00
    Cyan 0,255,255 #00FFFF



    • Anarcho-Capitalism - Free market and stateless society, based. But please, let the people have their own businesses and be less chaotic.
    • Mutualism - Classless free market society and co-op are based.
    • File:GiftEcon.png Gift Economy - One of the best economic system for the Hermits.


    • 2b2tism - We do believe in a stateless society, but you're too chaotic and have slavery.
    • File:AnTechno.png Anarcho-Technobladeism - You believe the state will turn everyone into tyrants, yet you're allying with your (expansionist) antithesis. How hypocritical.

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