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    Hereditarian Sovereignty is formed by the application of Hereditarian Thought upon Monarchism. It loves hereditary succession systems, intensely dislikes succession systems not based upon heredity. In fact, the Ideology's personal quote in regards to Succession Systems is pretty much this "Hereditary Succession is the platonic ideal of succession systems".

    What Does Hereditarian Thought Mean?

    Hereditarian Thought is simply just the critical importance of preexisting and innate characteristics and with it could be passed down to the next generation or the inter-generational transmission of such preexisting and innate characteristics. These preexisting and innate characteristics inevitably played an essential role in determining the character and abilities of people, which can be called as heredity. Essentially, each and every individual would be seen as the product of the forces of hereditary causality.

    It can be considered as the adaptation of the philosophical position known as Innatism which first derived from Plato, who can be considered as the Father of Innatism. As such, it is no wonder as to why Hereditarian Sovereignty absolutely appreciates Plato. Firstly, Plato argued for the existence of souls by knowledge. The reason why we have this notion is because according to Plato that before we’re born into this world, we have immortal souls that already know this Forms, this Concepts, etc.

    But, because our immortal souls have these innate notions of the truth about reality. Even though we only ever experience imperfect examples, we have the innate knowledge of truth, goodness, and beauty, just as we have the innate knowledge of what’s good English, what makes up good grammar of the English Language, which is illuminated by the Form of Good. There's also other philosophers who can be considered be Innatists such as René Descartes and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.


    The Personality of the Hereditarian Sovereignty can be best summed up as that he likes anything that supports Hereditarian Thought, dislikes anything against Hereditarian Thought. Extremely supportive of hereditary succession systems, intensely disliked against other succession systems other than hereditary ones. His patterns of speaking is pretty much highly intelligent but could go really vulgar if provoked enough. Although, Hereditarian Sovereignty isn't easily provoked, it would take something truly extreme to do that, a level of extreme that shouldn't be described here.



    • Monarchism - One of the best system of governance in history. Not to mention based upon Hereditary Succession. After all, the Monarch is the sovereign entity, representing everything of the nation, that in which it lives in the distant past, lives in the present, and lives to the far future through the process of heredity, transcending entire generations.
    • Eugenicism - Very nice, the rigorous learning of heredity to combat against Dysgenic elements.
    • Scientocracy - Of course, eugenics is after all the scientific study of Heredity.
    • Aristocracy - Obviously, not a monarchy. At least, you respect Hereditary Succession.
    • British Fascism - I must say, your answer towards question 59 and 60 is exemplary.
    • Ethnopluralism - Your way of dealing with different groups of people is pretty solid.
    • Nationalism - You have shown to be an eugenic adaptation, very nice.
    • Blood Nationalism - What is this? Nationality based upon bloodlines? Epic!
    • Caste System - Pretty nice, I would dare say.
    • Discriminationism - Just like with Nationalism, an eugenic adaptation. Although, should be at preferable levels.
    • Epistemological Anarchism - My Epistemology. BTFO'd Positivists!
    • Dark Enlightenment - Pretty based for your support of the Monarchy and not to mention Hereditarianism.
    • Noocracy - So, you'd believe in the selection of eugenic traits within the Sovereign entity? Extremely Based! Not to mention that you came from Plato! The Guy with the best metaphysics!
    • Daveism - A support of True Monarchism made with eugenic and adaptative traits such as high religiosity and strong nationalism. Not to mention, your dislike towards the Enlightenment, which is pretty good. But, why do you still have democracy? Hereditary Principles should be applied to all levels of society.
    • Meridian Paternalism - So, you think that the son is the extension of the father? That's pretty similar to Hereditarian Thought in their view of the individual. Furthermore, you'd use hereditary successions. This means that you are totally based.
    • Neotrumpism - Your beliefs are pretty much based.
    • Monarcho-Fascism - The form of Monarchism that I based upon.
    • Hindu Theocracy - Highly religious, check! A Hierarchy based upon birth or known as the Varna, check! Those people within each Varna must follow their Svadharma, which means that it is someone's innate natural role in their society, check! You are based.
    • Biocentrism - You dislike that cancer known as Progressivism, good. Furthermore, you combine both science and tradition, that's better. Finally, your organic eugenics is the best. You are truly based! Finally, you would be ultimately based if you are an actual Monarchist.
    • File:Sin.png Waffleofthefuturism - So, you're nationalistic, traditionalistic, and anti-communists, that's eugenic. Furthermore, you'd believe that there should be an absolute monarch and are guided by an elite group. Based!
    • Hydra'ism - So, you're a Gnostic which had some influences from the best philosopher Plato, so that's based. You are pretty much a true Monarchist. You are nationalistic and religious, which are eugenic and adaptive traits, that's good. You despite dysgenic elements, which is nice. Furthermore, you hate the enlightenment, the godless mutants titled as "Atheists". Wow, everything about you is based. I couldn't find anything unbased about you.


    • Elective Monarchy - I' m utmost disappointed of your abandonment of the Hereditary Succession System. At least you're a monarchy, instead of those vile Republics.
    • Industrialism - You might have paved us the way for an in-depth and thorough exploration of Hereditarianism. However, you had let Dysgenic elements to breed more when compared to Eugenic elements.
    • Abortionism - It depends on what you are being used for. Abortion of the dysgenic is good, but the abortion of the eugenic is bad
    • Autism - You are like a double-bladed Sword.
    • Planned Parenthoodism - Your creator is an eugenicist, which is nice. However, you'd became cringe.
    • Meritocracy - Your attitude towards hereditary succession is pretty cringe. At least, you'd recognized to pick what traits that are eugenic or dysgenic.
    • Aristotelianism - Your had some really good Eugenics views. Not to mention, your quote on Monarchy is spot-on. However, you held some cringe views. Also, I'd prefer Platonic Idealism over your Metaphysics.
    • Incestism - The Sames goes for you with Autism.
    • Stratocracy - It depends on how you are being used. There should be an optimal amount.
    • Fascist Imperialist Asexual Transhumanism - You might have some based beliefs such as intense nationalism and your attitude towards the act of sex. However, your distaste for one-ruler state is cringe which would logically follow, a dislike towards monarchism. As for the transhumanism, I would recommended reading "The Revolutionary Phenotype". I'd prefer eugenic breeding over genetic engineering as the latter could have dire consequences. Overall, you held some based beliefs but also cringy ones.


    • Republicanism - Your mere existence disgust me to no end.
    • Enlightenment - Your views about the innate nature of beings is destructive and parasitic to no end.
    • Democracy - Cringe Elective Succession Systems
    • Kakistocracy - Begone, you living embodiment of dysgenic elements. GET OUT OF MY SIGHT! SPITEFUL MUTANT!
    • Positivism - Your epistemology is totally bad, go read "Against Method" by Paul Feyerabend.
    • Popperism - The same goes for you with Positivism, falsification itself can't be falsified.
    • Neo-Airisuism - You are obviously by nature, a spiteful mutant. Everything about you feels like one. Now, begone.
    • New Atheism - The Mutant Says in His Heart: "There is No God."
    • State Atheism - A Godless Mutant? Being the State? Never!
    • Marxism - You had taken the Enligthenment's Tabula Rasa to its extreme extent. Begone!
    • Leninism - The same vein of the Marxist Lies! Not to mention, your intense hatred towards Monarchism.
    • Marxism–Leninism - The combination of the two worst ideologies.
    • Stalinism - You'd have given support to that abomination, Trofim Lysenko!
    • Trotskyism - A believer in the malleability of entities, cringe.
    • Maoism - You'd get your ideas from that guy called Trofim Lysenko, so cringe! Not to mention, you had a quote that pertains support in Blank Slatist views.
    • Euanism - A Welfare State? No way! That's pretty dysgenic. Not to mention, your distaste towards Monarchism. Furthermore, you don't based your system on hereditary principles, that's not based at all.

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